How come the gums teeth?

كيف تعالج لثة الأسنان ؟

كيف تعالج لثة الأسنان ؟

Attention dental care starts from the gums, if you suffer from any inflammation in the gums, proceed with me this article, which will bring the question How come the gums teeth? We will also recognize the causes of this inflammation and treatment, proceed with us.

What is inflammation of the gums?

Gingivitis occurs due to some types of bacteria (known as bacterial gums) and cause these bacteria in the local infections, despite the presence of these bacteria naturally in the mouth, but it is harmful only when the conditions are right to increase their numbers and this happens when they accumulate a layer of bacteria and food debris, known as plaque, and usually in hard to reach areas such as between teeth.

The symptoms of gingivitis

One of the first signs that you may want to consider is bleeding gums when brushing your teeth, and The Gums Red and swollen and you may notice the presence of the colored layer of the bacterial plaque on the teeth if not treated it may require inflammation of the gums, often without the appearance of any obvious signs to alert you, and some of the changes that you may encounter with the passage of time, such as increased bleeding of the gums bad breath and changes in the position of the teeth in the jaws and the stagnation of the gums, have gums bleeding less pronounced in smokers due to the effect of nicotine on the blood vessels.

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What are the causes of sore gums?

Before answering How come the gums teeth? Let’s look first at the cause of inflammation of the gums and in the mouth of about 700 different species of bacteria, mostly harmless, but when you don’t have a dental cleaning, comprehensive enough, to accumulate sediment and bacteria next to the gums, and become the suitable conditions to increase the number of bacteria is most dangerous in the mouth.

How come the gums teeth?

There are many options to treat gingivitis and stop bleeding gums, including:

Wash the mouth with hydrogen peroxide

Wash the mouth with hydrogen peroxide reduces inflammation and swelling of the gums, but you should consult your doctor in using this treatment.

More than intake of vitamin (c)

Very question How come the gums teeth? Start eating foods rich in vitamin (C) because they enhance your immune system and helps combat infections of the gums that lead to bleeding gums, and foods rich in vitamin C include:

  • Orange.
  • Red pepper.
  • Islands.

Drinking green tea

May lead to drink green tea to stop bleeding gums contains green tea catechin is a natural antioxidant that reduces inflammation and bleeding gums.

Wash the mouth with salty water

Wash the mouth regularly with a mixture of water warm salt water may also reduce inflammation and bleeding gums.

It can be Prevention of infection of the gums through healthy habits for oral hygiene, namely:

  • Clean the aspects of your teeth twice daily using toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Cleaning the spaces between the teeth that cannot be reached by toothbrush bristles, either using dental floss or a toothbrush, it must be done once a day.

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Complications of gum disease

Now that I know how come the gums teeth? You should know the complications that occur due to non-treatment of the gums, also the gums is the main cause of tooth loss if not stop the progress of inflammation of the gums Vita erosion of the teeth, including the surrounding bone and ultimately the loss may occur to the teeth.

Among the other problems faced by the patients, is the problem of tooth abscess is painful and prolong the teeth inadvertently as a result of shrinkage of the gums, but the gums of the gas processor have implications for the overall health of your teeth.

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In the end, after the Battle of the complications of inflammation of the gums and him to answer a question How come the gums teeth? If you notice symptoms of inflammation of the gums when you visit your doctor, you can consult one of our doctors here.

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