Do you think you suffer from depression? So here is signs of depression which can prove it or deny it

The feeling of sadness and low moods loss of interest and can be a normal reaction expected when traffic is light and stop nagging, but at the same time can be of the signs of depression and to its side there is a set of tags is available which also indicate depression, so it is essential to identify them from up close.

Depression is a real illness that affects people of every 10 in any age, even children (this number can be greater because not every patient gets a diagnosis by a doctor) depression is not something you can get out of it, but it’s also not something that lasts forever but you can treat it and deal with it and mitigate its symptoms.

What is depression?

ما هو الاكتئاب؟

Everyone goes through need high and low in the mix, the sense of sadness from time to time is perfectly normal, although the term “depression” has become a loosely used and continuing to express sadness or fatigue or feeling bad, which controls the person, only to your frustration after the boom a long work or a week after is best for you is not considered depression.

Depression is a real illness interferes with your daily life and doing ordinary things is difficult, losing your pleasure in everything you find it enjoyable and help you of the ability to continue to accomplish the mission and Business regular which is specific to your business and how it change your thoughts and your outlook to life, and in case of neglect of this depression, the situation will become worse and worse.

Some depressed patients describe it as like a black hole can not get out, or it’s a long tunnel without any lights, not even a line end, or that a black hole attracts them without the ability of them to resist it, or that it works on stripped from the world and we thank them.

But this is not the end because the depression won’t last forever but it can be cured and dealt with, can alleviate the symptoms of her unit even though they look like they are dominant, but make sure whatever you are feeling frustration and lack of desire to do anything that it all of the symptoms of depression and not the reality of life or truth.

Signs of depression

علامات الاكتئاب

I always hear people say that “me” or that “depressed” it expresses the feeling of his light only, may believe that the grief or frustration and other emotions natural trend of a particular site calls these feelings as depression, but all of it is not depression, so how can you discover the depression?

If you think you’re depressed, here are signs of depression that can not be installed or implemented.

16 – the look of melancholy to the life and loss of hope

Feelings of sadness and despair and, looking black and gloomy the direction of everything that surrounds you and all the events that pass by, extreme sadness and desire to cry, and that nothing can be done to make you better and even moving.

Normal traffic situations of sadness and despair, but when signs of depression are characterized by these feelings as strong and have big influence can make you unable to go to work or finish the task assigned to you and can interfere with your relationships with others because of it.

15 – loss of interest in even the things you love

Your work that you do – your hobbies – exercise – meeting with friends, colleagues, and parents – to go on trips or to the gardens – your film or your favorite soap…. and other things that were a source of joy and happiness for you here’s has become lackluster, depression takes care of her and her ability to make you feel better as in the past.

14. loss of self-confidence and the feeling for and

Do you suffer from lack of self-confidence? Do you feel that the inferiority complex have become a part of you? Does guilt always accompany you to? Do you think on all the small things and other tasks?

If depression is responsible most importantly for such feelings, it shatters your image of either yourself and makes you feel that you don’t use, in addition to a sense of responsibility toward things and situations and actors that I’ve done in the past what is translated in a feeling of excessive guilt.

13 – disorders and sleep problems

Problems are linked to disorders of the seizure with depression closely they are caused by depression and also because of her increasingly depressed poor and the growing symptoms of a modern, as for these problems consists in:

  • Insomnia and sleep light and intermittent, which is the most prevalent as this situation leads to an imbalance in the hormones of the body, what increases the degree of depression.
  • Frequent sleep in order to escape from reality and inability to face stress and deal with the psychological situation experienced by the.

12 – the feeling of permanent fatigue and loss of energy

Drains the depression in the body’s energy along with the rest of the symptoms of pain and tension, loss of interest in things that you like, and therefore can notice the following things:

  • You wake up tired despite getting enough hours of sleep.
  • I don’t have the ability to do the tasks that you have accomplished.
  • Want to stay in bed and take the day off.
  • Expect to work and suddenly feel ill or pain.

