Get rid of toothache quickly

التخلص من وجع الأسنان بسرعة

التخلص من وجع الأسنان بسرعة

Do you know for toothache all of a sudden? You can’t go to visit the doctor in the meantime? Do you want to get rid of a tooth ache fast on? Well not looking so much you’ll find just what you want to access here.

To get rid of a toothache quickly at your house.

Use cold compresses

In general, you can get rid of tooth ache by reducing the inflammation present in the pain area, or by stopping the nerve signals of pain to the brain. Can use cold compresses in the process to reduce the inflammation present in the pain area, you put it on the place of pain for 20 minutes every few hours, to work on reducing the blood supply to the area of pain.

Eating anti-inflammatory

One of the direct ways in getting rid of tooth pain fast, where the anti-inflammatory to reduce the the arrival of pain signals to the brain, and reduce the blood supply to areas of pain. You can use paracetamol in this situation, and safe dosage before use. And you can stop taking the anti inflammatory moment of feeling comfortable, it works on back pain again, more severely.

Get rid of toothache quickly by mouthwash

You can prepare a mouthwash in your own home, by warm water and salt, has proved this lye its ability to kill some types of bacteria that grow on the teeth, causing pain, and the remarkable ability to clean the teeth and mouth, and to heal the affected areas inflammation.

Use package hot “cockade”

Can be used to package hot on your face from the outside over the affected area of pain, and you can make one at home by placing the amount of rice inside one of the socks, and place them in the microwave for two minutes, where the heat high to stop sending pain signals to the brain from the painful area.

Treatment Chinese acupuncture

Chinese needles of the tools used in getting rid of toothache fast, by stimulating the body to sort out indeed, which work as painkillers natural inside of your body pain. Must resort to the places specialized in acupressure.

Get rid of tooth ache fast way

Can use mouthwash that contains guava as a dwelling for the face, where studies have shown that guava has the property of anti-microbial, and cleansing the wound the mouth. Can you chew guava leaves or boil them with water for use as a mouthwash.

Thyme to get rid of toothache quickly

Thyme works as an antioxidant, and antibacterial.

  • You can put a small dot of oregano oil to water and use as a mouthwash.
  • Or you could put two drops of thyme oil to the water, the tops of a few on the place the pain in your mouth with a piece of cotton.

To get rid of a toothache quickly at the doctor

Get rid of the pain with a doctor, the doctor will need to the following:

  • Learn the history of your condition that include the symptoms and its appearance, how it was handled? What are the drugs that use it?
  • The doctor will examine the place of pain, x-ray or other methods, to see the cause of the pain is real, whether the diseases of the gums or sinusitis.
  • Doctor will determine whether you are in need of treatment with antibiotics, or in other ways such as: dental extraction, or stuffing it.

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How to avoid tooth pain

Of the best solutions to get rid of tooth ache swiftly, is the lack of pain from the foundation through the following:

  • Clean your teeth by brushing and daily after every meal.
  • Always use lotion for.
  • Avoid eating a lot of sugars.
  • Always keep the health of your gums.

At the end of the article, and then figure out ways to get rid of toothache quickly in your home, and what to expect when you visit the doctor? You should always consult your doctor to find out the cause of toothache key to solve the problem from the root, or you can consult one of our doctors here.

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