Fibroids in the uterus

الأورام الليفية في الرحم

الأورام الليفية في الرحم

Uterine fibroids are mostly benign tumors in the womb, after puberty and before menopause and are rarely cancerous tumors, you know on the most important causes and symptoms of fibroids in uterus in this article.

An overview of the fibroid in the uterus

Fibroids are not associated with increased likelihood of developing cancer of the uterus, and may be far from it, and interferes with the ability to reproduce, the sizes range from fibroids between tumors infinitesimal to tumors of large size may cause deformation of the uterus, and may be a single tumor or several tumors, and in serious cases can cause dilation in the uterus until it reaches the rib cage and increases the body weight.

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Symptoms of fibroids in uterus

Often no symptoms for women diagnosed with fibroids, but symptoms can appear on women may vary depending on the Office size and number of fibroids. Including:

  • Heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle.
  • The length of the menstrual cycle.
  • Pain in the pelvis.
  • Frequent urination.
  • Difficulty in emptying the bladder during urination.
  • Constipation.
  • Pain in the back or the foot.

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Causes of fibroids in the uterus

Didn’t the doctors find a specific reason to be fibroids, but research and practical experience pointed out some factors:

Genetic changes

A lot of fibroids showed changes in the army differ from the genes found in the cells of the uterus.


Estrogen and progesterone, the hormone responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle and stimulate the growth of the uterine lining in preparation for pregnancy, it seems that they are also responsible for stimulating the growth of tumors.

Changes in the cells of the tissue of the uterus

Can an imbalance in the substances responsible for the adhesion of cells to each other, are also considered responsible for the presence of growth factors fibroids and disorders and in the cells themselves.
Doctors believe also that fibroids grow from the cell set in the muscle tissue of the uterus, where it is one cell start in the divisions of the successive components of a block of cells different from the original tissue.

When should I go to the doctor?

Head to the doctor if you suffer from:

  • Constant pain in the pelvis.
  • Its a month long or very painful.
  • Difficult urination.
  • Anemia of unknown cause.

Methods of diagnosis of tumors in the uterus

Found fibroids as by periodically examined for Disease, have the doctor notes changes in The Shape of the uterus, if no symptoms of fibroids the doctor will need to these tests to make sure their presence:

Screening ultrasound

Used in this test sound waves to depict the uterus to confirm the presence of tumors and its place and its size.

Laboratory analyses of

If the menstrual cycle is not normal, the doctor may need to complete blood picture to see if the patient is suffering from anemia due to blood loss, and may need to further analysis of the blood to see if there are disorders in the thyroid gland or other problems related to bleeding.

Treatment of fibroids in the uterus

There are a lot of options available to treat uterine fibroids prescribed by the doctor based on the appropriate treatment for each patient, since drugs for the treatment of tumors target the hormones of the menstrual cycle for the treatment of symptoms associated with tumors hemorrhage, severe during menstrual cycle or pelvic pain, where it does not increase tumors but may only cause contraction, and in some cases may respond to surgical removal of tumors.

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Factors increase the risk of developing tumors of the uterus

There are some other factors that increase the risk of injury or risk of fibroids, it is a:


If the mother has suffered with fibroids and will increase the chance to be fibroids when one of her daughters.

Other factors

  • The beginning of the menstrual cycle at an early age.
  • Obesity.
  • A lack of vitamin D.
  • Diet low vegetables, fruits and dairy products.

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