Glaucoma or glaucoma an eye disease that causes blindness

Says one specialist the cornea the delay in seeing the doctor diseases eyes to treat glaucoma may lead to loss of vision completely.

The glaucoma (or glaucoma) is a disorders in the eye caused by eye strain usually has no symptoms or pain but can lead to loss of vision completely if left untreated, come with us to shed light on this disease, its causes and symptoms and treatment with the best foods that undermine the health of the eye.



Glaucoma also known as the blue on behalf of the “black water” among people is a common disease in the eye requires invisibly without any symptoms, and if left untreated it may cause loss of vision permanently.

In the case of glaucoma (glaucoma) be the pressure of the fluid in the eye is high enough to harm nervously eye which is essential for sight.

To suffer from (glaucoma) is?

Can disease (glaucoma) at any age.

However you should subject these patients to control the eye pressure once a year, especially people over the age of 40 years, and those who have high pressure in the eye in their families should be subject to more oversight.

Increase the number of elderly being diagnosed with glaucoma (glaucoma)

The disease glaucoma (glaucoma) is a disease linked to work, so it is advised a lot of doctors give people who have no family history of this disease or any risk factor in this regard is that of the best examinations of the eye at the age of 40 to 50 years and every two to three years, and every year to two years from age 50 and above to rule out any injury to of this disease.

Those who have a family history of this disease we have to undergo tests and examinations, eye every year to make sure no injury to them.

What is the importance of early diagnosis in (glaucoma) is?

Early diagnosis is important because tension of the eye wear as a result of glaucoma can’t do anything to this situation after the loss of sight.

May be the increase of non-natural pressure inside the eye that are discovered during the examination of the natural eye is the first sign of disease.

As is regular examinations by an ophthalmologist are the best way to diagnosis and early treatment for glaucoma when diagnosed glaucoma careful examination of the eye.

In the eye examination diagnostic says the doctor checks the pressure of the patient’s eye within the eye using a device called a “tonometer,” and the nerves of the eye by means of a special examination work.

If necessary, the doctor performs the test optical field to determine if there is a loss in visual.

Can also be applied to perform additional tests such as RNFL or the NFA or HRT, which also scan the optic nerve and nerve fibers.

Causes and factors of injury in glaucoma (glaucoma)

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The main reason of this disease is genetic and genetic factors and the wounding of one of the family members of this disease can lead to the injury of a person of the same family affected with glaucoma.

The designers of heart disease

Explained by one of the doctors eye specialist the retina in a conversation that people who have undergone heart surgery may have changes in the tissues of their eyes and their nerves that resemble the symptoms of glaucoma, but in general heart disease have a minimal effect on glaucoma.

As high blood pressure or decreasing has no effect on the infected person affected with glaucoma, but it may cause changes in the optic nerve for patients with glaucoma, which may lead to an exacerbation of the symptoms of this disease.


The diabetics who take pills or insulin are more susceptible to glaucoma (glaucoma), or if they suffer from glaucoma the diabetes can increase the severity of the disease and group.

It can also cause diabetes sometimes diseases in the retina can cause bleeding or break a network, and has people who suffer from this complication also glaucoma or glaucoma.

There is a relative link between diabetes and glaucoma (glaucoma), but diabetes alone does not cause glaucoma, however you should monitor patients with diabetes periodically to see the eye pressure.

Sedatives and antihistamines

Explained surgery the retina on the topic of the use of sedatives andantihistamines and their impact on glaucoma, loss people who take tranquilizers or antihistamines in some cases, glaucoma (glaucoma) but their percentage is very low.

So it is recommended to glaucoma patients not using these drugs.

In general this is not the factors causing glaucoma, but it can lead to worsening of the disease.

Migraine medications

Confirmed specialist the retina that some of the medications used to treat migraine headaches cause of glaucoma where the there are two types of migraine medications is rare which is also used infrequently, which can cause glaucoma I have dealt with, and it should be considered as these medications Medications that can you know who eat them at risk of developing glaucoma, one of the side effects for patients with migraine who take these drugs.

Environmental factors

Can environmental factors like the rays of the sun or the daily stress that contribute to the development of glaucoma? The answer is never, because these factors are not related in any form in this disease.

And since there are no studies installed in this area so far so it is advised to people suffering from glaucoma (glaucoma) eating more antioxidant foods like fruits and vegetables.

He also advises these people to do physical activity daily such as walking, cycling, swimming or aerobics not even their condition worsens.

