Dry cough … cough is annoying and can be painful but is it dangerous?

Do you suffer from dry cough spam? Is accompanied with pain in the chest? Does the sound of a cough ragged on? Do you feel concerned about your health? When did it start and what are the symptoms that you have besides the cough?

Dry cough can be annoying and painful and can continue for a long time, but does not necessarily mean the existence of a serious problem, so no need for concern here’s everything you need to know about this cough.

Dry cough

السعال الجاف

Cough in general is a natural reaction designed to expel the air the pollutants and irritants and pathogens from the lungs to the outside, due to allergens and medicines irritant cough other.

Dry cough and wet cough

Can distinguish between two types of coughs: wet cough (productive cough) that type associated with snot include it through the cough and relieves during this, the second type is a dry cough (unproductive cough) is a cough not accompanied with sputum or mucus and dry status of the investigation, and can begin coughing wet and then turns into a dry cough.

Varies dry cough dramatically from the wet cough can’t confuse them, because the sound of a dry cough constant and in most cases produces a sound like a barking husky in the back of the throat, and this goes back to that the stream of air constant does not change during cough.

While in a wet cough sound changes through as a result of the re world and the mucus and then ejected through a coughing fit and thus the change in the air caused by the change in the amount of mucus.

Generally dry cough does not lead to harm, but can sometimes be severe and the degree to which lead her to injury to the rib muscles intercostals (intercostal muscles are muscles that pass between the ribs).

Dry cough short, dry cough long term

Can distinguish between a dry cough which lasts for 2 – 3 weeks is considered short-term and a cough that lasts 4 – 6 weeks and is coughing up a long-term, in addition to the chronic cough (persistent) which lasts for more than 8 weeks and there are a range of reasons and factors that lead to these types.

Do you suffer from fever, dry cough … what are you doing?

هل تعاني من الحمى والسعال الجاف ..

In the event you or a family member suffer from fever, dry cough, no doubt you felt the fear and anxiety of infection with MERS-CoV, must be you’re wondering what to do now?

First and most important is that you don’t need to feel ashamed, but remember that we are in allergy season and flu, colds, and thus may not be a need to perform a virus scan these 19 and do not need to seek treatment from the hospital in the following cases:

  • Symptoms are mild and non-increasing.
  • Don’t feel short of breath.
  • You don’t help out, and dealing with people who have already travelled abroad or persons showing that they suffer from infection with MERS-CoV, or was never there in the spread of the epidemic.

Thus in case you are in the area of the epidemic and did not vary with the patient and did not feel short of breath what should we do? Stay at home – stay home – stay at home, it might be boring and annoying but you have to remember that the test virus these 19 are still limited and through the survival of your home, you protect yourself from infections in the event you only suffer from the common cold. prevent the spread of infection in case you are experiencing Koruna, the fever, cough, the side of the main symptoms that accompany corona virus the infection is present in 90% of cases dry cough in 70% of cases.

Home insulation self

The insulation product is to stay home and not go out and avoid being in crowded places and avoid dealing with others, just stay at home to recover fully, along with sure to: drink sufficient amount of fluids to keep your body hydrated and get antipyretic in case you are suffering from acidity.

It is important to avoid borrowing from members of prisoners, especially the elderly, and cover your mouth and nose when coughing with a tissue and then get rid of the homes and wash your hands, and do not share your tools with anyone don’t let anyone drink from your glass and don’t use the towel of someone else, besides the importance of cleaning of durable surfaces that are usually touched, such as: door handles – taps – toilet – tools and various devices…. Also prefer when you order food delivery and widgets that are left outside at the door.

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Causes of dry cough

أسباب السعال الجاف

There is a group of the most common reasons which can be behind a dry cough are:

1 – The Lord

Where swelling occurs in the airways and narrowing, it can be a cough associated with asthmatic cough dry or wet in most often be dry, although it is one of the common symptoms for asthma but it does not have that definition there is a type of asthma include a dry cough from the symptoms core a CVA features a variety of other symptoms: shortness of breath – the implementation is accompanied by the whistling – chest pain – cough that causes difficulty in sleeping…

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2 – Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disease

Dry cough in this case results in a reflex cough, caused by irritability in the esophagus that is caused by the exit of the acidity of the stomach by means of a nozzle on the open access to the esophagus, including symptoms, including: heartburn – chest pain – swelling of the back of the throat – persistent cough (chronic) – inflammation of the throat continuous (chronic) – Hoarseness – difficulty swallowing, and in most cases, medicines are prescribed to overcome acidity, or treat the condition through a lifestyle change a person’s case about smoking and adopt a healthy diet in terms of the quality of the Food – time to eat – style Eater….

