How can you avoid diabetes

كيف يمكن تجنب مرض السكري

كيف يمكن تجنب مرض السكري

When it comes to type II diabetes, which is the most common type, prevention is extremely important, so how can you avoid diabetes with all the roads? Keep reading to learn the details.

Prevention of diabetes

It is particularly important to make the Prevention of diabetes a priority if you are more at risk of developing diabetes, for example if you are overweight or have a family history of the disease or have been diagnosed with diabetes you have.

And diabetes prevention as basic as eating healthy, becoming more physically active and lose a few pounds extra, it’s never too late to start.

May lead to make some simple changes in your lifestyle now to avoid the serious health complications of diabetes in the future, such as damage to nerves, kidneys, and heart, we’ll answer a question How can I avoid diabetes today through some tips for the Prevention of diabetes which was mentioned by the American Diabetes Association.

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How can you avoid diabetes physical activity is?

There are many benefits to physical activity regularly, exercise can help you:

  • Weight loss.
  • Reduce the proportion of sugar in the blood.
  • Increase your sensitivity to insulin, which helps keep blood sugar within the normal range.

Research shows that aerobic exercise and resistance can help in controlling diabetes, why not try it?

If you are overweight, the Diabetes Prevention may depend on you losing this excess weight, every kilo you lose can improve your health, you may be surprised by the amount of change the need of losing some weight.

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How can you avoid diabetes food health?

You can start to get a lot of fiber, fiber may help you:

  • To reduce the risk of diabetes by improving your body’s ability to control blood sugar.
  • Cut your risk of developing Bheart disease.
  • Promote weight loss by helping you sense of satiety and fullness in less time.

Foods rich in fiber include fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts, as you can also resort to whole grains; it’s not clear why, but whole grains may reduce the risk of diabetes and help maintain blood sugar levels.

Many foods made from whole grains come ready to eat, including bread products, pasta, cereals, and may help you low-carb diets, and a healthy diet in reducing the proportion of sugar in the blood, but their effectiveness in the Prevention of diabetes and its effects long-term is not known.

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When should I see a doctor?

Recommends the American Diabetes Association check your blood glucose if:

  • Age 45 years or older.
  • You are an adult suffering from overweight at any age, with the presence of one or more additional risk factors include diabetes, like family history of diabetes, or a personal record of diabetes or life style is not active.
  • Over the age of 45, in this case it is likely that your doctor recommends screening every three years.

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And remember to share your concerns about diabetes prevention with your doctor is normal, the doctor will your efforts for the Prevention of diabetes and may offer additional suggestions based on your medical history or other factors.

Now that you know how diabetes can be avoided with some simple tips, tell us which of these tips will begin in their implementation? For further information about diabetes you can consult one of our doctors here.

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