The symptoms of glaucoma (glaucoma)

The appearance of symptoms on people living with this disease is not clear, which may be unclear in the first stage of infection, but with testing and diagnosis specific diagnosis is the beginning of the disease, for example people who are taking medications for migraine have a good vision, if they don’t take these drugs but they feel it and they may be on the verge of developing glaucoma (glaucoma) so you should stop taking the medication and seeing the doctor:

  • The most important symptoms are followed by disorders in the field of vision.
  • The eye becomes red with pain in the eye.
  • Light sensitivity is also a symptom of glaucoma (glaucoma) in some very severe cases.
  • The patients of nausea and headaches and pain in the face.
  • Less than 10% of the cases of glaucoma they have these symptoms, but there are 90% of the people do not have any of these symptoms.
  • So it is necessary to trace out periodic examinations of persons who have a family history in the disease to detect early and avoid complications.

Most patients have no symptoms, but in the early period of infection of this disease some patients headache becomes prominent in the morning, blurred vision from time to time, the appearance of rings of light around lights at night, pain around the eyes while watching TV… etc.

Not noticing a lot of patients being diagnosed with (glaucoma), except in the advanced stages of infection when the loss occurs large optical.

There is another type of glaucoma is glaucoma narrow angle, which happen suddenly with persistent glaucoma in the later stages where the symptoms that occur with severe pain in the eye, decrease in vision, redness in the eye, and the value of in nausea, this type requires immediate treatment.

As noted in runny blood from the eye strongly and light sensitivity in species that occur in childhood.

The treatment of glaucoma

Confirmed a lot of doctors that glaucoma is not cured and can be controlled only through its development.

As cell therapy or transplants such as transplant nerves has assured the doctors that there is no global action on the cell therapy or transplantation of the nerve.

However there are also methods such as drug therapy or surgical where can the application of surgical treatments in the resistant cases or according to the type of glaucoma, some patients may require more than surgical intervention where surgical intervention is used to control the disease because the disorder that appears in the eye as a result of the incidence of this disease can not be cured these methods this means that you will have the affected person of this disorder for the rest of his life and can not stop it.

Can not cure (glaucoma) completely and eliminate after diagnosis however, in many cases, can be controlled in appropriate treatment can successfully prevent the loss of vision.

Is treating glaucoma with several different medications that reduce intraocular pressure.

Can use laser treatments in glaucoma uncontrolled or glaucoma of angle closed.

Given the importance of this disease and the high prevalence and the probability of blindness has been classified by the World Health Organization (glaucoma) on March 11 (March) until the day of March 18 (March) world day of glaucoma to attract the attention of policy makers and planners in different countries to take preventive measures in this regard.

Also, studies have shown that the number with glaucoma in the world approximately 60 million cases, including 5 million people are afflicted with blindness permanent non-curable.

Foods, necessary for eye

Foods beneficial for patients with glaucoma:

Vitamin B6:

For glaucoma patients to eat foods containing vitamin B6 is found in bread, whole milk andbrown rice , pasta, cereals, liver, and whole grains and lack of the diet of these foods cause glaucoma.

Vitamin A:

Eating foods rich in vitamin A foods such as fruits and vegetables yellow-orange like apricots , mangoes, sweet potatoes and carrots and eat the liver of the fish so that the benefits of vitamin (A) it protects the eyes from blindness.

Also eat food s that contain beta-carotene which turns into vitamin A in the body.

Vitamin C:

You must increase foods rich in vitamin C, because deficiency of this vitamin leads to increased pressure in the eye which leads to the development of glaucoma.

And citrus fruits and berries andhot peppers , cabbage , strawberries, and oranges are rich sources of vitamin C as it reduces the intake of large amounts of vitamin C of the chance of injury in glaucoma glaucoma, helps vitamin (C) to prevent or soothe the disorders associated with glaucoma, studies have shown that eye pressure in people who consumed 4 mg of vitamin C daily to be significantly less than those who do not, only 1 mg per day of vitamin C.


Research has shown that antioxidants reduce the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

You have to eat prunes, raisins, blueberries, strawberries, spinach, cabbage, red pepper, broccoli , onion, preferably red.

Fatty acids:

The essential fatty acids reduce the symptoms of dry eyes and eye macular degeneration, this acids present in the fish.

Foods are harmful for patients with glaucoma

Should patients with glaucoma (glaucoma) avoid eating a lot of protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, poultry and eggs.

As caffeine also raises the eye pressure, so people with the disorder avoid coffee , tea and chocolates.

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