Do you suffer from symptoms of sciatica in the man right?

Not necessarily that the more a person felt severe pain in the back or legs to be those symptoms back pain general, because it can be one of the symptoms of sciatica in the right leg, was ranging from the intensity of pain between light to very difficult to afford, is considered the exposure draft of sciatica of the most common problems, and in all cases must be accelerated to meet the appropriate treatment so as not to interfere the situation.

What is sciatica

It is a painful feeling felt by some specific market, like twitching, or cramping, or numbness, or weakness causing inability to sit or stand, it intensifies during the night can be the source of immortality for people.

Types of sciatica

Acute sciatica

Can control the pain of acute sciatica with pain relievers the usual dealt with without prescription, May last for a short time ranging from a week to two weeks, usually in most cases speaking sciatica acute to chronic.

Sciatica chronic

Is the case can not be fully cured of them, may be still suffering from the symptoms of sciatica in the right leg, but they become less severe from acute sciatica in general.

Causes of sciatica

90% of injuries sciatica occurs due to compression of the disc herniated lumbar on the sciatic nerve.

  • The occurrence of direct pressure on the sciatic nerve which leads to bulging of lumbar disc.
  • Inflammation and irritation of the area surrounding the sciatic nerve.
  • Compression of the sciatic nerve on one side which leads to the appearance of symptoms of sciatica in the right leg or the left.

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In addition to having other reasons

  • The occurrence of spasm of the muscles specifically in the muscles of the back and buttocks.
  • The passage of the women’s period of pregnancy.
  • Excess weight.
  • The lack of movement.
  • Wear high boots.

أعراض عرق النسا في الرجل اليمنى الأكثر شيوعًا

أعراض عرق النسا في الرجل اليمنى الأكثر شيوعًا

Symptoms of sciatica in right leg. the most common

You may vary the intensity of the symptoms of sciatica in the right leg of a person to time, but it is confined in the main view which is a feeling intense pain that looks like fire, it starts from the lower back through the buttock augmentation, to be up down the back of the leg, or right leg, and accompanied by some other symptoms such as:

  • Tingling, specifically in the area of the bottom of the feet and fingers.
  • The occurrence of burning or tingling in the lower leg.
  • Numbness of the parties (leg and foot).
  • Feeling pain in one side of the nail.
  • Increased pain especially when sitting, and it becomes worse when you sleep.
  • Back pain is excruciating.
  • The inability to move the leg.
  • When standing feel pain like shots of people makes him lose the ability to advancement.

Symptoms of sciatica in the right-hand man for the deal

Studies have shown that about 80% of women may suffer from symptoms of sciatica in right leg during pregnancy, due to the disorder of the hormone relaxes the ligaments and expand, causing the feeling of these symptoms:

  • The feeling of pain the lower back and even down the legs.
  • Stiffness in the movement of the legs.
  • Getting the intensity of the pain especially at night.
  • Difficulty in movement perfectly when you walk, sit, stand.
  • The appearance of a sharp pain like pricking needle or the deprivation with double drive.

Symptoms of sciatica in the right leg for men

You may not choose the symptoms of sciatica in men for common symptoms, feel the man’s pain in the lower spine, up to the stern, and lower leg from the back side in addition to:

  • The feeling of pain searing be sharp or severe.
  • At times it becomes a pain with electric shocks.
  • Increase the intensity of the pain especially when sitting that usually appears on one side only.
  • The occurrence of pain during sneezing or coughing.
  • Weakness of the leg or foot.

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When to consult a doctor immediately

When the infection is sciatica acute, the bank can be changed on the feeling of pain with analgesics light, this concludes the symptoms of sciatica in the right leg completely, and in the case of the emergence of these other symptoms you should resort to the doctor: –

  • The appearance of pain again, and difficult to overcome with painkillers.
  • Persistent pain for a long time up to a week with increased intensity.
  • Exposure to the injuries of the violent.
  • The emergence of the bowel or bladder such as non-controlled.
  • Feeling sudden pain in the lower back or a general anaesthetic.
  • The occurrence of weakness in the muscles of the legs.

” After learning about the symptoms of sciatica in the right leg, if you notice the appearance of any of the previous symptoms mentioned by you, or someone close to you, you should visit a doctor immediately for proper treatment”.

كيف يتم تشخيص الإصابة بعرق النسا

كيف يتم تشخيص الإصابة بعرق النسا

How is the diagnosis of sciatica

After confirmation of the presence of symptoms of sciatica in the right leg, become the step to consult a doctor is a necessary step, which begins with the following:

  • The doctor says in the beginning of it by all the symptoms of sciatica in the right leg, which source, whether severe or light, gradually appear, or disappear for days and would suddenly appear, to diagnose the condition in addition to knowing the history of the plant, and if he was one of the violent sports.
  • Physical examination of the plant to see how muscle strength, and reaction to two doctor’s and the pain that results from doing so.
  • Checking the pulse of the sciatic nerve to check for any abnormalities.
  • Ordering the doctor performs X-ray inspection to verify the absence of fractures of the spine.
  • Perform CT or MRI to obtain images of The Shape of the nail.

Risk factors that increase the chance of injury sciatica

Some factors cause the appearance of symptoms of sciatica in right leg. I have some like:

  • A work in progress so that the most common category of injury sciatica are between the ages of 45 and 64 years.
  • Excess weight because it causes pressure on the spine and legs.
  • Smoking.
  • Risk of diabetes because it causes nerve damage.
  • Exposure to psychological pressure.
  • Of the circumstances of the work require sitting for long periods, or do activities hard.

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How long is recovery from sciatica

In most cases, struggling with sciatica is taking some medicines to relieve symptoms and eliminate them, and they can overcome in a short period ranging from 4 to 6 weeks at the most, and in that case does not require surgical intervention.

طرق علاج عرق النسا

طرق علاج عرق النسا

Ways to treat sciatica

Way to treat sciatica and ease the pain Home

This method helps in relieving sciatica pain is acute, in order to assist the designers in continuing their daily lives without problems, these are some of the home remedies that were not effective in relieving the pain:

  • Put a bag of ice or warm compresses on the affected area and leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Intake of pain relievers such as ibuprofen, aspirin, ketoprofen, provided that addressed fair use because overtraining causes problems with the digestive system.
  • Complete rest in bed.
  • Exercise and constant movement.

Drug treatment

  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as naproxen.
  • Loosen the muscles is drained cyclobenzaprine.
  • Relieve muscle spasm flexeril.
  • Might distract the doctor, some antidepressants such as amitriptyline (elavil), they help in the process loosen the muscles.

Surgical intervention

In some cases where it is difficult to endure the severe pain, the occurrence of severe complications, such as failure to control the movement of the bowel and bladder, the doctor finds surgical solution is necessary, and remove part of the disc which puts pressure on the sciatic nerve.

You should note when the symptoms of sciatica in the right leg, not overcome with analgesics, the need to accelerate to the doctor because it is left without treatment, occurs twice in prison, the knees, and the duration of numbness and numbness in the extremities, which makes sciatica chronic.

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