Fetal movement in the beginning of the previous month

حركة الجنين في بداية الشهر السابع

حركة الجنين في بداية الشهر السابع

With the entry of your second week session or beginning of the second trimester of your pregnancy, will you and your baby some major changes, so you know the movement of the fetus at the beginning of the seventh month, in the next section.

Pregnancy symptoms in the previous month

Include the common symptoms that are likely to continue it the following:

  • Difficulty in walking, where your limbs bladder pressure caused by the growth of the abdomen.
  • Back pain due to weight gain.
  • Frequent mood swings, don’t worry because it is completely natural and with all the pregnant women.
  • Discomfort or change during the walk, you will walk slowly, and you will spend your legs automatically during the support your belly.
  • Become abdominal discomfort and frequent part of your routine, but you feel more settled in the previous month.

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Fetal movement in the beginning of the previous month

One of the aspects of the seventh month of pregnancy who will pleases you very much is that your child is growing day after day and force also, here is some information about the development that a child goes through you:

  • The total length of your baby is now 46 cm approx, and will be watching your doctor length and weighed continuously during appointments.
  • Reported the growth Blood the baby its peak at this point of time, thus, you will notice that it is more sensitive to sound, music and smell.
  • Will your child moves a lot in his stomach.
  • Development of the child heard more, this is the best time to communicate with him through sounds, you can talk or sing to her.
  • It is almost child’s body has developed fully now, will begin the accumulation of fat from the beginning of the second month.
  • The respiratory system works to its full capacity, I have a baby now, so there is no reason to worry in case he got out after seven months.
  • Will change the status of the child in the abdomen according to the physical and mental development, you will sleep more during this phase.
  • In the seventh month of pregnancy, the weight of the baby is about 900-1000 gram or slightly higher than per kilogram.

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Related topics

Changes to the previous month

حركة الجنين في بداية الشهر السابع

حركة الجنين في بداية الشهر السابع

When your body starts preparing for the birth, it undergoes several changes during the seventh month of pregnancy, we have included some changes to help you manage your pregnancy better:

Physical changes

  • Due to the growing size of your belly, it will be hard for you to bend.
  • You will suffer from expansion and utilization due to increased blood circulation in the body.
  • You start feeling the extreme heat in all weather.
  • With the growth of the baby inside you, put pressure on your bladder more, the desire to urinate frequently.
  • You start feeling tired and exhaustion.
  • Will become your titty dark-colored and become your breasts dense two.

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Physical changes other bus in the previous month

  • You can’t walk quickly because of the belly of the adult.
  • You can use the levels of hemoglobin in decline since the second trimester, make sure you intake of vitamin C for better absorption.
  • Anxiety and mood swings will be fixed, please don’t blame yourself for all the emotional turmoil that would be.
  • You choose also the fake contractions, also known as the contractions of Braxton-Hicks that may be able to distinguish between them and actual.
  • You may feel also pain in the breast, to avoid it, try wearing a bra that is comfortable and appropriate, you can also wear them while sleeping because it helps to support the weight.
  • You will hurt your back more due to the expansion of the uterus and increasing weight of the baby.

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Some of the symptoms that constitute a reason to fear when the women in the previous month

Other than the above changes, you may experience your body also concerns the following:

  • Bleeding of the gums.
  • The secretion of excess saliva and mucus.
  • Fatigue and headaches.
  • Dizziness light.
  • Increase the secretions of the vagina.
  • Constipation and stomach problems.
  • You may suffer from forgetfulness frequent.
  • You may also suffer from heartburn and hemorrhoids.

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In the end, after that you know fetal movement in the beginning of the previous month symptoms of pregnancy in the seventh month, we recommend if you notice the symptoms mentioned above you should go to the doctor.

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