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May get a large number of individuals problems that be related to knowledge which lead to the occurrence of a lot of symptoms for example, a disease germ, the stomach, and provides a lot of names, so the disease of pylori bacteria, a virus, Helicobacter pylori and finally Helicobacter pylori, we will have to talk about the symptoms of Helicobacter pylori and everything about this disease in detail.

Disease Helicobacter pylori

Happens disease germ on as soon as infection with the bacteria that caused that disease, and is often onset in childhood, don’t discover most people infected with that germ of its existence because they don’t suffer from any epidemics of a cat, but in the case of the appearance of symptoms of Helicobacter pylori such as ulcers digestive, it is important for the doctor to see the patient ones.

أعراض جرثومة المعدة

أعراض جرثومة المعدة

What are the symptoms of a germ lab?

A lot of times I don’t feel the source of the existence of any symptom of Helicobacter pylori there is no known cause for the lack of her appearance, but this does not mean the absence of symptoms does not, so we will learn together the symptoms of Helicobacter pylori which include the following:

  • Itching in the stomach in addition to heartburn within the stomach wall.
  • Weight loss significantly.
  • Increased pain in the stomach regardless of if it was full or empty.
  • Distension of the stomach.
  • Feeling unwell and nausea.
  • Belching frequently.
  • The lack of desire to eat.
  • Lack of the number of erythrocytes within the blood and therefore exposure have anemia.
  • The annoying odor and bad breath to the art.
  • Face difficulties when performing the process of development.
  • The perception of stress and exhaustion.
  • The incidence of heartburn.

The symptoms of Helicobacter pylori in detail

There are some of the symptoms of the stomach germ that you should visit the doctor once observed, namely:

The symptoms of Helicobacter pylori in stool

The symptoms of Helicobacter pylori that occur when performing the process of evaporation is the presence of bloody stools or black.

The symptoms of Helicobacter pylori in children

The symptoms of Helicobacter pylori which appear on the children as follows:

  • Pain low Dimmer works on Necrosis Infected.
  • The incidence wrench sharply in late at night, especially when the stomach is full.
  • Recurrence of pain after the passage of time is not very long to eat.
  • The absence of the appearance of these symptoms from days to weeks.

Symptoms of stomach germ oil

Show some of the symptoms of Helicobacter pylori which are linked to the mind of the patient which is as follows:

  • Depression.
  • The sensation of tension.
  • The frequent psychological stressors.

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The symptoms of Helicobacter pylori and colon

Causing bulging with the wrench a sharp and continuous in the stomach with vomiting of bloody or black color.

Symptoms of the bacteria living on the skin

May cause bacteria and disease germ on the emergence of some of the symptoms on the skin which are the following:

  • Work the stomach germ to stimulate the production of the substance histamine within the skin and therefore the infection started later.
  • The sensitivity of the skin.
  • Work the stomach germ to stimulate the material cause in the disease of psoriasis.
  • Lichen planus.
  • Say germ on the interaction within the skin and cause the appearance of a rash.
  • In the case of higher limit the bacteria causing germ of metal is also associated rate of NOx within the blood and therefore change the skin color to Red injury have rosacea.
  • Some of the epidemics of other skin such as itching, generalized, and the Thrush, rash, haemorrhagic fever, low platelet methodology.

أعراض جرثومة المعدة

The symptoms of Helicobacter pylori diarrhea

Cause of Helicobacter pylori in infection with participation of diarrhea due to bacteria that are inside the device digest my.

Symptoms of germ and

Cause of Helicobacter pylori in cases of drought, in addition to protection associated problems of knowledge which are of serious problems, you will your physician advise case download edit, or coconut water, and in the case of non-CAN bus intake of those liquids will physician to resort to the installation of crops.

Symptoms of stomach germ and constipation

May cause bacteria concerned in the infection problem of constipation due to the bacteria causing the disease within the digestive tract.

The causes of the injury bug on

You did not specify the reason behind the presence of the bacteria causing the disease inside the temple, however it is possible to move these bacteria from one individual to another when exposed directly to the saliva of the patient or their stools or vomit, it is possible to spread these bacteria through the food or through contaminated water.

