Fear of the disease or a phobia of the disease hypochondria … do you think you come from?

Fear of disease: what is it – Symptoms – causes – treatment

Great fear and anxiety of having a disease until the tests proper don’t succeed in giving you comfort and may even make it worse. it’s a phobia of the disease or fear of disease Hypochondriasis

Fear of the disease … returned from the doctor’s office after conducting all necessary examinations, which were intact, but he can’t stop the anxiety and fear of having a disease and the status of the health of a child can not discover them, she suffers from a phobia of the disease they are available to the hospital for examination as a result of less symptoms sneezing – headache – insomnia…

He lost his father due to illness and since then the back has an abnormal fear of disease and what is concerned makes him think he’s sick, always looking in the internet about the symptoms of various diseases, is no matter what the doctor told her that the results of the testing sound can only think that there is a serious problem and the doctor hides it…

The fear of the pathology to be treated hypochondria

الخوف من المراض hypochondria

Everyone feels fear and anxiety on their health – they expect to clinics or hospitals to get the tests necessary, but it’s different for people who suffer from a phobia of the disease.

Fob disease / fear of the disease it is a disorder which treats the patient from the adoption of the permanent that has a disease or a serious medical condition, usually focuses the patient on normal body functions (breathing rate – heart rate – blood pressure…) in addition to the signs and convulsions (simple broadcast – drought…) along with the various pains (headache – pain in the…).

It can also involves the patient’s anxiety to a certain disease more than others directly, such as the fear of having cancer, and get tests medical the appearance of her sound don’t save them from this fear and even become an additional source of concern of the presence of a disease can be discovered, or that it is already suffering from a serious illness, and works to hide it from him.

Can manifest fear disorder of the disease at any age but usually after puberty and medial (between 25 to 35 years old) and can decrease with age but it rarely disappears completely, and most often starts after injury to the same person or someone who knows of his illness, or after losing someone close to him because of a serious health condition.

The FOB of the disease directly affect the person’s life process and its relationship to social loss avoids being with other people or to avoid dealing with them because of his fear of transmission of infection to him.

About 88% of the people who have suffered from a disorder of fear of disease suffer also from disorders of another, such as: anxiety disorder (71%) – panic disorder (16.7%) – obsessive compulsive disorder – depression (42.9%), and studies have shown that patients with these disorders are susceptible people the disease is greater by 3 times than others, and each year is diagnosed in approximately 200 000 people who have an anxiety disorder of the disease.

You can see the study about mental disorders and phobia of the disease through

Illness Anxiety Disorder (formerly Hypochondriasis)

The symptoms of hypochondria or phobia of disease

أعراض hypochondria أو رهاب المرض

The patient suffers from a number of symptoms and shows a range of behaviors that have a negative impact on his life in its various aspects, the most important of these symptoms and behaviors:

  • Fear, anxiety, excessive and continuous presence of a health problem or serious illness so that they use this case for at least 6 months (can vary including illness who fears the patient but the anxiety lasts).
  • Can cause anxiety is your own physical symptoms of pain disorder in the body functions but it is not caused by a specific disease or a serious medical condition.
  • Exaggerated emphasis on the symptoms of the body and nature: measuring the blood pressure several times a day – make sure rate of breathing and heartbeat – measure weight several times during the periods too close together….
  • The continuation of the case of the fear of having a particular disease or the presence of health problems even though the tests indicate the need natural health.
  • It may be the lack of the results indicate the presence of disease factors that increase the severity of phobias loss reduces the patient of the presence of a rare disease or a new doctors can not detect or can be a doctor and persons close to the patient are working to hide the disease so don’t feel concerned or the reasons for negative may think they don’t want him to undergo treatment at the appropriate time.
  • Exaggerated fear of contagion.
  • Visit the doctor frequently or get the examination result the same symptoms but by more than one doctor.
  • On the contrary, may be observed on the patient to avoid a visit to the doctor and get medical tests because he feared the discovery of a serious illness threatens his life.
  • Avoid people, places and environments can be unhealthy.
  • Search the patient about the symptoms of various diseases especially those that are afraid of their existence in books and medical literature or in the internet.
  • The presence of other disorders: panic disorder – anxiety – fear of germs – depression – fob the…
  • Negative habits like drugs and alcohol which create hallucinations in the patient.

