Foods that increase the stupidity

Is it true that there are foods that increase the stupidity and affect the focus? The primary reason for food is to supply the body with energy and vitality, and concentration and increasing intelligence.

But recent studies have confirmed that not all the food we eat serves the same basic purpose for lunch.

On the contrary, it works to increase the proportion of stupidity and lack of concentration.

So you should pay attention to this kind of foods, which we will address below, so as not to impact negatively on our health and the health of our children.

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The most important foods that increase the stupidity

Butter and saturated fats

A lot of people eat saturated fat in their diet, without knowing the dangers and damages that accrue to them addressed, they affect the heart also affect the function of the mind1topic: What is the saturated fat.

Where was studied in Harvard University to a group of ladies dealing with saturated fat and butter for four years.

They demonstrated the same result of the former they affect the level of the mind and concentration are considered within the list of foods that increase the stupidity, in order to avoid access to this level you have to avoid eating these fats of butter or margarine.

أطعمة تزيد الغباء

أطعمة تزيد الغباء

Foods rich in sugars

Of the most important daily habits that are followed by many individuals, a eating a large amount of sugars, which some are not aware of their impact on them, such as: chocolate or sweets.

They are working to reduce the proportion of gold is within the list of foods that increase the stupidity, and reduce the performance of the brain.

In order to increase the percentage of fructose the body, which affects the ratio of the natural insulin the body.

Has been studied on rats at the University of California, where he was giving a large proportion of fructose, and their escape from the labyrinth quickly, because the material is rich in sugar increase the outbreak of the body.

Even though the other group of mice that ate natural sugar, via fruit, or omega-3.

Where was their exit of the maze better, better than his previous.

This confirms the need to stay away from substances rich in sugar, and replace them with fruits that contain natural sugar for better health.

Carbohydrate foods

Should reduce the ratio of carbohydrate foods in our diet, not prevent it completely, so that a study carried out at Tufts University on two groups2web medical: what are carbohydrates and where can it be found?.

One of them ate the carbs by a few, and completely prevented the intake of carbohydrates.

The study that women who consumed carbs by a few, alongside a balanced diet, they need better health than the other group.

أطعمة تزيد الغباء

أطعمة تزيد الغباء


Many children and adults also love eating chewing gum, to fill the appetite unaware of their impact.

Studies have shown that they also affect IQ and focus, after a short time, it is not known to many.

Where there is no relationship between the gum and the focus, but through the study by researchers from the British press, proved the sincerity of this force.

Fast food

As a result of the concerns many parents work, he may resort to children to eat fast food as part of their diet, and they perform the same purpose which is satiety, but you eat for the activity or to take advantage of this dining room.

The studies confirmed that fast food is very dangerous to health, especially on children.

It is through the study of established in Britain have proved that fast food affects the health of children, low level of focus when they reach school age.

This study built on about 4,000 children, it is a very large number apply for these prepared foods.

It is a strong indicator of country-level health that are out, and educational level.

The benefits of the health system

Studies have shown that foods that follow a healthy diet and useful, is the correct method for better health and a better future for our children.

Therefore you must follow a proper diet.

In addition to stay away from fried and saturated fats, fast food, eating fruit, it is better for our health, the health of our children.

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