How can I help my son to quit smoking?

كيف أساعد إبني على الإقلاع عن التدخين

كيف أساعد إبني على الإقلاع عن التدخين

There are questions every mother when you see her son smokes a how to help my son quit smoking for? As smoking disease became widespread among young people and adolescents, so like every mother that swallows her son from that bad habit and to help him, so dear reader, continued with us this article, to learn the tips necessary to help your son quit smoking.

Quit smoking

  • Dear reader you must be aware of the fact that quitting smoking is not easy, and that there are symptoms of a simple challenge called withdrawal symptoms including headache, depression, swelling, weight gain, extreme sweating and lack of concentration.
  • The solution is simple, there are some treatments that are taken in that period to alleviate these symptoms under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Reward yourself each period.
  • Focused on your goals and usefulness to you, focused on the harms of smoking, its effect on your health and the health of your family.

How can I help my son to quit smoking?

There are several ways through which you can help your son to quit smoking as follows:

How to help my son quit smoking plan to take off?

The plan must be the same date set for the this time in earnest, to feel his responsibility in the take-off, you should feel your son honestly need to quit smoking. If I didn’t set a plan yet it’s not too late, you must make him trust himself as much as him to quit.

Process a list of reasons to quit smoking

In addition to your Will and your glory … you must have strong reasons to quit smoking them to look more healthy and youthful, and protect yourself from the risk of many diseases including lung cancer andheart disease.

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How can I help my son to quit smoking by thinking positive?

  • Probably already have your son tried to quit smoking, but he couldn’t keep up, don’t worry. help him to think positively.
  • Help him also to learn from previous attempts and forward.

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How to help my son quit smoking support it?

  • Continued support is important to prevent quit smoking.
  • Theyadopt the Will Power just is not true, but you have to feel the support and encouragement of his friends and family.
  • If there was someone else a smoker in the family, must convince him that trying to piece this route together , it’s best for both of them.

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How can I help my son to quit smoking if you’re busy?

  • Exercise or walk for a certain period, it was found that it says distract the debtor by Big Think about smoking.
  • Walk the pet if they have one.
  • Comfort by taking a deep breath, or listening to favorite music and communicate with friends.
  • Go out with friends non-smokers, also can go to the movies or eating food and preferably in the space allocated to non-smoking.
  • Chewing gum andthe like, the sprays and the nose.
  • Alternatives to nicotine, the debtor can double the chance of quitting smoking successfully.
  • If outside, prefer to carry a bottle of water or juice, instead of carrying a pack of cigarettes or lighter.

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How can I help my son to quit smoking change the pattern of his life?

  • If your son smoked after eating food especially if it contains meat and would prefer to replace these meat-like existence contains cheese and vegetables, there are studies belonging to the United States to the effect that smoking after eating meat that makes the smoker feel good.
  • Also found that some soft drinks, tea, and coffee make cigarettes taste better, and so make sure to make him drink water and natural juices.
  • Make him clean his room will be all about cigarettes and ventilate the area to renew the air of the house filled with the scent of cigarettes with the latest pure and refreshing.

Dear reader if you are a smoker, you should start from now, don’t give up, never repeat your attempts to use it, of course, dear mother appreciate your fear on your son and hope to come by soon. If you have any questions you can consult one of our doctors here.

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