File comprehensive on the symptoms of the cancer

Just thinking the word cancer is associated to hear her because he knows so much that the plant will suffer greatly from the tests to make sure cancer, and even the stages of treatment, and healing, and that is why you must know the symptoms of cancer early so that the doctor can help the patient and determine a treatment plan quickly to achieve a high cure rate.

The contents of the masking index
1) What are the symptoms of cancer?
2) symptoms of cancer in women
3) symptoms of cancer early
4) symptoms of cancer in men
5) symptoms of cancer in the blood
6) symptoms of breast cancer
7) symptoms of skin cancer
8) the symptoms of bone cancer
9) symptoms of cancer in the uterus
10) the symptoms of head and neck cancer
11) the symptoms of stomach cancer
12) symptoms of cancer of the liver and pancreas
13) symptoms of cancer of the kidney and bladder
14) the symptoms of cancer under the armpit
15) symptoms of esophageal cancer
16) symptoms of brain cancer
17) the symptoms of cancer of the larynx
18) symptoms of rectal cancer
19) What are the symptoms of colon cancer?
20) the symptoms of bowel cancer
21) the symptoms of lung cancer
22) the symptoms of brain cancer
23) the symptoms of anal cancer

What are the symptoms of cancer?

In the case of continued symptoms of cancer early, the symptoms begin in the understanding and severity of the symptoms of cancer confirmed in the impressions and as follows:

  • Persistent cough in some cases be stained with blood.
  • Extreme fatigue.
  • Weight loss without a justifiable reason.
  • Purely health.
  • Inflammation is not transparent.
  • The appearance of lumps under the skin may be under the armpit or in the breast or anywhere around here.
  • Change in bowel movement.
  • Appearance of the outcrops.
  • Feeling pain in the chest.
  • Out blood with urine.
  • The severe itching.

Symptoms of cancer in women

There are some symptoms and signs which must not be ignored by women when they appear for the first time, as they may be symptoms of cancer, namely:

  • Distension of the body significantly any women look larger than its size, when weight loss occurs bleeding.
  • Bleeding not related to menstrual cycle.
  • The appearance of lumps in the chest painful.
  • Exodus, blood in the urine or stool and continued for two days.
  • A small lump appears in any area of the body.
  • Having problem in swallowing.
  • Losing a button suddenly without justification.
  • Severe heartburn with even with not eating any food.
  • The appearance of yellow spots or red or gray or white art looks like a sore and lasts for days.
  • Extreme fatigue and exhaustion which does not provide even with the intake of painkillers usual.
  • A cough that lasts from three to four weeks with eating the counter medications for cough.
  • Feeling short of breath.
  • Bone pain and joints unprovoked and without reason.
  • The occurrence of pain and mild abdominal stable.
  • Feeling anxious and depressed.

Symptoms of cancer early

Recognize the symptoms of cancer early is the alarm that indicates the occurrence of the risk, and the need to commission the doctor for a consultation so should not be ignored at all, namely:

  • Feeling overwhelmed even with the slightest of effort.
  • The campaign will be different from the usual always be during the night and accompanied by other symptoms with the sweating during the night.
  • Feeling the pain that there is no reason for its occurrence.
  • When the pressure in a certain area around an Egyptian feel severe pain by.
  • Jaundice.
  • The appearance of moles by the edges of the great bulk of its borders are irregular, increasing its size significantly, and their color has become the color darker.

Symptoms of cancer in men

You may share some symptoms with the symptoms of other cancer, but there are certain symptoms that men should arise to consult a doctor for examination of the worker, including:

  • Having problems while urinating man will become a lot need to urinate during the night, heavily, with the increasing problem of the desire of the false donation, or a man feels the difficulty to start urination, or feeling the flow of urine.
  • A change in the testicles is like having the weight or tumor.
  • Out blood with stool or urine.
  • The appearance of new spots wholesale changes color and size.
  • Changes in the lymph nodes any appearance of lumps in any area around its size resembles the size of a kidney bean.
  • Having trouble swallowing accompanied by loss of weight quickly.
  • Vomiting frequent.
  • Feeling the energy continuing.
  • Blistering of the mouth.
  • Protection.
  • Jaundice.
  • Tiredness and fatigue.
  • Cough is permanent.
  • Feeling pain in some of the atmosphere of the body without finding a reason for their occurrence.

