Hit the dates, in the case of eat it in quantities more than necessary and its benefits

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We show you today through the site pharmacy information on the dates and disorders, overindulgence in eating it, that’s where the dates of the foods mentioned in the Quran when God said ( and shake to thee the trunk of the palm loss you hydrated pounds ) And dates, a special place among the Muslims as it contains many nutritional values beneficial to the health of the body, comes to exercise the palm, which was in a very large and still even now, and palm is always planted in the desert areas was therefore dates products heavily in ancient times, especially in the era of the Holy Prophet We have the best Prayer and peace, and it lasted until the development of the flag there are private sources for dates, dates and other fruits has many benefits, but excessive intake could cause damage and this is what we will learn through this subject, We are therefore pleased to offer you today through the website of the pharmacy information about the negatives of over-the-dates, so we hope that you will take advantage of this information and we hope that you’d like to support.

الافراط في تناول التمر يسبب زيادة الوزنOverindulgence in eating dates cause weight gain

Damage overindulgence in eating dates

There is a range of damage that eating dates in large quantities, this extra consists of the following :

  • In the case of overindulgence in eating dates, it leads to high level of potassium for diabetics and kidney patients, and therefore prevents eating dates frequently for these patients.
  • Thus, eating dates heavily to weight gain because it contains calories.
  • Lead to overindulgence in eating dates to feel pain in the stomach plus the presence of digestive disorders the reason behind it is to the sulfur compound that it contains dates.
  • May lead dates to the injury rash in the body.
  • Lead to overindulgence in eating dates to developing asthma particularly for patients who suffer from respiratory allergies.
  • The thickness of the dates may cause shortness of breath for children.

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تناول التمر بكثرة قد يضر الحامل في الشهور الاولىEating dates frequently may hurt the situation in the first few months

Damage dates for pregnant women

To side effects in the case of overindulgence in eating for pregnant women these symptoms are as follows :

  • You may encounter a pregnant woman with gestational diabetes, which is dangerous for both the mother and the fetus this is because dates contain a high percentage of sugars.
  • May it comes to abortion for pregnant or premature birth in some cases.
  • Performs the multiplication of dates to a significant increase in weight for handling your growing child as.

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تناول التمر باعتدال له العديد من الفوائدEating dates in moderation has many benefits

Benefits of dates

To get the full benefits of immunization should be taken in moderate amounts because overindulgence in eating it in larger quantities than necessary causes many of the damage that we have listed, the most important benefits of dates are as follows :

  • Dates help to facilitate the process of digestion of food.
  • Provide the date the body with the necessary energy which it needs because it contains many nutrients.
  • In moderation treats constipation as well as feeling dizzy.
  • Works dates on the treatment of rheumatism plus many problems in the bones.
  • Can pregnant women eat dates in the ninth month to facilitate the process of childbirth.
  • Dates help to strengthen the muscles in the body.
  • Work dates also to increase the sexual power.
  • Work dates also to activate the functions of the thyroid gland.
  • Dates helps in treating the acidity of the blood which cause many health problems such as gout and gallbladder and also gravel.

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We gave you through the site pharmacy information on the damage to date in the case of eat it in quantities bigger than necessary plus benefits if eaten in moderation, Walther is known for it’s rich, all kinds of useful nutrients in addition to vitamins and minerals which is beneficial in general on the body but often van overindulgence in eating useful thing may be due to damage in the end, so be careful eating dates in moderate amounts and not to overuse it …………. We hope that this information has said You Won your satisfaction ones more themes associated with the health information and useful about the different fruit through the website of the pharmacy.

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