Here are the best ways to cure constipation, herbal

Constipation means the exit of waste the colon from the body is solid, and the infected person is difficult when the process output, and often that happens as a result of the colon absorbing the water from any food is found in the body, and excessively normal so the stool becomes more solid and dry, and the person feels pain when the process output, so choose the methods of treatment of constipation herbal remedies, and the factors that lead to the occurrence of suffering from constipation, including lack of fiber intake in foods, the lower the rate of exercise is different, and some medical drugs that are covered, some cases work in progress and reason, During the pregnancy, and not go to the bathroom when needed, and also some illnesses and health problems may cause constipation of Parkinson’s disease, strokes, the inertia of the thyroid gland, as well as diabetes.

How to cure constipation with herbs

Fiber as well as fluid diet food is important and necessary in cases of constipation, there are many herbs that may work like laxatives, and works by pulling fluids to the law in the body which increases bowel movements, and these important herbs to the following:

كيفية علاج الإمساك بالأعشاب

  • Buckthorn: the buckthorn laxative from natural herbs, so it is important in the treatment of constipation Herbal Remedy, and is obtained through the output of the bark of one species of tree buckthorn, this lotion has great potential in the process of revitalizing the work of the colon and intestines where it works to encourage a bowel movement in the body significantly, which resists the process of constipation and helps in the process of the output naturally.
  • Selenium: depends material of selenium best treatment for constipation herbal remedies, one of the materials natural laxatives that benefit the body greatly and is considered a laxative and help the human body to process the output normally and in large quantity.
  • Rhubarb: the herb is an important and powerful herbs that have the biggest impact on process output and process the output of the device, especially that it contains of the following is considered anti-diarrhea.
  • Scenario a: can cure constipation herbal through this Lawn, where is the use of this type of grass in cases of constipation which is hugely beneficial as he works to clean the intestines, so it is used largely in cases of constipation, treatment and disposal of waste, and is used with some medical procedures, other.
  • Slippery elm: it is considered one of the natural herbs which are used heavily in the treatment of constipation herbal

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Get rid of body wastes, where this herb is to stimulate the herbs the digestive tract significantly, resulting in the production of mucus significantly and in the treatment of constipation herbal.

Foods that help get rid of constipation

أطعمة تساعد على التخلص من الإمساك

As well as the treatment of constipation herbal remedies there are some foods used to relieve constipation and its treatment, especially since the causes of constipation are varied and diverse, and mostly occurs due to slow the passage of foods through the digestive tracts, as a result of dehydration or malnutrition or some medical drugs or even some diseases that adversely affect the nervous system or some psychological problems.

There are some foods that help significantly in relieving constipation special because they contain fiber significantly, making it easier to work output is located on the constipation, as it works to soften the stool, and also cut down on the transit time of feces towards digestive tract in the body, and also increase its quantity, and the foods that are on the case to eliminate constipation is diluted significantly.

  1. Of foods that work as a laxative and help relieve constipation peach fruit and apples as well as pears.
  2. There fruit also helps greatly in eliminating constipation in the body, including the kiwi which.
  3. Some sorrel helps a lot in eliminating constipation and ease bowel movement of the body.
  4. Artichoke forces at work as a laxative significantly in the output of feces from the body naturally.
  5. Spinach as well as Greens tremendously useful, a great impact in the work like laxatives figured ejected from the body naturally without any problem, and relieve constipation as well as increase the amount of stool.
  6. Also the sweet potato has a significant role in the alleviation of constipation suffered by some persons as a result of different reasons including poor nutrition or psychological disorder or otherwise.
  7. Also beans, peas, lentils and legumes help significantly important in light of the holding body, and the process output is normal.
  8. The seed thing is one of the foods that have a significant impact in the alleviation of constipation significantly.
  9. Whole-grain bread also helps significantly in facilitating the process of passing stools from the body.
  10. Oatmeal is one of the important foods significantly in the treatment of constipation.
  11. The draft of disbelief also has a significant role in the elimination of constipation cases.

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علاج الإمساك في المنزل

Treatment of constipation at home

In addition to the treatment of constipation herbal remedies, there are many ways home and recipes that are used in the treatment get rid of constipation and to solve that problem significantly, most of these methods as follows:

  • Drink a lot of water: water intake significantly, one of the reasons useful in getting rid of constipation, especially if dehydration may cause constipation in origin, so must be ingested significantly and continuously throughout the day.
  • Increase fiber intake: must be permanently on the intake of foods containing a large amount of fiber growing, whether dissolved or not dissolved, especially since the fiber has a significant role in increasing the mass of feces as well as waste in the colon, which works to facilitate the exit of feces from the body, thus reduces the suffering of constipation.
  • Exercise:you must commit to exercise, dear reader, exercise does not significantly improve physical health significantly, yet there is no evidence about the possibility of control of cases of constipation in the human body.
  • Drink coffee: proved a lot of studies have found that coffee has a significant role in solving the problem of constipation greatly, especially it works to activate the muscles in the intestine, which stimulates the process of passing stools from the body, on the other hand, coffee is working on re-working the balance of bacteria within the intestine because they contain soluble fiber.
  • Eating probiotics: the option of probiotics can resort to in case of suffering from cases of severe constipation, and makes reference to this type of option can be obtained through some foods, sources of foods and supplements that contain them, and in the case of the use of certain supplements with a view to getting them to be addressed on a daily and continuous for at least 4 continuous weeks until you see good result and acceptable.
  • Eating dried prunes: dried prunes contain the sugar sorbitol, dear reader, so it includes many of the important characteristics of large and easy experiencing constipation significantly severe, and dose that is ingested is a concentration of 50 mg twice a day.
  • Avoid eating dairy products during your suffering from constipation should avoid dairy products, especially if some have the inability to lactose intolerance suffering from constipation, this should be avoided during this period, and make sure that they have a role in that happening or not.

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