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After learning about the symptoms of cancer if you notice the appearance of any of the previous symptoms mentioned by you or someone close to you should visit a doctor immediately for proper treatment.

Symptoms of cancer in the blood

You may not show symptoms of cancer in the blood in the beginning, has been the source thinks that the symptoms are only symptoms of a certified infection when the occurrence of colds, that begins to suffer from the severity of the symptoms and signs confirmed it:

  • Anemia: that produces the feeling some of the symptoms include facial pallor, shortness of breath, dizziness, with pain in the chest, due to the body not producing red blood cells sufficient.
  • Poor blood clotting: starts with the source of suffering with small bruises, and blood significantly more than she deserves, and shows her bleeding nose or gums, with the appearance of red dots appear on the skin, a disorder of the bowel movement out of the stool is accompanied by blood.
  • Fever accompanied by sweating at night and weight loss feeling extreme hunger.
  • The presence of a tumor under the armpit or back, or chest, or bones.
  • Nausea accompanied the pain of sense.
  • Malaise.
  • Confusion, weakness and unbalance.

Symptoms of breast cancer

It has become the most common cancer among women because symptoms do not appear only with the onset of tumor growth, and therefore increased awareness of the signs and symptoms of cancer in the breast, namely:

  • The advent of mass available breast may appear under armpit not painful but noticeable.
  • Swelling collar bone or the armpit or the breast, This refers to the quality of breast cancer inflammatory that it has started the tumor to spread to the lymph nodes.
  • Pain minor chest.
  • The appearance of a flat area of the breast.
  • Changes in the size and texture of the breast.
  • Change the temperature of the breast.
  • Changes in the nipple can either be drawn inside, or gone completely, or the feeling of love energy, or love, or blistering it.
  • The uniqueness of the nipple fluid can be either transparent, or blood, or another colour.
  • A change in a specific area of the breast becomes texture, shape strange.
  • Weight loss without justification.
  • Watch the veins on the breast clearly.
  • Change the color of the breast.
  • The presence of crusts on the nipple of the breast.

عوامل خطر الإصابة سرطان الثدي

عوامل خطر الإصابة سرطان الثدي

Symptoms of skin cancer

There are different types of skin cancer including basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma nodular melanoma is considered of the most cancers dangerous, and that’s Why Always doctors recommend the need to subject everyone to the examination full each month to note any change and finding any symptom of cancer of the skin, namely:

  • Abnormal growth of the skin.
  • Ulceration does not provide.
  • Rash irregular on the surface of the skin can be either red or brown or black.
  • Change the mass and shape of the skin.
  • The appearance of moles in Brown changed its size and color.
  • The growth of a mole a new skin.
  • The occurrence of bleeding of skin patches.
  • The inability to touch the spot of the pain out.

Symptoms of bone cancer

The most serious types of bone cancer are which are formed in the bone tissue or the bone directly, the patient feels bone cancer pain is intermittent, which makes him think that he needed to rest, but the pain is variable and severe pain, in addition to the appearance of some of the symptoms of other cancer, such as:

  • Pain topical is escalating gradually.
  • Palpitations bone.
  • The occurrence of swelling of the bone.
  • Feeling tired and fatigue.
  • Know bone fractures with ease.
  • Loss of weight suddenly.
  • Feeling best pain in the bones, even during the night with comfort.

Symptoms of cancer in the uterus

More women develop cancer of the uterus are exposed to menopause, the women don’t feel it is cancer of the uterus only after the disease appears to spread so should all women know the symptoms of cancer in the uterus and the commission doctor immediately so you can chase the disease before the development of more, symptoms of cancer that affects the uterus as follows:

  • Vaginal discharge in non-menstrual periods.
  • Disorders life usually be irregular.
  • The occurrence of bleeding in non-days of life.
  • Feeling intense pain in the pelvic area.
  • A feeling of heaviness in the pelvis.
  • The occurrence of back pain, specifically lower back or legs.
  • Feeling very tired and fatigue continuous.
  • Nausea.
  • The loss of appetite.
  • Severe pain during the marital relationship.

