Foods back vitamin D deficiency

أطعمة تعوض نقص فيتامين د

أطعمة تعوض نقص فيتامين د

Vitamin D is a vitamin essential for the body and in many life processes and helps in bone growth and teeth, you know with us in this article on foods back vitamin D deficiency

Foods back vitamin D deficiency

Believe vitamin D deficiency is a health problem where the causes a deficiency in the emergence of a lot of diseases, including osteoporosis, here are some foods and methods that help to compensate for the lack of this vitamin in the body:

Seafood and fish

Of more types of foods that compensate a lack of vitamin D which contain vitamin D in abundance, such as tuna, mackerel, shrimp, sardines and anchovies.


Considered mushrooms as a source of vegetarian foods to compensate a lack of vitamin D that one gets by converting some of the vehicles inside it to vitamin D after exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

The House

It is known that egg yolks represent a rich source of vitamin D and some essential fatty acids that the body can not configure it inside of him and must be obtained from an external source.

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Foods fortified with vitamin D

In the market some foods fortified with vitamin D which foods to compensate vitamin D deficiency because they contain added vitamin D as cow’s milk, soy milk and some juices, cereals ready-to-eat.

Supplements to compensate the deficiency of vitamin D

Some supplements containing P vitamin D to compensate lack of this vitamin in the body, but you must choose the right types of these supplements to ensure they contain the proper amount of this vitamin.

Dose dependent on the amount of the shortfall in the level of vitamin D in the blood which is prescribed by the physician based on the results of the blood analysis to make sure a lack of vitamin D in the blood level desired and often these doses between 1000 to 4000 IU once daily

There are some cases that require a dose more than above as in the case of a severe shortage of vitamin D during pregnancy or lactation.

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Foods back vitamin D deficiency when vegetarians

Most of the sources of vitamin D come from animal sources, so treat the vegetarians of the deficiency in some nutrients and vitamins, but a certain type of vitamin D in plant density can compensate to a large extent a lack of vitamin D and provides the kind in nuts, sunflower oil and corn oil.

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You back exposure, lack of vitamin D?

Knows vitamin D as the sun vitamin where to play sun a big role in getting the body to vitamin D from the layers of fat located under the skin after exposure to direct sunlight, but the process of synthesis of vitamin D from the rays of the sun on multiple factors, including:

The degree of skin color

People with dark skin need to spend longer in the sun to supplement vitamin D in order to contain the skin to have the pigment melanin that reduce the process of formation of vitamin D under the skin.


As the age of the person carrying has the ability to synthesis vitamin D from the sun

Use sunscreen

Reduce the amount of sunlight that is exposed to the body reduces the amount of vitamin D that can be obtained, but enough sun exposure for 10 to 15 minutes in the period of after sunrise until ten in the morning, should avoid sun exposure in the afternoon until sunset so that the sun’s Rays at this time be very harmful to the skin.

After that we stated to you in this article foods back vitamin D deficiency you need to eat healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals to avoid deficiency of these elements, if you have other queries you can consult one of our doctors here

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