Early detection of breast tumors, diagnosis and treatment

الكشف المبكر عن أورام الثدي وتشخيصها و علاجها

الكشف المبكر عن أورام الثدي وتشخيصها و علاجها

Physicians in the early detection of breast tumors on a variety of methods help in the discovery of the disease and raise the proportion cured, you know with us in this article on the ways are theearly detection of breast tumors, diagnosis and treatment

Methods of early detection of breast tumors

Include various stages of examination are as follows:

External examination of the breast

Your doctor will examine the breasts manually to be sure of the existence of some clusters or changes in the breast as scans of the lymph nodes located under the armpit.


Is mammography an X-ray to confirm the presence of tumor.

The ultrasound on the breast

Is using sound waves to depict the breast from the inside and the nature of the existing adaptation within the breast is solid or a cyst filled with fluid.

Breast biopsy

Taken a sample of the fabric to be examined within the breast using a needle dedicated to it, then sending this sample for competent to be tested, this method is considered is more confirmation of other forms of cancer where it is:

  • Determine the type of cancer cells
  • Identify the stage reached by the disease
  • The challenge is that cancer cells contain hormone receptors or other properties can affect the response to treatment

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Magnetic resonance

Is using magnetic waves to image the breast. of the interior, before the examination is to give the patient a tincture of certain injectable to take a picture of the tumor.

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Methods of diagnosis of breast tumors

The doctor thinks on the different ways to diagnose and determine the stage of breast tumors, including:

Flowing stages of breast tumors of Stage 0, which represents the presence of tumor in Channel yogurt but it has not spread to other tissues down to the fourth phase, which represents the spread of the disease in all the body, and also taking into account the level of tumor markers and the level of hormones in the blood such as estrogen and allergies.

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Methods of treatment of tumors of the breast

Doctor selects the appropriate method of treatment depending on the situation as follows:

Radiation therapy

Be using rays high energy as X rays, are forwarded to the breast to check for cancer cells may be placed some radioactive material inside the breast source in radiotherapy topical.


Depends on the use of certain medications that destroy the cells are rapidly growing such as cancer cells there are after the cases that are treated chemically after surgery and other cases subject to this treatment prior to surgery, especially in cases of large tumors to reduce the size before surgery.

Hormone therapy

Using this type of treatment in the incidence of breast tumors sensitive to hormones including estrogen allergies and it can be used before or after surgery, and in the case of the spread of the disease, these drugs can reduce tumor size and reduce the rate of spread.

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Depends on the immune cells to attack tumors of the breast the type of gas sensitive to hormones if spread out in other areas of the body.

Surgery of the breast

Represent surgery of the breast stage of treatment, include the following:

  • Lumpectomy of the breast as it is the removal of part of the surrounding area, often in the case of tumors of small size.
  • Mastectomy so that in some cases the doctor sees that the removal of the complete breast is the best way of treatment especially in the presence of a genetic factor.
  • Resection of the gland practical application to the breast of the bank to make some tests on her to make sure the transition of the tumor to other areas of the body, and if I found some cancer cells in these lymph nodes in the breast area is removed, the lymph nodes in the underarm area to prevent the spread of the disease.
  • Mastectomy with and in the case of a family history of breast cancer to ensure that no spread of the disease.

After that you know the ways of early detection of breast tumors, diagnosis and treatment must follow up with the doctor for a checkup, and if you have questions again you can consult one of our doctors here

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