Does smoking affect the psychological

هل التدخين يؤثر على النفسية

هل التدخين يؤثر على النفسية

Always what everyone expects when a question Does smoking affect the psychological? Where the majority of smokers the existence of a strong link between smoking and psychological and has a positive effect on the psychological, however, this belief is completely wrong, we’re all aware that smoking cessation improves physical health, it was recently proven that it also promotes mental health.

And quit smoking to improve mood and relieve stress and anxiety and cure depression, and on the real impact of smoking on psychological and its effect on them you can read the following article.

Does smoking affect the psychological?

Causes addiction to the smoker for nicotine is the substance responsible for addiction to smoking, to enter the body in a process very complex and include biological factors, psychological, so that affect the brain to become the body and then used directly on the nicotine source of smoking.

Thus the lack of nicotine wholesale affect the performance and poise of peace, we note that when a debtor is beaten or to watch what he says, then immediately lit a cigarette to assess of the extent of its tension and his anger.

But this effect lasts only for a very few and quickly disappears to begin with symptoms of low levels of nicotine in the body in appearing on the debtor which displays the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal , namely:

  • Severe headaches.
  • Excess nervous significantly.
  • Disturbance in sleep.
  • Open the appetite.
  • Clearly overweight.

From here we can answer the question Does smoking affect the psychological?, the All of these symptoms make an addict is always in a state of need, severe smoking stop withdrawal symptoms and compensate the lack of nicotine in the body and therefore smoking is causing stress and anxiety disorder the mood and may cause long-term depression.

The effect of smoking cessation on mental

Proven psychological studies that quit smoking have a significant positive impact, where it helps in the following:

Increase self-confidence

You have to know that of the most prominent pros of quitting smoking is to promote self-confidence after taking the decision to stop smoking addiction and taking the first steps, therefore, will be generated you have the energy and determination to reach your goal, as well as lift your spirits and improve your personal appearance and lower your weight significantly.

Reduce anxiety and reduce the stress level

To quit smoking an effective role in reducing the level of stress and anxiety gradually, after reducing the amount of nicotine in the body gradually reduced rates of stress and anxiety.

The feeling of Pearl happiness

After the low rate of nicotine in the body will pearl, happiness, is due to the regularity of the secretion of the hormone dopamine, known as the hormone of happiness, which reduces feelings of sadness and frustration, as well as talk after you’ve made sure the right information reached him after the pursuit of your question Does smoking affect the psychological?

And quit smoking and improve health status and avoid the risk of serious diseases such as pressure and clogging of blood vessels, removes the feeling of pearl and affects the mental state better.

Improve life social

This happens as a result of improved mood and began to create a positive and engaging in family and society.

The treatment of depression

If you suffer from psychological problems such as depression or personality disorder “schizophrenia”, the Quit will in turn help me to respond to the treatment as well as reducing the dose of the drugs used to treat these problems, as studies show that the effect of quitting smoking may help effect to taking antidepressants.

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In the end after finding the answer to your question Does smoking affect the psychological? It took a resolution immediately to quit smoking so you can enjoy a life free of stress and anxiety and psychological problems and, if you have another query you can consult one of our doctors here.

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