How can I quit smoking

كيف أستطيع ترك التدخين

كيف أستطيع ترك التدخين

Are you looking for an effective way to quit smokingis? Ask yourself everyday how can I quit smokingfor?

Have you ever tried but you failed and reversed, and then convinced yourself that you can’t do without them? If your answer is yes to any of these questions you are in the right place, because you will discover in this article the best way to quit smoking easily.

The reasons for the inability to quit smoking.

Most people think that smoking is linked to the presence of nicotine is just that nicotine may control some control centers in the brain raised the change of the physical so you can’t get rid of them, but if this is the only real reason, why end mission even after leaving the cigarette for a long time out nicotine from their body in full, what the real motive behind you despite the lack of any effect of nicotine in the body of them?

How can I quit smoking and itis the desire of the mind then?

If your mind is like the computer that runs many programs that help you accomplish certain tasks quickly and automatic, such as eating and drinking or even walk, thus, conclude that the smoking of malware that enter into your mind because it has become a daily habit.

And usually smoke when feeling upset or take a break or even to celebrate. If at the beginning you dumped her, you feel that you’ll do the fun feeling of relaxation or comfort. The idea to me that, when the development of you don’t smoke for seven or eight hours, but when you wake up, you wish to buy cigarettes, and does not wake up from sleep for a cigarette.

So what happens when you stop smoking when you woke up?

You’ll feel a lot of instability, less effects side to the madness and remember that the calm is drinking cigarettes.

Here are important tips

Do paper reconciliation with yourself

In the middle of the page of the paper and in the hand of the nurses that you get from smoking, and the other from the negative influences of drink cigarette, this gives you the complete picture and about the effect of smoking on your health , your family and your business.

Make a list of reasons that make you not offer to quit smoking.

The number of reasons to catch you with cigarettes and tried to find a suitable solution I don’t like: that smoking makes you feel calm during the pressure, it is possible to propose a solution that takes five minutes to walk instead of taking the cigarette, and so on.

Type all the reasons that motivate you to quit smoking.

Write it in cards little be placed in front of you is always directly identify with your schedule.

كيف أستطيع ترك التدخين

كيف أستطيع ترك التدخين

I don’t buy many packs of cigarettes

Buy one tray and get them to only three, so that when completed don’t find another cigarette, and doing a workaround that may occur like the.

Prepare a list of business alternative under the title of how can I quit smoking

Prep work will do instead of smoking under the title of how to leave smoking such as chewing gum or clean your office or learning a new talent.

Throw everything concerning smoking

Get rid of everything that reminds you of him, and stay away from smokers such as cigarette places, own smoking.

Collect the money that you might spend on cigarettes in a portfolio of glass

You will see with your own eyes the amount of money that you saved and invested in other things like travel and take educational classes.

I think caffeine

Can drink tea instead to provide a similar effect to nicotine.

Remind yourself of the challenges of the difficult I ever had

Remember, your way to overcome problems, how you overcame the causes of pressure.

If you feel hungry between meals

Eat fruit such as or gum instead of cigarettes or ice cream.

Put the list of problems caused by cigarettes on your health

To address the impact on all the members of your body, Press here.

I always get psychological support

Tell your friends and family is always what you don’t and you feel it every day to get the backing needed in to stay away from cigarettes. He continued with a specialized implementation of a suitable diet for you andto maintain your weight .

In the end, please don’t feel the lie and the question is always how can I quit smoking, anddoes not provide justification for the flimsy smoke, and if you relapsed, try again. for further queries consult a doctor from here.

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