11 – anxiety and stress almost level

Until now is not proof that depression is one of the causes of stress and anxiety but is usually associated with each other, and the symptoms of anxiety are as follows:

10 – changes in weight and appetite disorders

Depression is related to loss weight fast or gain weight fast (any changes increase or decrease more than 5% of usual weight for one month can indicate the depression).

Varies the effect of the depression on the weight of the person to person could lead to loss of appetite and reduced to the extent that it does not deal with them any food, while sometimes the opposite happens completely is dump feelings to eat large quantities.

Unfortunately, the weight changes of the signs of depression in contrast this the change if the increase or loss can impact negatively and directly on the mental state.

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9 self – neglect and interrupting your daily routine

Have depression big impact on your daily life and that your routine of care of your own best personal interest and your own, it is the most important signs of depression are: ignore personal hygiene (bathing – brushing teeth…) the lack of attention on the outside (lack of coordination and the demobilization of the people – ignore choose appropriate clothing…), and eating any food regardless of whether it is suitable for you and other ordinary things that would not be possible to take care of it during the depression.

8 – isolation and the constant desire to stay alone.

Of the clearest signs of depression are wanting to avoid everyone and stay alone, loss of the ability to deal with others to find a degree of comfort is higher when you are alone, for no apparent reason, but you already lose your interest to meet and talk to people who used to be close to them.

7 – loss of control over your feelings and control.

Tara be in the highest degree good mood delight and laughed and initiative decreases your mood without warning and the situation of the market many that you’re inside her, she’s actually from the symptoms of bipolar depression or depressive Mania , which is a loop from a height of more low in both cases, up your mood to its boundaries and it influences on behavior and feelings and the body.

6 – the desire to die or self harm

Due to the control of the dark thoughts and feelings the gloomy direction of yourself and your surroundings it is contained the adoption of behaviors harmful to self and hurt yourself, although it can yield as a result of instantaneous and serious may take the form of more severe each time, so don’t listen to him, depression is responsible the most important and first of most suicides.

5. increase feeling the pain of different

Feeling pain in different parts of the body: headache – pain in the back and neck muscles – pain in the joints eyes and think of the signs of depression in solution without the presence of organic cause, no.

Studies have shown that depression leads to increased the body’s response to pain different reduced his ability to resist, as if pains have a greater impact than before.

You can see the studies that prove it:

4 – disorders of the gastrointestinal tract

Enjoy the digestive with nervous own in addition to the nerve endings that are found in the lining of the stomach and intestines outweigh in number those in the spinal cord and this explains the close relationship between digestive problems and mental state bad.

The end of the nerve to respond directly to the hormone of stress that is launched it is a response to pain – indigestion – cramps – on nerve – disturbance in the acidity of the stomach – irritable bowel syndrome…

3 – addiction to unhealthy habits

The desire to unload the negative feelings and try to escape from situation of sadness that imposed its control and there is nothing to spend after losing interest in everything else, in short as a result of depression itself, in addition to the effect of the signs of depression all that is in the pay of the person to escape towards addiction and the negative: smoking – alcohol – drugs…

2 – the decline in intellectual capacity

Both forgot the car key in the house or if I went to somewhere and suddenly forget where you are going, whether the decision was the difficulty in the decision regarding your coffee morning or you are experiencing a hard time due to make an important decision at work, all of that can be see for depression because it leads to a decline in intellectual capacity and slowing in cognitive processes and lower your ability to remember simple things and knowledge.

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1 – depressed Smiley – pretend to be happy.

Several studies have proven that more people smile when they are people who suffer from depression, and in this case the depression is hidden or depressed smiling or happiness forced, because the person baptized to wear a fake laugh when he is among a group of people in order to hide his mental state, but keep this smile is real and comes from the heart, but caused by sorrow.

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It’s a sign of depression … is not necessary to show all, but in the case of the presence of a number of them without specific reason not with recurrence or continuation, they have to reach a psychiatrist to change your lifestyle and turn it into a healthy pattern of Exercise – Activity New – get enough sleep and rest – the adoption of a balanced diet and other.

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