High pressure at the beginning of the pregnancy

ارتفاع الضغط في بداية الحمل

ارتفاع الضغط في بداية الحمل

Treated some of the pregnant women some health problems during the pregnancy including high pressure at the beginning of pregnancy varies kinds of high blood pressure vary according to the time of its occurrence, you know with us in this article on the dangers of high blood pressure on the mother and the fetus.

What causes high pressure at the beginning of the pregnancy?

You can get any pregnant woman high blood pressure during pregnancy, but increases risk of high blood pressure early in pregnancy in the following cases:

  • Of pre-eclampsia in a previous pregnancy.
  • Genetic factors to develop high blood pressure.
  • Incidence of some chronic diseases such as kidney disease or diabetes or chronic high blood pressure.
  • Pregnancy in the age of late.
  • Increase the weight when the load.
  • Pregnancy with twins or more.

What are the types of high blood pressure during pregnancy?

Different types of high blood pressure in pregnancy according to who’s going where this height is as follows:

Gestational hypertension

Where its blood pressure after 20 weeks of pregnancy without affecting the internal organs of the mother or the occurrence of high proportion of urinary protein.

Chronic high blood pressure

Is the high pressure in early pregnancy may be blood pressure in this case is high before pregnancy occurs, but not accompanied by the appearance of symptoms until the occurrence of pregnancy.

Chronic hypertension with preeclampsia overlapped.

This condition occurs in women with high blood pressure chronic by pregnancy but started the ratio of protein in the urine to rise slightly.


It occurs when high blood pressure develops after 20 weeks of pregnancy is associated with some symptoms that indicate you know the internal organs of the mother like a kidney or liver or brain and can lead to serious complications such as premature birth or stillbirth.

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How to deal with high blood pressure

In the case of high pressure at the beginning of the pregnancy when the woman is not experiencing any health problems, there are some safe drugs that doctors use to control blood pressure often end up after birth and blood pressure in the normal range, but in the case of mothers suffering from chronic high blood pressure can avoid complications by following the tips below:

Before pregnancy occurs

If you’re planning a pregnancy you should see a doctor to check on the blood pressure level and take actions preventive health to avoid losing control of blood pressure during pregnancy, as you can follow a nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle to maintain blood pressure level.

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During pregnancy

Make sure to measure your blood pressure at home periodically, and my medications on time and don’t try to change the type of medication or dosage without consulting the doctor, as you should maintain your weight and your diet the length of the pregnancy.

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After birth

Keep follow-up blood pressure at home for several weeks after birth to make sure that any complications or sudden rise of blood pressure, and if you notice any changes go to your doctor immediately.

How can that affect high blood pressure at the beginning of pregnancy to the fetus?

Possible infection high blood pressure chronic and continue to conceive and have a healthy baby, especially in the case of the commitment of the mother regular follow up with the doctor and control of blood pressure the length of the period of protection, since continued high blood pressure without treatment some complications to the fetus as follows:

  • Double the growth of the fetus.
  • Injury to the mother project development before or during birth.
  • A higher risk of separation of the placenta.

After you know the causes and risks of high pressure in early pregnancy you should know that the key to treatment lies in the systematic follow-up with the doctor, with wishes of Health for you and your baby.

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