Gel town Mentoprofen painkiller and anti-inflammatory


Gel town Mentoprofen painkiller and anti-inflammatory one of the types of drugs that contain ketoprofen as effective work on pain through the body’s secretion of prostaglandins causing pain, as it is made from within the anti-inflammatory medications non-steroidal .

It has a gel-Menton Provins on the number of other active substances such as camphor, alcohol and menthol which work a treat and soothe the pain resulting from the fibrosis and inflammation of my pain and nerves, by his alcohol acts to increase the speed of absorption of the gel mantle Provins and increase the speed of the effectiveness of the medication and analgesia .

Indications the use of gel-Menton Provins Mentoprofen

  • The treatment of pain resulting from injuries structural muscles such as injuries to the athletes .
  • Cure for the pain of sprains, bruises andmuscle tension .
  • Analgesia and treat inflammation of the ligaments and joints resulting from rheumatic diseases .

The necessary dose of Menton Provins gel Mentoprofen

  • Says your physician as the necessary dose to the patient by several factors, most notably age and the reaction of the patient towards the initial dosing .
  • Be the usual dose the appropriate amount to affected skin 2-4 times a day every six hours .
  • You should massage the skin after placing the wound so that the skin absorption dose of mentoring .

Side effects to use gel Tommy Provins Mentoprofen

  • The emergence of skin allergies from itching and redness of the skin .
  • Thinning of the skin, The Thread Lift Treatment .

Instructions for use gel-Menton Provins Mentoprofen

  • Care must be taken to avoid contact of the drug for the last mucous the lack of irritation or damage to those sensitive areas .
  • Be careful not to use the treatment and groups for more than 12 days where you could stop medication if not feeling better .
  • You should avoid know the affected area to direct sunlight after taking the doses for a period of two weeks after the end of usage for the skin damage from the sun’s Rays .
  • You should immediately cease taking the dose in case of symptoms of skin allergies .
  • Prevents the use of the gel mantle Provins in conjunction with products that contain looken for causing the interaction between them to the injury of allergic skin .

Sites the use of gel-Menton Provins Mentoprofen

  • Not used in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance, any of the components of the drug from the citrus and alcohol and menthol .
  • Prevents the use of the gel mantle Provins during pregnancy, especially during the first and last months because it causes fetal malformations .
  • Prevents the use of gel-Menton Provins during the period of breastfeeding because it has rubbed in mother’s milk to the infant which affects the natural growth of the child .

Means of preservation and storage of bulk mantle Provins Mentoprofen

  • Store at temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius .
  • Keep away from sunlight in sealed containers .
  • Keep out of the reach of children not tampered with .
  • Store in dry areas away from high humidity .

The prices of gel-Menton Provins Mentoprofen

  • Are manufactured the bottles have the company of the Pharaonic Pharmaceutical Industries with the permission of the Ministry of Health and the drug US .
  • The price of the package 20 milligrams 4.75 pounds .
  • Available packaging of various pharmacies source under the supervision of the Egyptian Ministry of Health .

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