Do pets purification of MERS-CoV infection SGRF-19’s?

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Good evening doctor, thank you for everything you offer us the information. I want to ask you do you pet purification of MERS-CoV infection SGRF-19’s? Because I have a cat and I’m afraid to convey to me the infection

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The cream already spread the rumor among many people, but despite the registration of cases of “dog” infected with the new coronavirus these-19 in Hong Kong, except that to date there is no scientific evidence on transmission of infection from pets to humans whether a dog or a cat or any other animal.
The hospital supplied mainly by spray the infected person with these-19 when you cough, sneeze or talk.
In any case, for public safety you can protect yourself from any infection or other health problem by attention to personal hygiene and wash your hands constantly with running water and soap especially after playing with your pet or to waste.

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