Does Dettol kill the virus Corona?


Does Dettol kill the virus Corona? Announced the UK’s Daily Mail that the promotion of the disinfectant Dettol it kills the novel coronavirus is quite a shame of health, despite the fact that the instructions on the bottle of Dettol yelling that he’d kill corona virus, but this does not apply to MERS-CoV, because there are four strains of coronavirus infect humans since the time of the deal the IT as a common cold regular.

Does Dettol kill the new Corona

Appeared in the media sticker on the back of the pack of Dettol to one of the famous brands confirms that kills the SK, but that’s not true because.

  • This product is capable of killing strains of old and well-known of MERS-CoV have been handled before and I don’t.
  • The new coronavirus is not known scientifically when the World Health are not handled until now.
  • Dettol no ability to kill germs and bacteria and some types of viruses but there is no scientific evidence that Dettol kills-Cov.
  • Is not a test of Dettol on the safety of the new corona virus that killed thousands of people until now.

Dettol does not kill virus Corona



Dr. Paul Hunter professor of Health Protection and to drink a set the risk to health as it does not kill the virus in the body at all.

  • Needs to set on the material chloroxylon by a large, this article actually kill some types of viruses coronary.
  • Use this article surfaces just clean and sanitize the doors and houses and public places.
  • Warned the Hunter to use the set for any purpose other than cleaning, such as the company.
  • Drink set:the risk because the material of chloroxylon-toxic and lead serious complications to human health.
  • Spread drink set between the celebrities in the Arab world, this dangerous and non-expandable, especially for children and the elderly.


  • Foundation announced FullFact British: that the coefficient of the Independent did not differ Dettol even now in its ability to kill the virus emerging SGRF-19.
  • The company Reckitt Benckiser: manufacturer Dettol announced that it was unable to test the effectiveness of Dettol on the novel coronavirus.
  • Enterprise oversight in America is experimenting on the safety of the new Corona in the government of the treaty.
  • So far I didn’t experience any experience in, and that’s why we can’t know the reality of Dettol in his ability to kill the virus.
  • Not authorized to promote this product (Dettol), only after that is the formal recognition of the supervisory authorities and government.

Antiseptic to kill the corona virus

Site announced rutger that there is a fairy tale about killing the virus and there are methods already protect you from the virus.

  • Chlorine: the World Health Organization citizens for the use of chlorine in cleaning the surfaces to eliminate the virus.
  • Contains chlorine, a high proportion of antioxidants germs and bacteria and therefore suitable to eliminate the novel coronavirus.
  • Should not sprinkle chlorine on the clothes or the eye and the nose because it causes serious complications.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol Centre by 70% kill corona virus.
  • He appealed to the World Health Organization citizens ‘ use of alcohol in disinfecting hands constantly.
  • Sesame oil: do not kill corona virus at all.
  • Hand dryers: have no effect on the virus.
  • Soap and water: wash hands with soap and water continuously for a period of 50 seconds helps eliminate the virus.
  • Vinegar and tea tree: helps in killing different types of bacteria and germs, but are unable to kill the virus coronary.

Tips for the Prevention from corona virus

  • Avoid hand contact with face: as much as possible because the hand is the carrier of infection.
  • Avoid out of home: the best solution for the Prevention of the virus’s commitment to home and not go out at all unless it’s for necessary processing.
  • Avoid handshakes and kisses: there’s no need to shake hands now, and the exchange of kisses because it is more a way to transfer the infection.
  • Cover the mouth while sneezing: use a napkin or on the way to bend an elbow and sneezing inside, and avoid the transfer of the spray to the ground or surfaces as much as possible.
  • Avoid people with colds: keep your distance from the infected person a cold distance meter to 3 meters.
  • The incubation period of the virus: in the body two weeks and maybe be you the person a carrier of the virus, for this to avoid mixing as much as possible.

Information about novel coronavirus

  • Killed so far more than 10 thousand cases in 24 countries of the world.
  • Started from the Wuhan city of China: some say it’s the turn of animals such as bats, animal-eating ants.
  • This virus belongs to the family of viruses coronary: like SARS, a family known to exist in the bodies of animals.
  • Available surfaces: live it for several days, and on tables in the bars manual.

The symptoms of MERS-CoV

  • Mild symptoms: such as regular colds and runny nose with the hottest medium can be cured without the development of symptoms.
  • Symptoms moderate: dry cough and severe fever, and you must stone home and not go out.
  • Severe symptoms: you should go to the hospital for treatment because they cause pneumonia, liver damage, and possibly lead to death.

Does corona virus cause death

  • Older: are more prone to the appearance of the symptoms severe it can cause them death because of weakened immune systems.
  • Children: – Cov so far have not proved cases of danger to the children only some children who were suffering from health problems and weak immune system.
  • Death: no cause corona of death and mortality rates until now did not exceed 2%.
  • Treatment: the virus is new to your area and there is no sign of resistance, the immune system does not.

The seriousness of MERS-CoV

Virus these 2019 belongs to the family of coronaviruses, which infect the respiratory tract and live in the bodies of animals are all safe, but with transmission to humans be dealt with as new on the immune system and therein lies the risk, but it causes the common common cold-like symptoms influenza, and SARS to coronary viruses such as the corona, but the seriousness of the corona the speed of proliferation where it has infected so far more than 10 thousand people around the world.

We have provided you sign of Dettol in the elimination of corona virus emerging and important information about the virus and its impact on the human and Prevention, if you have further questions leave a comment down site content.

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