High enzymes of the heart

ارتفاع إنزيمات القلب

ارتفاع إنزيمات القلب

Have you ever felt pain in the chest and did not know the reason for this? You know, with us in this article on symptoms of high enzymes of the heart, andwhat are its causes and symptoms, and also on the blood analysis necessary to determine the level of enzymes the heart.

What are the enzymes of the heart?

Enzymes are substances secreted by the body as an adjunct in some of the life processes that occur inside cells, including the enzymes the heart.

When that happens, heart some diseases, say heart muscle by secreting these enzymes in greater quantity because of the injury you are experiencing, your doctor can conduct a blood test to know the level of these enzymes and thus can determine the degree of injury to the heart muscle.

These enzymes naturally in the blood, but in small amounts and at a height indicative of myocardial injury or non-arrival of oxygen to the muscles enough.

Enzymes of the heart have multiple types, but the enzyme is most visible in the case of cardiac disease is the enzyme troponin , which indicates the presence of blood on injury to the heart angina, the greater the proportion of this enzyme in the blood as this indicates that the severity of the injury to the heart muscle.

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Causes of high enzymes of the heart

Enzymes the heart has a major role in determining the severity of cardiac injury in cases of crisis or angina, which includes the heart muscle significantly, but there are some other reasons that cause the high enzymes of the heart including:

  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Increase heart rate
  • Clots lung
  • Kidney disease
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Weakening of the heart muscle
  • Injury to the heart muscle injuries or bruises in cases of car accidents, such as
  • Vigorous exercise for long periods
  • Myocardial hypertrophy
  • Open heart surgery
  • Stent heart

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Analysis of high enzymes of the heart

This test is performed in case of symptoms like angina or if the patient is suffering from some diseases that we have mentioned which can affect the heart muscle and increasing the level of enzymes of the heart the natural.

Method of analysis:

Blood sample is taken from the patient and perform the analysis directly and does not require any preparations prior or the need for them.

Level of the natural enzymes of the heart in blood

In people who do not suffer from heart disease less than the proportion of the presence of enzymes of the heart or almost non-existent, it begins to rise enzymes heart the more I began to myocardial injury heart attack or angina.

If the result of the analysis of troponin is higher than 0.4 ng/ mL, it means the incidence of heart attack and the more as a result of conversion, the greater the severity of myocardial injury.

Symptoms of high enzymes of the heart

In the case of a heart attack order enzymes the heart, and some seizures begin suddenly, but often the patient suffers us of some of the symptoms warning signs of occurrence of heart attack or stroke during the period close, including:

  • Severe pain in chest and left arm that can extend to the jaw or the back
  • Nausea, heartburn and pain in the abdomen
  • Not being able to breathe
  • Copious sweat and cold
  • Dizziness sudden headache

The greater the severity of the symptoms more then on the severity of the injury to the heart, relieve the symptoms of heart attacks from person to person as it does not address all of the heart patients of the same symptoms or the same intensity.

These symptoms may occur to a slight degree don’t the patient but the possible injury angina is the appearance of these symptoms that we mentioned after physical effort and at rest.

You must immediately go to a doctor in case of feeling any of these symptoms which do an EKG and a television on the heart to check for infection angina.

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After that you know with us the symptoms of high cardiac enzyme causes leading so, if you have other queries you can consult one of our doctors here

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