Henna hair to deal

حناء الشعر للحامل

حناء الشعر للحامل

Used henna many years ago in the many therapeutic uses in addition to its use as a tincture to drink, you know over the safe use of henna hair to deal , and the overall benefits of henna.

About the henna

Henna is a plant used for its leaves for the manufacture of certain drugs, they were used to henna in the treatment of diarrhea and cancer, and enlarged spleen, headaches, some skin diseases, also used in the treatment of ulcers of the stomach and intestines, in addition to using the henna directly on the skin in case of eczema, scabies or for the treatment of dandruff is also used in hair care products and nails.

Did you use the henna hair pregnant safe?

The use case of henna on the quality, since it must read the instructions on the product and make sure that it is safe on pregnancy, and the use of natural henna free of any chemical additives to dye hair assessment and treatment.

You can also use henna on the skin after adding drops of lemon and some oils but you should ensure first the safety of these oils for pregnancy, where to give henna a brown color on the skin lasts for a week for 3 weeks, but containing black henna dye called Bar vinyl diamine, a material that is not safe for pregnancy because they can cause skin inflammation and injury with severe allergies and some other health problems, and can cause a lot of major damage for the long term, It may also increase the likelihood of developing allergies than products hair dye other.

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Warnings the use of henna hair to

You follow these tips in case you desire to use henna hair during pregnancy:

  • Make sure the henna paste yourself at home, to ensure the absence of any chemical additives that can affect pregnancy.
  • Just using the henna on a small part of the head to make sure you’re not allergic to the components of henna.
  • Make sure you sit in a comfortable place that is well ventilated because it takes some time.
  • Some people believe that the higher the temperature in the room can make the henna give the dark color more, but avoid it during pregnancy because it increases your chances of getting dehydrated.

The benefits of henna

After knowing the answer to the question, Do you use henna hair for pregnant safe for pregnancy you know on its benefits, featuring henna by providing a lot of health benefits to skin and hair, including:

The health of the hair

Help henna to promote healthy hair, since it helps to treat damaged hair and also help the Prevention of Split ends, increases hair gloss, it is also used to treat dandruff.

Reduce the hair loss

Use henna to treat hair loss people who suffer from Help severe hair or suffer from baldness, it can be mixed also with some oils useful for the people to get a better result.

Strengthen nails

Mostly I don’t care about a lot of people, the health of nails, but the area at the bottom of the back straight can be a suitable place for the bacteria causing the infection, so you can use henna to strengthen and enhance healthy nails, how to drink water also helps to prevent breaking nails.

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Wound healing

Henna is a remarkable effect in protecting wounds from infection and inflammation, so use henna for the treatment of wounds and burns because they have soothing properties anti-inflammatory and configure the layer of protection from any bacteria or microbes causing the infection and diseases, and can also be used to treat sunburn.

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And now dear readers that you know my over the safe use of henna hair pregnant and out on the benefits of henna is different, consult your doctor before trying any cosmetics to make sure it is safe on pregnancy, with my best wishes for the health and wellness of you and your baby.

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