Risk factors bug on

Mostly as we mentioned earlier, the injury bug on occurs during childhood, so the risk factors for this disease are linked to conditions of living during childhood, for example:

Live in busy areas

In the case of a person in a house full of persons will be exposed to significantly injury bug on.

Living with an individual infected bug on

In the case of whether the individual is living with an individual suffering from Helicobacter pylori, the possibility of infection made the disease be high.

Live in a place with no reliable source for water is not contaminated

Clean water reduces the probability of infection with Helicobacter pylori.

Life in a developing country

Individuals that live in developing countries so that they are prosperous as well as the living conditions are not healthy to be exposed to the risk of bug and appearance of symptoms of Helicobacter pylori.

The diagnosis of a disease germ on

Include tests and procedures that are used in detection, a bacterium on which be the words for the following:

A blood test

You might say the blood test detects infection with bacteria active inside the body which be the causative germ of the stomach, with that the choice of development and testing stool can be relied upon more heavily to detect the presence of Helicobacter pylori.

Choose the region of the

When you do that test you will need the patient to a calming, this Test displays the endoscopic medicine, during this test the doctor passes the Tube be long as well as being flexible to ease his entry into the show as be in the and so on a camera with a small size and through the milk passing through the esophageal and finally to the stomach and the duodenum.

Do that examination enables the doctor to see any abnormalities within the gastrointestinal tract of the patient in addition to the possibility of taking a sample of tissue.

أعراض جرثومة المعدة

Test development

During the breath test the patient swallow a pill and it is possible to replace it with a liquid which contains particles, especially carbon, in the case if the person has some kind of bug on you will happen to move the element carbon as soon as the dissolution of the mobile inside of your stomach, so the body absorb the carbon and get rid of them when exhaled, and will make doctor source exhales the inside of the bag.

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He’ll use a special device to know where the molecules of carbon, it is possible to say which treatments prove acids to interfere with the accuracy of the examination, and thus would the doctor tell the patient to stop taking those remedies before the examination, in not less than fifteen days, that the test is available for adults and also for individuals in childhood.

The stool test

He says that the test laboratory to verify the presence of the bacteria causing the infection of a bacterium living inside the feces of the patient or not, as is the case in Test development, the medicines given by The undergo therefore the examination is prohibited also when you test work stool.

It should be noted that the individual who poses with his injury started germ on not says to be tested for one of the tests of the former, on the contrary, he will undergo all those tests in order to ascertain the presence of bacteria-causing food and bacteria concerned, in addition to the exclusion of other diseases that could have infected the gastrointestinal tract, it is therefore necessary to work all of those tests with.

Complications of Helicobacter pylori

Every complications your own have bacteria living on what’s to come:

Stomach ulcers

You might say the disease of the stomach germ to cause an imbalance in the lining of the constraints to in addition to the small intestine, thus allowing gastric acid to cause her down with ulceration, there is about ten percent of individuals that suffer from the germ of knowledge formulated by the Institute.

Be cancer cells inside the stomach

Think of the bacteria-causing food and bacteria on one of the risk factors for Be cancer of the stomach.

Inflammation within the wall of the stomach

May lead to the bacteria causing the infection of a bacterium on to a irritation inside the stomach and thus being infected with the inflammation acute.

Methods of treatment of a disease germ on

Drugs Helicobacter pylori

Mostly they are addressing the symptoms of Helicobacter pylori using two different types of antibiotics, at least at the same time, so as to prevent the bacteria causing the injury bug on to acquire resistance against a specific type of antibiotic, and the doctor will describe the treatment of inhibitors for the exposure even helps in the healing of the stomach wall, and includes treatments that help in the inhibition of the protection and treatment of a disease germ on the following:

Inhibitor pump protection

Those drugs to reduce acid secretion within the stomach, for example medication price, in addition to medication nexium, and also the treatment of privacy, and finally the drug Protonix.

