Do you remove tartar from the teeth painful?

هل إزالة الجير من الأسنان مؤلم؟

هل إزالة الجير من الأسنان مؤلم؟

Have gotten a question always in mind of want to go to the dentist “ is the removal of tartar from the teeth painful? ” To know the answer to this question How to prevent gear teeth and remove plaque at home .. continued with us to this decision.

Plaque Army Dental

The Be gear teeth is a result of negligence of cleaning the teeth and leaving it for long periods without the use of brush and floss your teeth daily. Plaque is a thin layer live inside the bacteria that with time secrete acids and react with the components of the non-membership case and calcium, and organic materials like eating of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and also with the saliva of the mouth, and that’s what turns them into the Army accepted which are difficult to remove by brushing.

Do you remove tartar from the teeth painful?

Fall removal of tartar from the teeth under the name of ” teeth cleaning ” is a process done at the dentist using the device uses ultrasound waves which cause vibrations to help break down the army general, the teeth, the said soil of limestone, the cleaning process was faster.

The process of the removal of tartar from the teeth an easy process and may not require anesthesia, but sometimes the patient may feel discomfort during cleaning or exposed to a little pain as a result of the exposure of the gums covered with, this can be resolved easily by the use of the anesthetic gel or spray of a local anesthetic prevents pain.

The description of the analgesic or anti-inflammatory by the dentist after a cleaning session, it can be the total elimination of the army in one session or over several sessions depending on the intensity of the military art.

Prevention of gear teeth

Yet again the question ” Do you remove tartar from the teeth painful? ” You should know the methods of prevention of soil of limestone, you must first prevent the formation of plaque in the beginning, has advised the American Dental Association’s the following:

  • Wash your teeth daily and brushing a minimum of two minutes one time.
  • Use a soft toothbrush.
  • Use the brush electrical give effective than normal brushing at removing plaque.
  • Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride.
  • Use dental floss once a day.
  • Use the lotion to the teeth reduces the bacteria sticking to the teeth.

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There are some studies which found that:

  • Use toothpaste with sodium bicarbonate gives efficient more in removing plaque and reducing the Be gear teeth.
  • There is also a study of the returns to drink green tea , which in turn reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth.
  • Eat fruit and vegetables and the accompanying chewing and secretion of saliva, helps to get rid of some bacteria from the mouth.
  • Also that chewing gum may help slightly in reducing plaque.

But if the soil is of calcareous thick and cannot be removed by brushing, and there needs to be intervention of a dentist and use his tools.

In the home, do you remove tartar from the teeth painful?

If I asked ” Do you remove tartar from the teeth painful? ” Surely you thought, it is possible to remove the army from the mouth by using sodium bicarbonate or using coal or any natural product, but this does not work, as to coal a detrimental effect on the teeth.

We must go to the doctor to remove the soil and limestone and do not try to remove them with any tool, because it will cause pain for you and become the removal of tartar from the teeth really painful in this case, you need to specialist dentists to remove tartar from the teeth, and you can get rid of the plaque using the brush and the ways in which we mentioned earlier.

But as you know, the plaque moves during the hours to the army, so you need to maintain your teeth daily to maintain your health. Now having knowledge of your question “Do you remove the army from the tooth hurts?” You can also put your questions and queries by consulting one of our doctors here.

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