Figs for treatment of vitamin D deficiency

التين لعلاج نقص فيتامين د

التين لعلاج نقص فيتامين د

There are many questions raised about the figs for the treatment of vitamin D deficiency by virtue of that fig is the fruit useful, full of nutrients and free of the reader we will talk about the fig and its relation with vitamin (D) proceed with us this article.

Health benefits of fig for

  • Some researchers believe that figs have properties antioxidant, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and its role in reducing fat.
  • One of the role in diabetes and glucose control researchers have noted the benefits of figs, which protect the liver and glucose.
  • Found that the one role in solving the erectile dysfunction and stimulate the libido.
  • Which role in the treatment of warts on the skin, in a study of 25 participants suffering from pimples on the sides of their bodies putting the bark of a fig tree on one side and on the other side, the doctors use cryotherapy. The researchers found that in 44% of the participants, the bark of the fig tree solution to the topic completely however, was the cryotherapy more effective.
  • The health of the hair, looked a little studies on the relationship between the fig and the health of the hair, that’s because the fig is rich in iron, an important mineral to help maintain healthy hair.
  • The one role in digestive health because of its laxative, some people use it in the treatment of constipation, but you can’t rely on it completely.
  • Each of the fresh figs and dried on a high level of vitamin K.
  • Some people may be allergic to figs, so I prefer to avoid eating it.

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Figs for treatment of vitamin D deficiency

There is no proof that the fig contains the amount can be measured of vitamin (D) Or Used as a treatment for vitamin deficiency (D), in general lack most of the fruit to vitamin (D), but can be obtained from many other food sources.

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Related topics

Foods that contain vitamin D

  • Salmon is a great source of vitamin (D), whether the salmon was caught or raised in farms, needs of salmon in farms on 25% of vitamin (D) in the salmon that is caught.
  • Herring sardines this fish is also one of the best sources of vitamin (D).
  • Cod liver oil is a nutritional supplement if you don’t like fish, the intake of this supplementing can be open to get some nutrients not available in other sources, it’s an excellent source of vitamin (D).
  • Canned tuna, enjoy a lot of people tuna on due to taste and storing them easy, usually cheaper than buying fresh fish.
  • The egg yolks must know people who don’t eat fish that seafood is not the only source of vitamin (D), as that full house is another good source, in addition to being a food useful and gorgeous, and dependent levels of vitamin (D) in the egg yolk on sun exposure and vitamin (D) in the chicken feed.
  • Mushrooms is mushrooms are the only source of good vitamin (D), however, the mushrooms produce vitamin D2, while the animals produce vitamin D3.
  • Fortified foods, and some food products that do not contain vitamin (D) normally it is combined with these nutrients to double their nutritional value and rich in vitamin (D) such as cow’s milk, soy milk is a good choice for vegetarians, the orange juice so that about 75% of people around the world suffer from lactose intolerance, and about 2-3% are allergic to milk for this reason, some states strengthening of orange juice with vitamin (D).
  • Cereal and oatmeal.

In the end, dear reader, after that you know if it is possible to eat figs for the treatment of vitamin D deficiency we recommend you to select foods rich in vitamin (D) and of course eating figs to its multiple benefits, and if you have any queries you can consult one of our doctors here.

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