Get vitamin D

الحصول على فيتامين د

الحصول على فيتامين د

Vitamin D is a vital nutrient that your body needs for many vital processes, so we’ll talk about how to get vitamin D in this article proceed with us, dear reader.

What is vitamin D?

Vitamin D is the vitamin helps the absorption of calcium, promotes the growth and mineralization of bone and helps in the prevention against diseases, such as depression anddiabetes and heart disease. And its natural ranging from 20 to 50 ng/ mL.

It is better to avoid doses of vitamin (D) long-term without the supervision of a physician.

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How to get vitamin D

Get vitamin D from sunlight

You may get vitamin (D) from the sun is double what you might get from different foods is dependent on several variables including:

The color of the skin and

  • People need darker skin to spend more time in the sun to produce vitamin (D) more than people with fair skin, because dark skin contains more melanin, which can inhibit the production of vitamin D.
  • Sources indicate that exposure for up to 8-15 minutes is enough for vitamin (D) for fair skin, may require the owners of dark skin for more time.
  • As you advance in age, becomes the production of vitamin (D) less efficient.

The geographical location of the

The closer to the equator, the more managed the production of vitamin (D) throughout the year due to the proximity of your physical sun.

Get vitamin D from fish

  • Fish is the richest food sources of Natural Vitamin (D).
  • May vary the content of vitamin (D) for the fish depending on its type, for example, some research indicates that salmon in farms may contain only 25% of vitamin (D) in the salmon that is caught.
  • Other types of fish rich in vitamin (D) such as tuna, oysters, shrimp, sardines, anchovies.

Get vitamin D from eating mushrooms

  • Mushrooms are a major source of vitamin (D).
  • Like humans, the fungus can make vitamin (D) their own when exposure to ultraviolet radiation, produces a human form of vitamin (D) known as the (D3) or cholecalciferol, while mushrooms (D2) or ergocalciferol.
  • Research suggests that D3 may raise the levels of vitamin (D) more than D2.
  • Due to the exposure of mushrooms to sunlight, the wild mushrooms usually contains vitamin (D) more than species that are grown commercially.
  • Avoid exposure to the types of poisonous mushrooms.

The inclusion of egg yolks in your diet

  • An egg yolk is another source of vitamin (D) you can add it easily to your diet.
  • Egg yolk contains a variable content of vitamin (D), where it can affect the chicken feed on the vitamin content (D) in the House.

Eating fortified foods

  • Because of the small number of foods naturally contain high levels of vitamin (D), are often added to these elements of food commodities to support increasing the content of vitamin (D) in.
  • Some of the common behavior include cow’s milk, milk alternatives such as soy milk, almonds, and orange juice.

Eating supplements

  • For most of us, you may be taking vitamin supplements (d) the best way to ensure sufficient intake.
  • Research suggests that D3 may be much more effective in raising and maintaining levels of vitamin (D) all of D2, so look for supplements of this kind.

Supplements plant

  • The majority of vitamin supplements (d) derived from animal sources, and are therefore not suitable for vegetarians.
  • Because vitamin (D2) is derived from plants, the supplements (D2) be a good choice for vegetarian.

UV lamps

  • May lead to lamps that emit ultraviolet radiation to increase the levels of vitamin (D) you have.
  • Bulbs can be beneficial if sun exposure is limited due to geography or time constraints.
  • You should be careful because overexposure may burn your skin, recommend usually set up no more than 15 minutes.

In the end, dear reader, it is important to get vitamin D from its different sources, to back it for, and if you have any queries you can consult one of our doctors here.

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