Forbidden foods during pregnancy

أطعمة ممنوعة أثناء الحمل

أطعمة ممنوعة أثناء الحمل

It is not necessary to address the women need everything from food in pregnancy, where there are forbidden foods during pregnancy because they may cause these foods from health problems for the mother and the fetus, you know in this article on foods harmful to women during pregnancy and some tips for a healthy pregnancy.

Forbidden foods during pregnancy

You must move on to know the foods useful to you during pregnancy and which foods you should avoid her for your safety and the safety of your child, and these foods are not beneficial to you or your baby in pregnancy include the following:

Raw meat

You should avoid seafood and raw red meat or raw poultry or undercooked because of the risk of contamination with the bacterium E-coli or Toxoplasma, or salmonella.

Raw eggs

Because of the potential exposure for salmonella, and that there are some foods that contain raw eggs such as mayonnaise, so I prefer to avoid these foods also.

Fish that contain high levels of mercury

Think forbidden foods during pregnancy as studies have shown that mercury is directly linked to delayed fetal brain development, and these fish mackerel abused the shark in some regions, as for tuna canned they contain a lower proportion of mercury but you should not eat it more than twice a week.

Soft cheese

Where is manufactured from unpasteurised milk or not exposed to heat, therefore, contain these types of cheese for listeria bacteria, such as cottage cheese or blue cheese.

Unpasteurized milk

Where can contain listeria too, so I prefer to expose milk to a high temperature for a period of not less than two minutes to get rid of these bacteria.

Foods beneficial to the fetus

There are a lot of foods that don’t you think forbidden foods during pregnancy, but on the contrary they are foods with high nutritional value will help the growth of the fetus also helps these foods to maintain the health of the mother throughout pregnancy and these foods include the following:

Fruits and vegetables

Especially during the second and third trimester as these foods are low calorie and full of fiber, vitamins and minerals such as B vitamins, iron and folic acid necessary for the growth of the nervous system of the fetus is healthy.

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Protein fat-free

Helps to promote the growth of muscles and bones of the fetus and protein-rich foods meat, poultry, fish, eggs, cooked beans, nuts and seeds.

Whole grains

These foods are not considered forbidden foods during the solution where it is an important source of energy in the diet as they provide fiber, iron, and B vitamins like oatmeal or whole wheat bread or brown rice which will help you get rid of constipation during pregnancy.

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Dairy products

Are a source of protein and also calcium and vitamin D, all these elements are essential for the growth of the bones of the fetus are healthy, including milk, yogurt and cheese.

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Tips for a healthy pregnancy

Staying healthy during pregnancy needs you more freedom to eat healthy foods in addition to the following:

  • Appropriate exercise for this period which will help you maintain an ideal weight during pregnancy, but it must be done under the supervision of a physician.
  • Eat some extra vitamins after a review of the Doctor meet the daily needs of you during pregnancy.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks and caffeine.
  • To refrain from smoking.

In the end we advise you not to eat any forbidden foods during pregnancy and also the lack of extravagance in eating in general, in addition to continuous follow-up with your doctor during pregnancy, with my best wishes to you-time health and happiness.

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