Excessive use of cosmetics counter to look for the beauty and the danger lurking behind his

The cosmetics a large space in the lives of women all over the world for several decades, it’s an essential tool to maintain the beauty of the body and face or improve it or convert it to the shape more attractive and beautiful.

However, some kinds of cosmetics, no adverse health effects in this article, we’ll be on the main disadvantages of cosmetics products and the damage caused by the excessive use of these tools.

The definition of cosmetics

Products cosmetic means any substance or preparation intended to be in contact with the parts of the different surface of the human body especially skin, hair , nails , lips and external genitalia or the teeth and mucous membranes of the mouth to be cleaned or sterilized or modify their appearance or protecting them or keeping them in good condition or correcting odors physical exclusively or essential.

The main risks associated with cosmetics is the skin in general where can cause this lotions and irritability of force or allergies even worse is the accumulation of constant in the body (urine, blood, and breast milk …).

Excessive use of cosmetics counter

It is important to know that most cosmetics contain chemicals harmful to health and their side effects are numerous and that is why you must be very careful as can excessive use of this lotions and cause some of the ingredients found in these products to cancer and hormonal disorders and toxic effects on reproduction.

It is important to know that Cosmetics also have adverse effects on the environment.

Why pay attention to the cosmetics that we use

You should know that any substance applied to the skin, whether beneficial or toxic, crosses the skin barrier and into the blood after 20 minutes of use.

Assures researchers that some ingredients in skin care products and cosmetics in general can cause significant damage to the body or the hair itself, but also cause damage to the immune system.

Some scientists believe that what we apply on our skin may be more serious than we eat, because in fact the enzymes present in saliva and can deviate and prevent some of the harmful substances that Reverse Skin.

But on the other hand when you are applying chemicals of the cosmetics on the skin they enter the bloodstream without filtration and quickly to the members of the precious such as the liver, kidneys, intestines, and over time accumulate these particles in the body.

Skin protects your internal organs from injury where the skin barrier the first defense in our body and is actively involved in the immune system by providing protection against viruses, bacteria and other infectious agents, and get rid of toxins and waste thanks to the sweat and oils that are posted, also maintains optimum body temperature whatever the ambient conditions, which is responsible for maintaining the water balance of the delicate balance necessary to maintain health, it is also the main product of vitamin D A vitamin essential for health.

In addition, the skin member is rich in information is rich in receptors that is that sends sensory information and proactive (hot and cold, pressure and pain) to the brain in order to allow for interaction and adaptation to the external conditions of our environment.

If you choose to use cosmetics non toxic is vital to maintain our skin and our health.

Damage caused by excessive use of cosmetics counter

Damage to the skin and mucous membranes

This is due to the ingredients contained in cosmetics and the way in which to eliminate make-up ulcer and viruses that are nesting in our cosmetics, and the increase and use of these materials cosmetic.

Filling the pores of the skin

The excessive use of tools and cosmetics cause in filling the pores of the skin despite of the precise removal of makeup, but can the discovery of the remains of these substances in the pores to her, and the result is the appearance of pimples andacne reactions on the skin.


All new cosmetics contaminated with bacteria when they come into contact with air and skin.

The greater use make-up excessively whenever doubled and microorganisms.

Increases exposure tenfold if we turn to the expiry dates of cosmetics.

The result we are in danger of infection danger of infection to various diseases.

Show visible defects on the skin

The more pressure we have on our skin whenever have lost their elasticity and loss of collagen.

We all work hard in the field of anti – aging and the development of substances that prevent the appearance of premature aging without to know that overindulgence in the use of cosmetics and makeup every day leads to accentuate premature skin aging.

This is because the delicate skin of flour around the eyes and mouth and is the first to be affected.

In addition can occur a vicious circle so that, while we try to disguise and hide some of the flaws in our skin can be more pronounced where they are positioned make up the excess in the grooves of the skin which increases the wrinkles or cause the appearance of pimples.

Skin is very dry

Of the most common mistakes use the same makeup in the summer and winter quantities excessive it.

Because the needs of the skin is not the same during the cold season and the summer, the mouth of the uses of makeup or cosmetic in the summer is not commensurate with the winter where can lead to apply a lot of gloss paint and powder on the face and lips to dry skin.

Excessive use of Make-Up Remover

Fact do a lot of make-up inevitably lead to increased use of make-up remover and cotton to remove the material from skin, this is definitely cause dehydration and roughness of the skin, lack of skin elasticity and moisture.

To avoid exposure to chemicals in cosmetics

You may not be avoiding Cosmetics is the solution or maybe the future but there is still a lot that we can do to reduce our exposure to this material:

  • Buy certified organic products only and stay away from cosmetic products that contain a long list of ingredients and chemicals.
  • Choose healthy foods and avoid foods that have been pre-packaged and processed which contain a full range of additives toxic in the form of the colors of the food are artificial (to make the food more palatable) and preservatives (to prolong shelf life of the product).
  • Complete your diet with vitamin C and magnesium which not only work as anti-oxidant strong, but also strengthen the immune system in addition to helping the body to remove toxins from the same.
  • Use cosmetics moderately with the need to remove your makeup before going to sleep and natural.
  • The use of cosmetic products trusted which quality of product is high quality.

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