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Folic acid is one of the B vitamins that dissolves in water, and this acid is naturally present in many foods, and it can also be taken in the form of tablets and medicines, as folic acid is naturally present in grains, flour, bread, pasta and biscuits, and this acid is necessary, it leads Building and development of the human body and lack of blood leading to anemia, in addition to feeling fatigue, fatigue, lack of concentration, heart rhythm disturbance, shortness of breath and other dangerous symptoms that affect human health, and in this article we are pleased to present to you the specifications and reasons for using folic acid tablets and their importance and benefits especially during Pregnancy.

Indications for use of the drug:

  • The drug is used in the treatment of anemia and anemia.
  • It treats acute anemia.
  • Effective and timely treatment of nutritional anemia during pregnancy and lactation as well as in infants.
  • For the prevention of spina bifida in the fetus during pregnancy, as it is one of the most common and important birth defects that affect
  • Fetus due to deficiency of folic acid in a pregnant woman.
  • Useful and supportive treatment for dialysis and scurvy. Folic acid also treats liver diseases associated with liver failure and cirrhosis.
  • An effective treatment for anemia and anemia associated with excess red blood cells due to folate deficiency.
  • Treatment of malnutrition and cirrhosis.
  • It benefits women of childbearing age and treats malabsorption.

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Dosage and method of use:

It is allowed to use one to two folic acid tablets per day, and it is best to consult a doctor before taking any medication to determine the appropriate dosage depending on the patient's condition and response.

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أقراص حمض الفوليك لعلاج الأنيميا
Folic acid tablets for anemia

Contraindications and warnings of using the drug:

  • It is forbidden to use the drug for people who are allergic to any component of the drug.
  • It is contraindicated in people with anemia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency or pernicious anemia.
  • It is not permitted in tumors that depend on folic acid for growth.
  • The drug is absolutely safe and is recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation.

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Side effects of the drug:

  • Taking folic acid tablets can cause nausea and loss of appetite.
  • Infection with itchy skin and rash.

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أقراص حمض الفوليك لعلاج الأنيميا
Folic acid tablets for anemia

The price of the drug in pharmacies:

Available in pharmacies the medicine package in the form of tablets with a concentration of 5 mg, a price of 10.25 EGP.

  • You can get it without a prescription.
  • Folic acid 500 micrograms or more can only be obtained with a prescription.
  • The best sources of this vitamin are green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, and liver.
  • Root vegetables, oranges, nuts, dried legumes, and egg yolks are rich in folic acid.
  • If symptoms of anemia appear, give 15 mg of folic acid daily with or without vitamin B12 as needed.
  • Folic acid may be given at a lower dose until symptoms disappear.

Therefore, it can be considered that folic acid is used as a dietary supplement used in treating anemia and anemia.

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