Treatment of bismuth

That the drug Be Famous more Pepto in a pack, and his work is packaging the loan in addition to prevention of acid your stomach.

Blockers of histamine

These cures work to prevent substance stimulating the secretion of the bathroom and called histamines, for example real estate Tagamet.

Triple therapy

This plan will be used to give the plant three different types of antibiotics-acting force and is often described medication use, accompanied by the antiseptic treatment is flagyl and finally the treatment of antacid, and take from thirty days to ninety days, and provides a few cases may take less time in treatment.

The treatment quadriplegia

The doctor says the committee to those of the treatment plan (treatment quadriplegia) in the case if you don’t find the triple to work, and be dependent on ADD medication other than the antibiotic with the treatments of the second already mentioned them, this is the plan of plans that have effective in the treatment of a disease germ on.

Treatment of Helicobacter pylori acute

If the patient’s condition of the hard cases which do not affect its treatment plans previously mentioned, will turn the therapist to use the product as a treatment is more effective for Helicobacter pylori.

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أعراض جرثومة المعدة

أعراض جرثومة المعدة

Relationship of Helicobacter pylori with herbs

Can resort to herbs with pharmacological treatment for of the stomach germ, and herbs that help to treat the following:

  1. Help Mastic in getting rid of bacteria which resides inside the stomach which kill the germ of the stomach.
  2. Sagebrush in addition to chamomile because of its medicinal properties and thus the treatment of Helicobacter pylori.
  3. Help back in the killing of Helicobacter pylori by mixing it with an equal amount of water and drink it twice during the day.
  4. Plant propolis which is a natural antibiotic that is not effective in killing the bacteria and get rid of them, as there is an acidic substance with a viscosity which is working to increase the strength of the immune system of the body, thus anti-inflammation and all the problems associated with including the germ sense, they are natural treatment no.
  5. Due to the presence of antioxidants inside the herb ginger is considered effective natural remedies for the eradication of Helicobacter pylori.

How to prevent bacteria on

In places of the world which are spread by the injury bug on the emergence of symptoms of Helicobacter pylori and its complications, doctors sometimes test people who are healthy get rid of to know whether they are infected have bacteria living or not, in the absence of their suffering from the symptoms of Helicobacter pylori can come to a specialist doctor who will determine how to treat them or to know the methods of prevention appropriate to each individual, and methods of prevention of this disease include:

  • Wash and Rinse hands thoroughly after emptying use the bathroom, and before cooking and eating food.
  • Get away from the problems of the pots through the company and also through eating.
  • It is important to sterilize the water in private water wells.
  • It is important to wash and rinse fruits and vegetables well.
  • Sure to cook eating well.

Foods forbidden to eat when the infection started germ on

There are some foods that warns of address during the period of infection with a bacterium on which be the words for the following:

  1. Dairy products such as yogurt.
  2. Garlic.
  3. Pickles and salted foods.
  4. Broccoli.
  5. The meat source.
  6. Artichoke.
  7. Stay away from eating foods that are less healthy such as fried foods and sip, regardless of whether prepared in house or not.
  8. It is better to avoid eating fast food because most of it be contaminated.

أعراض جرثومة المعدة

Is it possible the injury bug the teacher again after treatment?

Afraid a large number of individuals who were infected with a bacterium on the return of the disease a second time after completion of her treatment, but according to reliable sources, especially as the return of the injury bug the teacher will occur in only one case namely, when the exposure for some reason the infection again, especially if the reason for the infection back to eating foods and drinks that are contaminated with the bacteria causing the infection so the disease.

In the end, be careful to follow the prevention tips of germ on so as not to injury it again, in addition to the need to visit a doctor when the symptoms of Helicobacter pylori to eliminate them once and for all, in the absence of symptoms does not with the note strange markings please undergo tests to detect its presence first, and then determine the best treatment plan, the duration of the treatment of Helicobacter pylori does not take more than three months to recover from, it should be noted that the doctor needs to subject the patient after his recovery he again tests your buying Helicobacter pylori, So make sure to treat a patient in the final and the stability of his condition.

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