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3. drip nasal

A cough results from irritation of the nerves located in the back of the throat due to the amount of mucus excess produced by the respiratory system in the nose which are easily up to the throat, and this excess amount of mucus is usually a response to allergies, respiratory and the symptoms are: sore throat – swelling of the back of the throat – difficulty swallowing – runny nose – cough during the night…

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4 – viral infection

Viral infections that lead to colds may last from one week and even two weeks but it is common infection with the constant which remains even after the removal of the remnants of the symptoms of colds, and in most any have this cough following colds and dry and can continue with the patient for up to two months and usually the reason is the access of irritation in the development, which naturally have the expense of a greater extent after infection.

Depends the treatment of cough in this case is difficult and he needs time and patience, especially as the cough itself increases the irritation of the executive board, so you must continue drink warm liquids which will soothe the cough until Be board the opportunity to heal.

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5 – irritating factors from the external environment

The air is loaded with a lot of the irritating factors of the ass which in turn lead to irritation of the executive board and most important: the smoke – pollution – dust – mold – pollen – chemicals… also fresh air in case of cold or very dry can cause allergies and irritability that produces dry cough.

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6. the side effects of some medications

Have some drugs side effects irritant to the respiratory system and cause coughing fits, most notably inhibitors of ISS. it is the medications that treat hypertension, so in the case of accompany cough you have with the intake of a particular drug must consult a doctor and discuss is side effects of the drug.

7 – whooping cough

Case of dry cough and contagious, characterized by a cough very dry, accompanied by a loud whoop when breathing in general can be confused with colds in the early stages, but whooping cough causes bouts of coughing can not be controlled, it has been common diseases in children but now it has become rare as a result of baits and vaccines against.

8 – pneumothorax \ collapse of the lung

Determine the case of a pneumothorax usually when it affects the lung sudden contraction can occur by itself or as a result of trauma in the chest area, and is considered common for people who suffer from diseases of the lung, besides the dry cough associated are thoracic with chest pain have a sudden shortness of breath.

9 – lung cancer

In general I don’t have the dry cough symptoms of lung cancer, cough associated with cancer usually takes a continuing nature does not need the standards with the passage of time becomes more severe and is associated with pain, larger and features a different voice, the most important accompanying symptoms: cough associated with blood (even small amount) – shortness of breath – chest pain – hoarseness – weight loss quickly and unjustified.

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10 – heart failure

Happen to heart failure \ heart failure when lose heart its ability to pump blood well enough, a common condition for people who suffer from diseases such as: coronary artery disease – high blood pressure, dry cough symptoms of heart failure can also be the cough moist and is accompanied with the risk of white or pink, besides the cough there is a set of symptoms are: shortness of breath sharp and sudden – extreme fatigue – rapid heartbeat – swelling of legs, feet and ankles – loss of appetite – nausea – abdominal distention – fluid retention – difficulty concentrating and decline in intellectual capacity.

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11 – corona virus

A high percentage of infected people can suffer from mild symptoms and may not show any symptoms but they carry disease and infection, as for symptoms, the most prevalent of which appear in 80% is dry cough associated with high temperature, fatigue and exhaustion, shortness of breath, either from symptoms the least common, are: sore throat – rhinorrhea – pain-body – headache – diarrhea – chills – vomiting – nausea.

When is it necessary to consult a doctor?

متى يكون من الضروري استشارة الطبيب؟

Dry cough in normal cases does not require medical care but in the case accompanied with the symptoms tend diseases more step or in the following cases be necessary to consult a doctor:

  • If you suffer from a dry cough under the age of 5 years.
  • If there is blood in the cough.
  • If the cough is accompanied with mucus green or yellow or brown.
  • If you suffer from shortness of breath and whistling.
  • If the cough is a crucial aspect in the night and was accompanied with pain.
  • Persistent cough for more than 10 days.
  • If you are a smoker.
  • If accompanied a dry cough with a high temperature or with a headache or ear infection or skin rash.
  • If accompanied with weight loss.
  • The presence of pain in the muscles.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Suffering from heart disease.
  • The presence of respiratory diseases.
  • Dry cough when pregnant and lactating women.
  • Severe allergic.
  • If it is a dry cough a side effect of certain medication.
  • Feeling dizzy.
  • Cough causes severe pain or vomiting, fatigue, or loss of consciousness.

Treatment of dry cough

علاج السعال الجاف

  • Avoid being in a dry environment.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Gargle with for a minute and repeat it 3 times a day.
  • Can rely on the inhibitors is a dry cough but prefer to consult a doctor.
  • Make sure you get enough of rest.
  • Cover gloom during the cough.
  • I think a healthy lifestyle: stop smoking and avoid exposure to it – wear a muzzle in case of presence in an environment contaminated – avoid factors that cause allergies to you…

It can be very annoying and painful, but it does not always indicate the presence of a serious health problem, it can be treated, and dry cough treatment simply and most often in the region depending on the fluid warm and can the doctor prescribe the right medicine for you.


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