Foods that increase the proportion of vitamin D in the body

أطعمة تزيد نسبة فيتامين د في الجسم

أطعمة تزيد نسبة فيتامين د في الجسم

Vitamin D has many essential functions in the body and deficiency of a health problem you should overcome, you know, with us in this article on foods to increase vitamin D in the body

The functions of vitamin D

Says this vitamin many vital functions in the body as follows:

  • Maintain the proportion of calcium in the blood helps to maintain bone strength
  • Helps in improving the functionality of the cells
  • Helps in bone formation properly

Play as this vitamin is play an important role in the Prevention of osteoporosis, cancer, depression and diabetes and helps in the Prevention of obesity.

Is considered vitamin D deficiency health problems faced by many people in different stages of life and due to an unhealthy diet and relying on processed food or quick to prepare, which contain many substances harmful to the body.

The body thinks in its daily needs of vitamins and minerals to food where the body can not produce these necessary elements inside it. hence the importance of eating foods that contain a sufficient proportion of vitamins and minerals.

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Foods that increase vitamin D in the body

Vitamin D there is in the types of certain foods so you should know the foods rich in vitamin D that can be relied upon as the main source of this vitamin is to assist in the Prevention of deficiency, and offer you in this part of the Article 8 Foods to increase the vitamin D in the body is:


Considered a good source of protein and fatty acids omega-3 and vitamin D must be addressed in a healthy way like a prick or steamed.

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Trout (Rainbow)

This type of fish on many of the necessary vitamins and minerals, fatty acids and proteins that provide the body with many necessary nutrients.


This is considered the mushroom of plant sources rich in vitamin D and also vitamin B compound, potassium, you can add it to salads or pasta dishes.

Egg yolk

Contains many vitamins and is rich in vitamin D specifically, so I prefer to eat eggs full to get the greatest benefit from them as it contains all the essential amino acids so you can eat two eggs a complete protein daily.


Think tuna fish more types of fish available that can get vitamin D from them they are Gage in this vitamin, can be considered tuna foods increase the proportion of vitamin D in the body in addition to its content of high protein, make sure to eat the types of canned tuna, good, preserved in brine limited proportion of mercury.

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Think this fish of more species of fish free of mercury in addition to it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and proteins so it can be relied upon as the primary source to increase the proportion of vitamin D in the body.


Can be considered cheese food increase vitamin D in the body so contain a high percentage of them in addition to the high content of calcium and together they maintain the integrity of the bone.

Cod liver oil

This oil is more types of foods that contain vitamin D in addition to the fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, fatty acids omega-3.

After exposure to us at foods that increase vitamin D in the body you need to make sure you always eat enough of the vitamins and minerals permanently to avoid deficiency symptoms of these nutrients necessary for the body, if you have other queries you can consult one of our doctors here

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