HIV treatment 2020 prevention methods and tips important for patient AIDS

The elements of the decision

Considered a sign of AIDS of the things that may be rather difficult, especially when the AIDS diseases that cause not treating her death immediately, as he spread peace through sexual relations, in the next section we monitor for you the most important modern discoveries for the treatment of AIDS.

Over the treatment of AIDS many stages and developments the arrival of the current status, for example HIV treatment before 80 years ago did not like the treatment available now, here’s how the evolution of HIV treatment through the ages.

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What is HIV / AIDS

Disease is in the original affects the human immune system, and it is called scientifically, AIDS, or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.

How it works HIV?

  • Because AIDS affects the immune system of the body becomes unable to fight and resist the virus and thus the body becomes susceptible to different diseases.
  • Anything that AIDS patients are prone to develop certain types of cancer and infections, or pneumonia and meningitis.
  • It is worth mentioning that there are about 39,5 million people worldwide are infected today with HIV, and even now is not reached for the treatment or the drug or vaccine to prevent injury or even cured AIDS patients.

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Development of the treatment of AIDS

  • Before 80 years ago, did not stop many of the drugs that treat HIV / AIDS.
  • With the development of Science and medicine, has been the development of therapies used for HIV treatment.
  • But in general the researchers at the National Institutes of Health American I signs of AIDS that existed in 1989, was awarded the AIDS patients extra years in their lives, but they died in the end, I am He until that time there wasn’t a cure for AIDS.
  • It should be noted that AIDS drugs at these times it was very expensive as well as side effects that are considered serious kind.
  • As the development of continuous and long for this type of medicines it effect them and their ability to heal patients, but to the body of the patient starts in the formation of immunity against the treatment.

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Methods of treating AIDS

  • The program ” hands of Sunni officers,” which of the services provided by the Ministry of Public Health in the United States.
  • The program aims to reduce the amount of virus in the patient’s blood to a minimum, but that doesn’t mean the disappearance of AIDS from the blood of the patient holistically .

Antiretroviral drugs

  • Which of the medicines and the old ways in the treatment of AIDS, as antiretroviral medications, by curbing the growth and reproduction of the AIDS virus and there are drugs in seven different groups.
  • First, inhibitors of the enzyme reverse transcriptase of God enclosed.
  • Second, inhibitors of the enzyme reverse transcriptase must nous.
  • Third, inhibitors of the enzyme reverse transcriptase nucleoside.
  • IV protease inhibitors.
  • V. inhibitors of the merger.
  • VI inhibitors of the enzyme reverse transcriptase of God enclosed.
  • VII enzyme inhibitors built-in.

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The Prevention of AIDS

  • Despite the developments in the field of Medicine, Pharmacy, now, it’s up now, Why Are you need a cure for AIDS.
  • One of the most important methods of prevention of injury aids to avoid injury, it is the most important transmission routes of infection, sexual contact, or blood or semen or vaginal secretions .
  • Doctors advised the need to use a condom in a sexual relationship to use condoms with every sexual relationship.
  • To prevent the use of the tools of your personal palace, like the radiator for example.
  • Not to use the grooming tools your others and the allocation of special tools you prevents use by others.
  • Need to use been clean for one time only.
  • Not to deal with any doses of the blood.

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Tips for a patient AIDS

  • You must tell your partner in life you’re infected with disease AIDS to prevent injury by disease.
  • The use of insulating materials during the relationship will be quite safe.
  • In the case of a woman’s pregnancy the husband is infected with AIDS should be to a specialist immediately and not wait.
  • Not to use needles, or tools been special to others.
  • Not to use the grooming tools your others.
  • Refrain from blood donation or organ donation.

We gave you different information about the methods of treatment of AIDS and how it evolved stages of the HIV treatment history, as we explain you some of the tips to avoid infection with HIV / AIDS.

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