Get rid of tooth ache

التخلص من وجع الأسنان

التخلص من وجع الأسنان

There is no doubt that a toothache is painful and annoying too, must go to the doctor to find out the cause of having pain get rid of them permanently, but what if the tooth pain got a sudden in late, and you can’t reach your doctor? Know with us on ways to get rid of a toothache until you can visit your doctor.

Causes of tooth ache

  • Tooth decay, the common causes for toothache, where the cause of tooth decay in the presence of DIG of teeth, as a result of the action of bacteria to convert food sugars into acids, so these acids on the corrosion layers of the teeth, leading to the feeling of the face.
  • Sinusitis, as a result of arrival of the pressure pain in the sinuses to the teeth.
  • The presence of voids between the teeth, acting on the adhesion of food and bacteria dental.
  • Pus the teeth resulting from the presence of bacteria.
  • Diseases of the gums.

Get rid of toothache

Painkillers dental pain

You can use pain relievers that you can buy from the pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription, like medicines that contain areibuprofen ibuprofen or paracetamol, two of the painkillers, quick-impact, and you must know the safe dosage before use.

Get rid of tooth ache cold compress

You can use cold compresses as pain relievers, so that cold compresses work to constrict the blood vessels, thus preventing the access of blood to the place of pain.

Through the use of cold compresses:

Put a bag of ice inside a piece of cloth, and place it on your face over the place of pain for 15 or 20 minutes every few hours.

Raise the head from the normal level

The process of lifting the head from the normal level, by placing a pillow or more under the head, of the ways to help some people to reduce the feeling of pain, where he works to reduce the speed of the arrival of blood to the head and teeth.

Clove and its role in getting rid of toothache

Works of clove as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, has proved its effectiveness in wound healing after extractions, and soothe the pain resulting from tooth extractions, the works of clove as a local anesthetic.

Way to use cloves:

  • Soak the cloves in water and form a paste, and then put the dough on the tooth painful.
  • Or you can chew a clove in your mouth, put the cloves on the place of pain.

Can’t use the cloves with the children, for fear of saying the child swallow the cloves, causing pain along the digestive tract.

Medicinal ointments

Ways to get rid of a toothache, use some ointments that you can get without a doctor’s prescription, such as some types of dental gel, and the gel containing benzocaine , for example, which works to numb the area, and can be used in children also.

The role of garlic in getting rid of toothache

Garlic contains the properties of many, is garlic as an anti-bacterial, it can kill the bacteria present in the mouth, which works on dental caries causing the toothache. The garlic as a painkiller, as it contains the active ingredient his next bacteria.

How to use garlic:

The tops chew a clove of garlic in your mouth, put the garlic, chewing on the painful area in your mouth.

When should I go to the doctor?

  • When there is any sign of infections bacterial, guides you to your doctor which antibiotic you can use.
  • When there are other complications around next to a tooth ache.
  • When teeth have been damaged already, so the doctor can determine deal appropriately with the teeth.
  • When the presence of pus in the teeth, or the presence of bleeding level, where it is regarded as an indication of the presence of other injuries related to the mouth.

At the end of the article and then figure out ways to get rid of a tooth ache , a diversification that the methods used to get rid of tooth ache are only temporary solutions, so you can visit your doctor, or you can send your consultation to one of our doctors here.

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