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When you doubt the women in the pregnancy occurs, steal the look for the fastest and easiest way to discover a pregnancy or not, of the most beautiful moments that await women and the rights now to make sure the presence of this pregnancy. We in our article on the fastest pregnancy test and many other tests to detect pregnancy.

Fastest pregnancy test

Occurs when implantation of the ovum in the uterine wall, is this the appropriate time to take a pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy, since the pregnancy hormone doubles after the implantation of the egg every two to three days. This in the case of women owners of regular periods, either in the case of women that have their monthly cycle is not regular it is best to do a pregnancy test after three weeks of marital relationship.

Home Test

Speaking of faster examination for this test is the fastest and easiest, but you must follow the instructions in order to get the best results. He says this test by the ratio of the pregnancy hormone in the urine by placing the appropriate amount of urine on the place reserved for him on the bar load, then you must wait for two minutes until the appearance of the second marker in the case of pregnancy.

There is a percentage error in the positive this analysis is determined by the presence of blood or protein in the urine, and also the percentage error in the negative this test as a result of not using it correctly, or the expiration of the test strip, or the use of certain drugs during this period. So to make sure it is after you perform a scan through the blood to make sure full of the score.

How to pregnancy test via blood

A blood test is more accurate than a home test because it measures the proportion of the pregnancy hormone in the blood but results take some time. There are two types of blood test to make sure pregnancy occurs:

Blood test qualitative

As a result of this examination only be sure of pregnancy or not, and be accurate and not subject to doubt.

A blood test quantitative

He says that examination of the worth of the pregnancy hormone in the blood very accurately no matter what the ratio of minimal to be discovered, and this test several times to continue increasing the proportion of the pregnancy hormone to make sure that the pregnancy is okay, and also used in the case of abortion , where is the vote several times to make sure that the ratio of the hormone of pregnancy diminished, so that their continuation did not come on after the abortion makes the incidence of pregnancy again is difficult.

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How to check pregnancy ultrasound

To conduct this examination in the first period of pregnancy is more accurate if the through the vagina the best way the abdomen, through the vagina the doctor detects the presence of the gestational sac after three weeks of pregnancy. Can also through ultrasound to know the age of the fetus and the weight of it and place it inside the uterus and many other things.

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Pregnancy symptoms early

After the Battle of fastest pregnancy test you should know that the stages of pregnancy are divided to three stages each stage consisting of three months each stage will occur many changes to the mother and to the committee of. Before talking about the faster scan possible done to address the occurrence of pregnancy or not, I must ask you on the early symptoms of conceive as follows:

  • Note delayed menstruation, it could be a delayed menstrual cycle for a week or more indicator of pregnancy but is not a key indicator in women who have irregular cycles.
  • Morning sickness, but it doesn’t happen in the morning only, but occurs throughout the day after a month of pregnancy as a result of some hormonal changes after pregnancy occurs.
  • Frequent urination is also a symptom of early pregnancy as a result of the increased amount of blood in the body thereby increasing the amount of fluid in the body.
  • Feeling tired as a result of the increased hormone progesterone that increases the feeling of unwell and fatigue.

At the end of our article about the fastest pregnancy test we know our pregnancy tests of different accuracy, and with best wishes to you-time health and happiness.

Calculator pregnancy and birth

You can calculate the pregnancy birth and also account of pregnancy conference, calculate the expected date of birth of your child .. and see how it grows now inside of you! The first day of the last menstrual cycle to you is:

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