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Cancer symptoms head and neck

Initially wouldn’t treat a cancer patient, head and neck from any pain until symptoms start cancer of the head and neck to emerge, which is when they appear consult a doctor to check for infection and symptoms of cancer as follows:

  • Injury continuing down the nose in spite of taking medicines to cure it.
  • Blockage of the nose.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Feeling tingling or numbness in the area of the head and neck.
  • Out the unpleasant smell from the mouth with clean rotating of the teeth and mouth.
  • The occurrence of inflammation of the throat level.
  • Ulcers mouth white or red.
  • Swelling and infections are not cured at all.
  • The presence of severe pain the jaw.
  • Weight loss.
  • Extreme exhaustion.
  • Pain in the ear.
  • Out blood with sputum.
  • The descent of the nasal secretions from the mouth.
  • Bleeding from the mouth repeatedly.
  • Hoarseness.

Symptoms of stomach cancer

In the beginning it can be difficult for the patient to know that he had cancer because the symptoms of stomach cancer may resemble greatly with the symptoms of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, so it’s best to consult a doctor to confirm the presence of the symptoms of cancer in the stomach, which is as follows:

  • Heartburn frequent.
  • GE.
  • Nausea level.
  • Injury bloated even with eating small amounts of food.
  • Feeling tired excessive.
  • Jaundice.
  • Red blood with the stool.
  • The loss of appetite.
  • Losing weight abruptly.
  • Feeling the pain unbearable, especially after meals daily.



Symptoms of cancer of the liver and pancreas

Is cancer of the liver and pancreas of the most serious types of cancer, because it will not be discovered until after that develops and spreads in the logic of the other sex, and show symptoms of cancer in the advanced stage of the disease therefore calls on behalf of the (dead silent) until these symptoms appear:

  • Jaundice (yellowing of the skin and whites of the eye).
  • Feeling itchy.
  • Change the color of the urine color dark.
  • Change the color of stool becomes light-colored.
  • Back pain.
  • Feeling tired and general weakness.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Inflammation of the pancreas.
  • The risk of diabetes.
  • The loss of appetite.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Recurrent abdominal pain.
  • Thrombosis and its symptoms such as redness, swelling, and pain.
  • The feeling of pain in the chest with shortness of breath.

Symptoms of cancer of the kidney and bladder

The most common category of cancer of the kidneys and bladder are the elderly men and women over 50 years old, the symptoms are not painful but noticeable and require a speed sensor the bag.

  • With the constant motivation to donate.
  • Feeling pain in the pelvic bone.
  • Weight loss.
  • The burning sensation during urination.
  • Out blood with urine.
  • Swelling of the legs.
  • Pain in the lower back.
  • The appearance of a mass in the abdomen or around.
  • Anemia.
  • Fatigue and tremors.

Symptoms of cancer under the armpit

No longer feeling pain under armpit a sign of cancer, but in the case of injury by typing the armpit be a sign of infection is clear, which is the emergence of books and the tumor, which produces reasons for bacterial or virus, or tumor, adipose, or breast cancer, this symptoms:

  • Protection.
  • Night sweats.
  • Swelling occurs in lymph nodes the body.
  • Visit the Hama books and respect them.
  • Feeling feel about the book.

Symptoms of esophageal cancer

What happens if the plant is suffering from esophageal cancer or not is diagnosis because its symptoms may be similar to symptoms of other these symptoms include:

  • The sense of respect in the chest.
  • Indigestion.
  • Great difficulty in swallowing.
  • Feeling of suffocation while eating.
  • Cough which is accompanied by purely health.
  • Feeling pain in the sternum, and the background.
  • The feeling of pain in the throat.
  • Vomiting and in some cases accompanied by blood.
  • Pallor of the skin.
  • The loss of appetite.

Symptoms of brain cancer

Could be brain cancer is benign or malignant, but in those two cases, the cause in some sense of the symptoms vary to the different situation and stage which are:

  • Severe headaches who buys a large extent especially immediately upon waking from sleep.
  • The floor during sleep.
  • Sneezing is severe.
  • Frequent coughing.
  • Link.
  • A change in behavior.
  • Link unbalance.
  • Zhou vision.
  • Bouts of headaches.
  • The weak part of the face.
  • Dizziness.
  • Difficulty in movement.
  • Lose bladder and bowel control.
  • Changes to mood and appetite.
  • Weakness of the muscles of the body such as the muscles of the leg, arm, and face.
  • Frequent drowsiness.
  • Loss of consciousness.
  • Disturbance of menstrual periods in women.
  • The feeling of heat or cold.