The causes of fear of disease, hypochondria


The reason fob the disease the exact what is still not clear but there are a range of factors that stimulate the emergence of this disorder and play a significant role in it, namely:

  • The inability to overcome the belief in the existence of a particular disease: any there is the certainty of suffering from a particular disease with the inability to overcome it, and often that belief is based on the physical symptoms that already exist but is not caused by a serious disease, but the patient continues to search for evidence that confirms relate to the situation more serious health.
  • Genetic factors and the family: play a role genetic factors, along with vulnerability to family atmosphere the presence of a person or if the parents sold in concern about the state of their health, it increases the likelihood of exposure per disease.
  • The exposure of the picture or the experience painful: like you know the same person a serious illness in the past threatened his life or make him choose symptoms difficult, or injury of a person close to him (one of his family members mostly) seriously ill and his symptoms or his death.
  • Family medical history: the presence of hereditary diseases can stimulates the fob diseases, has the person of concern infection with a particular disease because the probability of being hit by a high due to the presence of his relatives of first degree such as: (cancer, diabetes, pressure…).
  • Lifestyle which is characterized by weakness , fatigue and tiredness and.
  • Childhood and the exposure of a person to abuse or neglect.
  • The disease spread widely and intimidation through the media and social networking sites.
  • The presence of other mental disorders increase the susceptibility of a person over: anxiety disorder – a disorder of fear and panic – OCD – depression.
  • The presence of other types of phobia: phobia of death – phobia of insects – fear of injection – phobia of medicines…

The diagnosis of a disorder of fear of disease


The diagnosis of a phobia of the disease based on the patient’s symptoms and behavior, and this can be done by people close to the patient or by the patient himself.

In general, the most important information needed by the doctor: the symptoms, nature and availability. the behavior of the patient such as visiting several doctors without the presence of a serious health condition or illness – repeating the visit to the doctor without the presence of symptoms justified it – the patient’s complaints of certain symptoms without the presence of diseases cause by – effects fob the disease on patient’s life social and like to pay for his previous work – the presence of mental disorders and other figure – family history.

Cure fob the disease and deal with it

علاج فوبيا المرض والتعامل معها

Previously it was the common belief it is not possible to cure a fear of disease, but recently has shown many of the treatments the possibility of dealing with this phobia and with the accompanying symptoms, namely:

  • Cognitive behavior therapy CBT Cognitive-behavioral therapy which works to help the patient until they are able to control and manage anxiety reactions, fear of diseases, and even be able to look to the symptoms of natural and simple as a healthy state, in addition to dealing with the results of the tests objectively, as this method of treatment can reduce symptoms, to the side of the handle.
  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are also known as anti-depressants work on the effect on serotonin in the brain, the most important examples: sertraline sertraline (Zoloft) – paroxetine paroxetine (Paxil) – fluoxetine fluoxetine (Prozac).
  • In case you are suffering from a disorder of fear of disease must as a first step to getting a medical examination is required to exclude the presence of any disease, and then get assistance by an expert in mental health, it is essential to make sure treatment because of this disorder adversely affects your life.
  • Make sure you choose a therapist that you trust and feel comfortable receiving treatment from us, and perhaps of the important points that have a significant impact on the quality of the treatment.
  • Episodes of group therapy, although psychotherapy is the usual and widespread be a individual sessions but can be group therapy sessions with other patients more effective when you share what you experiencing and you’re not the only one.
  • NLP is a type of treatment which is based on the creation of a firm belief indicates that the patient is in good health and that he overcame his fear and concern and it depends on the repetition of positive phrases installed frequently serve targeted treatment, such as: “I am healthy” – “I am grateful because your health is in perfect condition”…
  • Exposure therapy which is based on the face conditions and traffic with physical symptoms and psychological, that will give the patient the experience to be sure that it is a medical condition and does not indicate a certain health problem, the treatment may be to accept at the outset a source of worry but quickly dissipate the anxiety and the patient’s courage to face his fears.
  • Reduce the causes of stress and stimulants that increase anxiety alone symptoms, such as: stop smoking – reduce caffeine intake which is ingested. adopt a healthy diet – get its Of hopes relaxed.

All we are concerned on health situation, but it’s not up to the point of obsession, but with this in case you are suffering or know someone suffering from a disorder of fear of disease don’t have to worry here you are on the road to treatment, and what you need to L to be formed and controlled.

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