Fast way to get pregnant with twins

طريقة سريعة للحمل بتوأم

طريقة سريعة للحمل بتوأم

Some women want to pregnancy and twins, and of course pregnancy is a difficult stage of the mission and fun for others, and the desire to carry twins superior for women, you start wondering about a fast way to get pregnant with twins to find out those ways to keep this article.

Types of twins

There are two types of twins:

Identical twins

This type of pregnancy is when the fertilized egg into two fetuses separate, these embryos are mono marriages, which means that it has genetically identical, identical twins are of the same sex and look very similar.

Non-identical twins

This type of pregnancy when there is an egg in the uterus at the time of fertilization, and these embryos bi marriages, which means they do not have genetically identical and may not be of the same sex.

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Fast way to get pregnant with twins

There are several factors that can increase the likelihood of pregnancy with twins, these include:

Family history

Women enjoyed a bit more in to get twins if she has a family history of twins increases family history of twins on the maternal side of this occupation more than family history by the father.

Fertility treatments

It was observed that the main factor that increases the chance of multiple pregnancies is the use of fertility treatments, the different types of fertility treatments available and increase the likelihood of twins in different ways, some fertility drugs by stimulating the woman’s ovary, which may sometimes lead to the secretion of more than one egg, if the sperm fertilize all of those eggs, it could protect the Twins.

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In vitro fertilization

Doctors conducting IVF by using egg and fertilize an animal sperm in the laboratory to produce C, then transferred the embryo fertilized into the womb of the woman, increase the likelihood of success, may put your health care professional more than one embryo in the uterus, can occur pregnancy twins if you were transplanted embryos grown successfully.


According to the Office of women’s health, the women aged 30 years or more, and more likely to get pregnant with twins, and the reason for this is that women at this age are more prone to release more than one egg during the cycle, if the sperm fertilize the egg, the pregnancy occurs with twins.

Height, weight, age

Non-identical twins are more common in women, longer or heavier, the reasons for this are not clear, but may be due to good nutrition, you may have weight women top of the body more resources available to the growing fetus, as less likely to carry Latin women with twins more than non-Hispanic white women or African women.

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Fast way to get pregnant with twins by feeding

طريقة سريعة للحمل بتوأم

طريقة سريعة للحمل بتوأم

There are many of the allegations are proven on how to increase the probability of pregnancy with twins, recommended some women following systems of certain food or the use of alternative treatments certain, but there is no scientific evidence to support these methods, not only genes that play a role in conceiving twins, but also your eating habits, there are some different foods that can be eaten to increase the probability of pregnancy with twins such as:


In one study, it was observed that the women of a tribe in Nigeria have a high rate of births of twins, it is proved that due to the large amount of potatoes in their diet, they are a rich source of projects that may lead to hyper ovulation.

Dairy products

In the study, it is proven that women that consume more dairy products and its derivatives five times more likely to have twins, compared to women who consumed less milk or dairy products, when you consume more milk, you may ask the ovaries more eggs, which increases the likelihood of pregnancy with twins, as well as complex carbohydrates and foods rich infolic acid , pineapple, this also increases the likelihood of multiple pregnancies.

In the end, after that you know a quick way to get pregnant with twins, we recommend you discuss these options with your doctor and the most appropriate way.

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