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أعراض سرطان الدماغ

أعراض سرطان الدماغ

Symptoms of cancer of the larynx

The first symptoms of cancer of the larynx observed by the patient begins to feel in the presence of danger, is the inability to speak clearly, and cover the full tone of the sound, but think is not a sure sign of only after the appearance of these symptoms:

  • Dysphagia.
  • Inflammation of the throat.
  • Assal continuous accompanied by blood, sometimes.
  • Purely health.
  • The feeling of pain in the ear.
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck.
  • Weight loss.
  • The appearance of patches and sores in the throat.
  • Block the throat.
  • Difficulty in breathing.

Symptoms of rectal cancer

No symptoms of early cancer of the rectum, but the first step is the growth of a small tumor wall of the rectum, and then stop after the onset of symptoms the following:

  • Constipation or chronic diarrhea.
  • Change in form of stool and its size.
  • Disturbance in appetite.
  • Feeling cramping down the belly area.
  • Bloating.
  • Feeling of fullness even with snack food.
  • Weight loss.
  • Exhaustion.
  • The feeling of discomfort.
  • Disorder bowel movement.

What are the symptoms of colon cancer?

Is colon cancer one of the most common types of cancer among persons, and in its early stages the symptoms are minimal or almost non-existent, and with advances in stages, getting the appearance of these symptoms:

  • The appearance of blood clearly stool.
  • Extreme fatigue.
  • Anemia.
  • A change in the movement of the stomach.
  • Pallor of the skin.
  • Flatulence.
  • Constant nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Constipation.
  • Weight loss undue.
  • The feeling of fullness.
  • Invasive many.
  • Bleeding rectal.

The symptoms of bowel cancer

Most of the infected bowel cancer did not feel a big change when their injury, and continued suffering with these symptoms should consult a doctor immediately:

  • Out blood with stool.
  • Feeling the pain constant or intermittent abdominal and lower back.
  • Fatigue, extreme exhaustion for no apparent reason.
  • Change in bowel movement.
  • Feeling the pain with as a result of bowel obstruction.
  • Rectal bleeding.
  • Weight loss.
  • Fissures in the anus.

Symptoms of lung cancer

Because of the lack of nerve endings in the lungs, does not feel the patient was diagnosed with lung cancer to the final stages, with the appearance of mild symptoms such as cough that does not stop, shortness of breathing, until the symptoms begin to that points out which is:

  • Increased sense of chronic.
  • The cough is accompanied by blood.
  • Deep breathing accompanied by pain of the chest or shoulders, and back.
  • Extreme difficulty in breathing while doing exercise activities, and laughter.
  • Fatigue and weakness.
  • Headaches.
  • Pain the bones in the back or the paper.
  • Jaundice.
  • The lack of appetite.
  • Infection pneumonia chronic.
  • Purely health.
  • Difficulty swallowing.
  • Swelling of the neck or face due to swelling of the lymph nodes.
  • Change in the fingers.

The symptoms of brain cancer

There are types of brain cancer, including benign and another malignant, and cook on the type of malignant of brain cancer core, has been waiting for the rest of the parts of the body for this you must immediately after the appearance of symptoms of the committee for the doctor:

  • Feeling pain all the time head hurts so bad especially in the morning.
  • Vomiting.
  • Nausea.
  • Pressure and numbness.
  • Headaches as a result of the pressure of tumors on the cells.
  • Mood swings and not feeling comfortable.
  • The loss of memory.
  • Gloom and depression.
  • The difficulty of focusing.
  • Zhou vision.
  • Weakness of the muscles.

Symptoms of anal cancer

The first sign of danger is the occurrence of bleeding, which results in swelling and bulging veins, and can be benign or malignant other reasons, so the diagnosis immediately after the appearance of these symptoms is necessary:

  • Itchy feeling in the rectum.
  • Changes in bowel movement.
  • The appearance of lumps at the anal opening.
  • Bleeding rectal.
  • The feeling of owning the anus.
  • Change the texture of the stool becomes thin.
  • Discharge from the anus.

Early detection immediately after the appearance of symptoms of cancer helps in slowing down the growth of cancer cells, preventing their spread or divided, it offers more than 100 different types of cancer, including types more common among individuals, and genetic factors play an important role in infection.

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