Dysfunction of the liver and symptoms of infection

Malfunctioning liver function is extremely dangerous, it is considered of the most important organs in the digestive system is the liver, due to not opt out of important functions in the human body, is primarily responsible for ridding the body of toxins, helps in digestion of fats, and the protein responsible for blood clotting.

It is also responsible for keeping the amount of sugars within the body, after the mention of each of these functions demonstrated the importance of the liver in the human body, as shown seriousness to stop one of those posts due to the occurrence of a disease, or are infected with a virus and.

The effect on the body of the infected person be clear and easy to distinguish, so have to focus with those symptoms and not to put his apology, as if the disease is detected early, the better. at the stage of treatment.

وظائف الكبد

The symptoms that appear in the beginning.

  • The yellowing color of the skin significantly

This view shows directly when malfunction in one of the functions of the liver, where we find the skin of the entire workbook colored in yellow, as that statement, his eye color changes, and due to the increased ratio of water to pigment ” bilirubin” in the blood.

  • The desire to nausea

When the carrying capacity of the liver in its early stages it can purify the toxins present in the body, thus increasing the proportion of toxins in the body leading to nausea and vomiting.

  • Urine dark

When you note a change in the color of urine and change to the shop, turns to dark yellow or Orange is evidence of increased bile pigments in the blood, which is a result of the transfer of the functions of the liver.

  • Extreme exhaustion

That means that no person’s ability to perform tasks daily as a natural, the liver properly helps on the activity of the vital functions of the individual, but the plant disease in the liver learns to move in those jobs.

Serious symptoms cells liver function

  • The redness of the shroud

Note on the source the intensity of the redness of the palms and especially the soles of them, also observe the redness in some parts of the body, which are serious symptoms that indicate cirrhosis of the liver, where it is likely that the redness to the change hormones.

  • Stool light

Note the change of stool color from dark color to light color or pale, this is evidence of a major disruption in liver function.

  • As black stools resulting from disease of the liver in advanced stages, so you should consult a doctor in case of noticing changes in the color of stools.

Iraq interlocking

Are veins or small arteries intertwined in a certain area of the body and show The Shape of the striking and unnatural, and indicate the occurrence of liver cirrhosis is the most serious stages that reach the patient.

وظائف الكبد

  • Bruises

The trade bloody blue guided that, in the normal position avoid its occurrence through the production of clotting factors by the liver, the greatest evidence of shortcomings in its functionality is the ease of bruising for photographers.

  • Dropsy

Is the name of the request in the case of flatulence due to the gathering and accumulation of a range of fluids, and as a result did not lose his liver to do its functions natural to rid the body of these fluids.

  • The smell is the level of the city

In the last stages of the disease and the occurrence of fibrosis in the liver produces high amounts of sulfide dimethyl in the blood, which is the show that smells bad breath through the mouth.

  • Frequent impurities or stains

With a high proportion of the enzyme “cross” in the body because of deficiencies in the functions of the liver, the first to be affected is the melanin responsible for skin color, where some of the impurities in the different areas of the body and especially the face.

  • Said attention

As we mentioned before in the point of extreme exhaustion, that the liver rids the body of toxins, lose that job when the malfunction accumulate toxins in the blood and thus the person loses the source of its vitality also loses a lot of focus and not paying attention to the most important things.

There is also another reason which is that which copper accumulates in the body cannot get rid of them gather all in the area of the brain which affect the focus person and his mind without so much as knowledgeable.

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