Faster recipe for weight gain

أسرع وصفة لزيادة الوزن

أسرع وصفة لزيادة الوزن

This represents a decrease of unexplained weight or resulting from the condition certain risk of multiple health besides it affects the body form and external appearance which could affect the psyche and self-confidence, so it is necessary to work on increasing the weight in a safe and avoid risk and to find out the fastest recipe to increase the weight and get rid of thinness affiliated with us dear reader this article.

Health risks of underweight

Cause loss of appetite and malnutrition in low levels of vitamins and minerals, food acids, resulting in exposure to health risks including the following:

  • Repeat the morbidity of the weak areas of the body.
  • Osteoporosis lack of calcium and vitamin D.
  • Anemia.
  • The problems of the hair and skin.
  • Diseases of the teeth and mouth.
  • Menstrual disorders and problems with ovulation in women.
  • Pregnancy complications such as premature birth.

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The basics of weight gain nutrition, right

Before presenting the fastest recipe to increase weight is necessary to learn the foundations of correct nutrition which are as follows:

Increasing the number of calories

To increase your weight by about 1.5 to 2 lbs per week you need to eat fewer calories than you burn approximately 250 to 500 calories per day with a commitment to exercise, or control to increase muscle mass and avoid the accumulation of body fat.

Varies the number of calories from person to person according to length, weight, sex and activity level, but generally provide calories for women around 1200 calories and for men about 2000 calories and you can figure out your ideal weight according to your height review calculator body mass index from here.

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Eating healthy foods

Will help you identify healthy foods to prepare faster recipe to increase the weight safely and securely, here are the most important food choices:

  • Add spices to the foods to increase appetite.
  • Eat sufficient amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables to get fiber.
  • Eat dried fruits, nuts and seeds.
  • Attended your food with natural oils or butter to add calories.
  • When you eat whole-grain cache add whole milk, nuts or avocado to increase their nutritional value.
  • Eating meat, chicken, fish, dairy products, eggs or fortified milk for dessert, almond and also peanut butter or the nut to get sufficient amounts of protein and healthy fats.
  • Eating grains such as rice, brown pasta prepared with natural oils such as olive oil.

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Change eating habits

  • Can help you add snacks between meals to increase the calories you eat if you are having difficulty eating enough, instead of eating 3 large meals, eat several small meals divided throughout the day.
  • Avoid drinking water or beverage 30 minutes before eating meals.
  • Avoid eating in restaurants when out of the house you can keep a snack or some nuts or seeds.
  • Avoid junk food and harmful fats that cause digestive problems.
  • Avoid energy drinks and carbonated beverages and beverages that contain calories such as milk, with natural fruit juice.
  • Avoid milk and sugar are harmful.

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Related topics

Faster recipe for weight gain

  • In breakfast you can eat a cup of cereal granola or oats with cup of full fat milk and a cup of banana slices, in addition to a small amount of walnuts or other nuts, or eating a couple scrambled eggs with a small amount of cheddar cheese, or drink a cup of whole milk with a pie in cinnamon and topped with a spoon of peanut butter.
  • At lunch you can eat whole grain bread with a protein sources and vegetables, or eating a dish of pasta with chicken breast.
  • Dinner eating beans with brown rice or potatoes.
  • You can eat avocado pureed, or add some cheddar cheese in the sandwich as a snack.
  • Drink the juice along with yogurt with fresh fruit or nuts.
  • Eating a peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat bread.

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After the Battle of the fastest recipe to increase the weight you can use a nutritionist to help you gain weight properly, with my best wishes to you-time health and happiness.

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