Do you offer PMS from pregnancy signs

هل تقدم الدورة الشهرية من علامات الحمل

هل تقدم الدورة الشهرية من علامات الحمل

Women suffer from time to time of menstrual disorders that may cause the offering date or delay it, but some married women who want to know if this had happen to a pregnancy or not, some of them sent to us asking us.. do you provide menstrual cycle signs of pregnancy? The answer in the following lines.

Menstrual disorders

May vary the dates of the menstrual cycle in some women, either with her foot or the delay from the usual, it is assumed that the period between the first day of the first menstruation and the first day in the next life for you to estimated at 28 days, but this duration may vary from one woman to another star between 21 to 39 days, but sometimes may be less comes to life a little early for his appointment, and the reasons for it:

  • The period before menopause.
  • Exercise and physical overload.
  • Weight fluctuations.
  • Psychological pressure.
  • Change daily habits.
  • Medications blood thinners (anticoagulants)
  • Some sexual diseases transmitted.
  • Syndrome polycystic ovarian.

It is important to keep the report organized in the dates of your menstrual cycle each month so you can calculate the date of the offer and delayed the life you have, because it entails other important things we p in the following lines.

Do you provide menstrual cycle signs of pregnancy?

The woman might feel some early signs of pregnancy before menstrual cycle a week mostly, for a start some of the early symptoms to appear, which the similarity of the symptoms of the state with some minor variations, and these symptoms:

  • Tiredness and fatigue.
  • Spot bleeding of implantation of the ovum, and light.
  • Nausea.
  • Changes in the breast that becomes filled more with the feeling of pain.
  • Mood changes such as feeling depressed.
  • Aversion to certain food odors.

Can you recognize the signs of pregnancy other game, of here.

In the event of missed menstrual period the due date be that an important relationship along with other tags for a pregnancy test to resolve the matter.

But the date of the session can’t tell. as a sign of the occurrence of pregnancy, it may be the other causes which we have mentioned, but in general it is important to know the best period for ovulation you have to raise the chances of pregnancy you have, which are mostly 12 to 14 days from the date of the next session for you.

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Related topics

Can pregnancy after the state directly?

It is true that there are periods to be the ratio of the load is greater, the period of ovulation which we have mentioned, but the sudden there remains the possibility of pregnancy at any time after the menstrual cycle, even if not by a large period of ovulation well-known, but it’s okay to try the sperm can stay for 7 days, and thus the possibility of pregnancy, especially if the period between life and shows the following when short.

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How can you be sure of pregnancy?

In case you have symptoms which we have mentioned, can’t say as a sign of pregnancy, especially that these symptoms might belong to other cases sometimes, so the solution here is to do a pregnancy test and several types to choose from namely:

  • Digital Pregnancy Test.
  • A home pregnancy test through a urine sample that contains the pregnancy hormone hCG
  • A blood test.
  • Sonar any imaging ultrasound.

In case you have a doubt results test a home pregnancy consult a doctor, to determine the type of pregnancy test that suits you the idea best suited to confirm the results and to be more precise.

You can also find out the best ways that help to increase the chances of pregnancy you have, through the articles contained in this section .. the chances of pregnancy.

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