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Hemorrhoids bloated cause symptoms uncomfortable, such as the war and in the anus, want affected by it to get rid of them as quickly as possible, there are different ways to do this. Read more about: what are the symptoms of hemorrhoids? How can you treat hemorrhoids and prevent it?

Hemorrhoids and (external)

Arise hemorrhoids real (interior) of arteries bloated in the pillow the blood vessels, which are located inside the rectum near the exit (the anus).

A distinction must be made between what is called hemorrhoids pseudo (external) : this is a mild swelling, which is about blood clots (thrombosis) in the venous system muscles of the anal sphincter, which develop on the outer edge of the company.

Make mistakes sometimes due to hemorrhoids real swell of the anus, this is why they are also called hemorrhoids Phantom or external. The correct medical term is a clot around the anus.

أعراض البواسير

أعراض البواسير

Causes of hemorrhoids

Basically, a hemorrhoid is a dilation of vessels, arterial for hemorrhoids, but how do you develop hemorrhoids exactly?, the There are now various theories about the factors that cause vasodilation in the rectum, one of these factors is when the severe pressure during bowel movements .

People who suffer from chronic constipation tend to do that, that is why they suffer from hemorrhoids often, especially, usually end up with constipation from the low fiber diet, lack of exercise or insufficient fluid intake.

Just like pressing hard during bowel movements, lifting heavy loads to increase the pressure in the abdomen, if I had to carry heavy loads regularly, this may also lead to enhanced disease hemorrhoids, another possible reason for hemorrhoids is frequent diarrhea: if you take the feces of low viscosity only, the closure system sensitive people are not trained properly, as a result, you can expect the arteries in the panel hemorrhoids.

Can be circumstances that interfere with the blood flow of women erectile dysfunction could also contribute to the formation of hemorrhoids and these include pregnancy, obesity, and some sedentary activities, congenital weakness in the walls of the blood vessels can also contribute to the development of hemorrhoids.

It might help the weakness of the vascular wall also increase the risk of hemorrhoids with age: they become the walls of the blood vessels less flexible over the years, by the way, there is also the hemorrhoids in children, though less than the adults, here also including possible causes of chronic constipation.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids

How to be sick are the first to realize hemorrhoids potential? Blood in stool is often the first sign, the color of the blood is crucial: bleeding hemorrhoids give blood is bright red, it refers to the bleeding of the arterial vessels, the dark red blood usually comes from the bowl venous.

Often hemorrhoids bleed after bowel movements, because the blood puts more and more pressure in the vessels, the blood may be on top of the ball, or wraps with toilet paper, or flows into the toilet.

Bleeding hemorrhoids mild usually however, can become very powerful, especially with advanced disease, then you should definitely see a doctor.

أعراض البواسير

أعراض البواسير

The symptoms of hemorrhoids advanced

Usually change the symptoms of hemorrhoids during disease, for example, occur itching and burning sensation in the anus in hemorrhoids advanced. Some patients complain also of a curious sensation in the body.

As it happens soreness or inflammation of the skin in the anal area or bumps obviously, this latter is not more than the gate that fell out of the anal canal, the pain often appears only in the hemorrhoids developed.

Diarrhea is not a symptom of hemorrhoids typical however, symptoms can occur like diarrhea during the disease often inform patients about the secretions of the minor intestine.

Some patients also have fecal incontinence, this means that the stool or mucus gets out of the car, the reason is that the gate is extended are no longer able to fulfill its main task namely, the closure of the company.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids in the first degree.

In the case of disease of hemorrhoids of first class, can not see the outcrops of pathological not allowed by erectile dysfunction the hemorrhoid from the outside and does not show the symptoms of hemorrhoids always .

Because the mucosa of the anal within the anal canal is sensitive to pain, a lot of people who suffer from hemorrhoids bloated and not suffering from any pain in the first stage.

The source notes are usually symptoms of hemorrhoids such as frequency of accidental blood-red light on the stool or on the toilet paper, and sometimes also by itching in the anal area .

The symptoms of hemorrhoids of the second degree

Of symptoms of hemorrhoids of the second degree, be Creed in the rectum already larger, sometimes appear before the opening of the anus, which has happened a strong pain they are sensitive to pain, symptoms of hemorrhoids other in this stage are:

  • Bleeding painless when urinating, which can occur either stools or bleeding dripping.
  • Burning sensation, pruritus, dermatitis, redness in the anal area.
  • The feeling of emptying incomplete after bowel movements, or feeling of a foreign object.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids coagulated

Can sense hemorrhoids external as swelling in the anus, but they usually cause few of the symptoms that are typical of internal hemorrhoids.

