Fluctuations of pregnancy in the first month

تقلصات الحمل في الشهر الأول

تقلصات الحمل في الشهر الأول

Abdominal cramps may be a sign of early pregnancy that can be inferred, but it is important to know all about the vagaries of pregnancy in the first month to see if these contractions are normal or require medical attention, we will also address in the next section the best treatment of these contractures.

Symptoms of pregnancy in first month

Symptoms of early pregnancy is not fixed at all pregnant women, as it varies from woman to woman, and from early pregnancy symptoms most common:

With the entry in the second trimester or third of pregnancy start new symptoms emerge, such as:

It is also common to choose the pregnant women with the approaching date of birth, strong contractions in the region of the uterus called the report of Braxton Hicks contractions which is your body’s way to prepare for childbirth and often not be painful.

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Fluctuations of pregnancy in the first month

Uterine contractions occur in the first month as a result of the many changes that occur to the body due to the hormone of pregnancy because of the fetus, and pregnant these contractions feel like the intensity in the part of the abdomen or the whole abdomen, which is normal and very common in pregnancy, but it is important to pay attention in case of increased about the normal or the pain was unbearable so this means the presence of some complications in pregnancy.


Enrichment is one of the most prominent causes of abdominal cramps in early pregnancy, which occurs in the period between 6 days or 12 days from the occurrence of the marital relationship, a process in which the implantation of the ovum in the uterine wall, resulting in a feeling of fluctuations similar to the fluctuations of the menstrual cycle, and at this stage it is also common to the appearance of mild bleeding.

Change the position of the egg

Change the position of the egg and increasing the size of the uterus results in a sense of volatility in the abdominal region, and with the continuous increase of the uterus throughout the months of pregnancy it may occur an imbalance in the attractiveness of women’s body situation.

Bloating, gas,

Is likely to be the cause is bloating , gas and constipation, where it is common the occurrence of the bulge for increased gas during pregnancy because the pregnancy hormone works to slow down the digestive system to get nutrients found in food, so as to cause bloating and gas.

Hormonal changes

There are many hormones which are changing in the body during pregnancy may cause these changes to fluctuations in the region of the uterus, especially of the hormone areas, which cause relaxation of the muscles and joints in the body in preparation for the pain of childbirth, but it may cause contractions sometimes.

Increase the number of times of urination

In some cases, pregnancy may be the cause of contractures is to increase the number of times you urinate in a short time of time.

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تقلصات الحمل في الشهر الأول

تقلصات الحمل في الشهر الأول

The first thing recommended by doctors for the treatment of uterine contractions is to move in around, and or take the enough rest and drink enough fluids and exercise stretching exercises, but you should avoid putting warm compresses on the abdomen, so that raising the temperature of the body during pregnancy may pose a risk to the fetus and cause malformations especially in the first trimester.

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After all what you care about the fluctuations of the pregnancy in the first month we recommend that you consult a doctor if the cramps are very painful and intolerable as it may be indicative of the presence of some complications that appear to be harmful on the pregnancy and the fetus, we wish you the birth control, and Bolivia quickly.

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