How do Diet money my experience


Diet Water help you to lose excess weight very quickly for just one week you could lose 8 to 10 kilos, as this helps the dieting to stick to your ideal body and hide the protrusion of the abdomen and the emergence of the rumen, and reduce the size of buttocks, but what sets this diet it lose you important nutrients, and therefore do not recommend following this diet for more than one week only, we offer you a way to work please money advantages and disadvantages of this diet are as follows.

How do Diet money

  • Depends diet water to drink only water in very great quantity greater intake of food.
  • Designed diet water to lose a significant amount of excess weight in the shortest period possible.
  • Can you consume plenty of water throughout the day, with eating a very low amount of calories.
  • Can eating fruit and vegetables but only once a day.

Please only water for a week.

رجيم الماء

رجيم الماء

  • The first day: drink water throughout the day but gradually, every two hours a glass of water.
  • Second day: drink water, but in its unusual, such as drinking green tea instead of water every two hours.
  • Second day: went to drink cold water which boost the metabolism and provide energy for your activity.
  • Fourth day: make the amount of food very little in front of the cups of water you drink, can add the sugar to the jaguar by the amount of two tablespoons a day, or sugar diet.
  • The fifth day: start eating the soup. that prefer their account to be rich in minerals and vitamins, I drink 4 to 5 bowls of soup.
  • Day sixth and seventh: eating salad vegetables side dishes soups and drink water every two hours.

The benefits of diet water just my experience

  • The benefits of diet water it helps rid the body of excess toxins.
  • Helps to get rid of the pressure associated with it to suffer low blood pressure also.
  • Strengthens the immune system and the spread of dangerous diseases such as breast cancer.

Tips diet water

  • You should drink water when you wake up from sleep heavily, and when you go to sleep drink two cups of water.
  • Drink water before meals which will be dealt with by two cups of water.
  • You must drink water in large quantity throughout the day, so that the stomach is filled up and thus no place for food, as well as reduce the feeling of hunger.
  • You should stay away from water that contains chlorine tap water.
  • You should depend on clean water before you start dieting.

Damage diet water

It must be noted on the damage that dieting, because you will lose a lot of nutrients needed by the body and thus a feeling of extreme weakness, the diet, water reduces the density of the muscle and therefore may rot your bones to fracture quickly once the shocks this is very risky, the excess weight that you will lose is water loss you didn’t burn fat, and that is not a lot of this dieting even not exposed to this risk.

We have provided you please the money in a week, and if you have suggestions or other questions use the comments below the article through the content site.

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