External hemorrhoids can cause problems if the blood clot in which this so-called blood clot, blood clot in external hemorrhoids leads to swelling in the anus, which is extremely painful and sensitive and often requires medical attention, it may heal hemorrhoid thrombophlebitis complicated by scars and may leave the inflammation in the skin protrudes from the anal opening.

It is the symptoms of hemorrhoids coagulated:

  • Severe pain when you sit or move.
  • Swelling in the anal opening and itching.
  • Pain and bleeding when urinating.

أعراض البواسير

أعراض البواسير

Hemorrhoids and pregnancy

Pregnancy is a risk factor known to hemorrhoids, but how do you develop symptoms of hemorrhoids during pregnancy?, and As mentioned above, one of the reasons is the low blood flow of arteries of the slab hemorrhoids: pushing the growing baby in the abdomen on the straight of the mother, this prevents the blood circulation, and stop pad vascular at the outlet of the rectum.

The symptoms of hemorrhoids when needed

Of the main symptoms of hemorrhoids in pregnancy the following:

  • Severe pain and discomfort.
  • Bleeding.
  • Itching and swelling in the anal area.
  • Burning in the anal area.

The necessary tests for hemorrhoids

Symptoms of hemorrhoids such as the war and in the anus blood in the stool embarrassing for many people, you don’t like to go to the doctor, but it is extremely important to clarify symptoms, by a doctor, often there are actually hemorrhoids expanded behind it, whenever identified early on, was their treatment easier.

In some cases, other diseases are the cause of complaints such as thrombosis around the anus or anal abscess or herpes or eczema or fungal infections, in the worst cases, cancer of the colon behind it (blood in feces!), the So don’t be afraid of seeing a family doctor in advance if you are experiencing one of the symptoms of hemorrhoids mentioned.

Detailed conversation

The doctor will first talk with you in detail to gather your medical history will ask you the following questions:

  • How long have you had your complaints?
  • Have you noticed blood after bowel movements for?
  • Do you feel pain or itching in the anus?
  • Do you suffer from constipation?
  • Do you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables?
  • What do you do for a living (sedentary work or physical activity) for?


Then a physical examination followed, where the doctor scans the area of the anal channel, anal fingering, this allows him to examine the anal sphincter and the mucosa in the anal, examination is often provided clear indications of hemorrhoids.

To examine in more detail, it can conduct endoscopy of the anal canal or endoscopy rectal, the tube is inserted a small tail of different lengths in the rectum with a small camera so that the doctor can make an impression visually.

Sometimes you have to say Peterson a whole, is used primarily to exclude cancer of the colon and rectum in the presence of blood in stool.

The necessary diagnosis for hemorrhoids

Asking a lot from the designers themselves: “are hemorrhoids dangerous?”, the The answer to this is: basically not threatening hemorrhoids life and her diagnosis is good, whenever identified early on was the best treat, however, whenever the gate was the largest, the treatment more difficult and complicated so, go to the doctor early!

Complications can occur in the context of disease hemorrhoids, can cause hemorrhoids enlarged irritation of the skin, this in turn prefer to eczema Anal, the skin on the anus is red and inflamed and there is the itch, in addition, can be formed of the skin blisters and the oceans.

When the gate strong and frequent bleeding sometimes and the persistence of anemia (anemia of chronic) as a result, patients feel often tired or complaining of dizziness .

Can the blood accumulates in the vessels and slows down blood flow, and in this case can develop thrombosis in hemorrhoids, and in the case of long-term illness can infection safely stool.

Complications hemorrhoid surgery

Can complications occur also after surgery this includes, for example, bleeding, pain and the formation of blood clots on the anus, infection and cysts and narrowing of the exit of the intestinal (anal stenosis) are also possible.

Treatment of hemorrhoids

There are various ways to treat hemorrhoids expanded abnormally, play the severity of the disease hemorrhoids role here:

  • Grade 1: shape and moderate the most common is hemorrhoids first degree, it is not clear and concrete only with the reflection of the anal canal (proctoscopy).
  • Grade 2: a bulging hemorrhoids of the second degree to the outside when the pressure on it and then retreat into the anal canal on their own.
  • Grade 3: the hemorrhoid of the second degree also from the anus when you squeeze it, but you have to pay them back with your finger.
  • Grade 4: the hemorrhoid of the fourth degree Permanently in the outer part of the anus, can not push them back into the anal canal often, to justify some of the mucous membranes of the anus ( prolapse of anus ).

Depending on the severity of the disease hemorrhoids, you can consider different treatment options, it is best to discuss with your doctor the method of treatment makes the most sense in your case.

Use each ways to treat hemorrhoids a healthy diet and evaporation of the product, each of these also help prevent hemorrhoids, if necessary, can also use conservative measures such as times to relieve the pain, surgery is usually necessary when the continuation of the symptoms of hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids acute .

Treating hemorrhoids with medication

Drugs are used in treatment to ease the symptoms of hemorrhoids, can be helpful for hemorrhoids of any severity, different active ingredients available, some of the anti-inflammatory, others a local anesthetic.

  • Anti-inflammatory medications

With ointments or zinc oxide as the ceremony can be treatment of hemorrhoids painful, is also available ointments plant or suppositories, for example based on Hami’s not Virginia or aloe vera, it is said that these lotions help to resist the symptoms of hemorrhoids, such as irritation of the skin and itching.

Your doctor may also prescribe ointments that contain corticosteroids for example, contain acetate prednisolone or hydrocortisone, these factors help the immune system, resist the inflammation in the anus, use the cortisone only as long as recommended by your doctor, and don’t use for a long time, they can lead to skin atrophy, this means that the skin becomes thinner and irreversibly and therefore more vulnerable.

  • Local anesthetic

Local anesthesia also helps the itching, pain, numb the affected area so that the patient does not feel pain, examples of local anesthetics are benzocaine, a since milligram of EPI .

Such as cortisone ointment, can not use local anesthetics only for a short time, reason: can cause allergic reactions, if you have previously had an allergic reaction to local anesthesia, you must inform your doctor about this before starting the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Be careful with laxatives!

Can be a bowel movements extremely painful due to the illness of hemorrhoids and bleeding in the anus however, only use laxatives after consulting a doctor, some preparations not only help on constipation for a short time and make the bowel slow with the use of the term, this creates a hold new.

The process of hemorrhoids

The last option to treat hemorrhoids is hemorrhoid surgery classical is cut hemorrhoids completely, commonly referred to as excision of hemorrhoids this when not in association with other treatments (such as treatment with Ms could not be mitigated ), require hemorrhoids third and fourth degree also surgery.

There are many techniques surgery hemorrhoids, can remove the tissue hemorrhoid using scissors or a scalpel or a laser, in some procedures, is sutured surgical wound in the rectum in whole or in part, and in other cases remains open.

Modern methods for the treatment of hemorrhoids

There are now many modern methods that can be used to remove hemorrhoids, which is considered the nicest of hemorrhoidectomy classic, one example is the process of connecting the rubber band:

It is suitable for hemorrhoids of third degree: these are hemorrhoids that protrude from the anus (prolapse), but still can be pushed easily during the process, is the hole the bar of the mucosa of the anal above hemorrhoids using a stapler special, then say “drag” hemorrhoids collapsed again in the anal canal stapled the edges of the wound with clips.

This method is less painful than hemorrhoid, patients need typically to painkillers less after that they can leave the hospital in the early however, there are also disadvantages including an increased risk of relapse after surgery long, formed hemorrhoids new more quickly and more frequently than after resection of hemorrhoids.

Home remedies

As a patient Paso, you can do a lot to address yourself for example, you can take sitz baths together with put plant tannins anti-inflammatory to reduce itching and pain in the anus to facilitate bowel movements, you can eat flax seeds with plenty of fluid.

Sometimes the treatments and advice home different enough to make hemorrhoids light provide, but it is also logical for hemorrhoids the most advanced where it can relieve symptoms and support the medical treatment.

Basic measures for the treatment of hemorrhoids is also, if one wants to prevent hemorrhoids is a high-fiber diet and bowel movements regular and controlled .

The most important tips to prevent hemorrhoids

  • Eat foods rich in fiber regularly, this prevents the constipation, there’s a lot of fiber in whole grain bread, wheat bran, sesame seeds, oats, legumes, fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day, then the fiber can swell well in the intestine, it is particularly recommended for water and other drinks empty calories like unsweetened tea.
  • Eat as little as possible of the food that can lead to constipation these include, for example, white bread, chocolate, white rice, pasta, white tea, black tea makes the intestines slow if you have been drinking it for a long time.
  • Exercise enough and regularly, if you suffer from overweight, you should lose a few pounds.
  • Do not press hard during bowel movements (defecate).
  • Do not use laxatives (including natural products or herbal) only after consulting a doctor!

In the end, after learning about the symptoms of hemorrhoids, if you notice the above symptoms you or someone close to you, you should visit a doctor to win the appropriate treatment, as has been identified at the gate in advance the easier it will be to treat.

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