Diet yogurt slimming lose weight


We will talk in this article about the diet yogurt slimming lose weight through the position of the idea of the yogurt is a dairy product resulting from the treatment of milk to one of the types of bacteria yogurt beneficial, the head knew a long time heavily benefits is used for the treatment of acidity, indigestion and bloating due to the content of nutrients important and useful it is rich in vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 as well as rich, very entitled calcium, and in this article we will learn on the benefits of yogurt in fat burning .

The role of yogurt in getting rid of fat

  • Has been proven in numerous studies that many of the people who by following a proper diet of few calories eat with yogurt as one of the pillars of this system, the result was a knack in getting rid of excess weight especially in the melt the fat accumulated in the abdomen and waist .

Diet yogurt to lose weight


  • Two slices of brown toast and a cup of fat free yoghurt and boiled egg and prefer to add the lemon on the yogurt is very increases the burn rate .

Between the breakfast and food

  • The fruit of his fruit, preferably Apple or pear or grapefruit.

Meal food

  • Eating protein grilled whether a piece of meat without fat or breast grilled chicken-and he must before grilling is to soak in the yogurt mixture with lemon pepper and eat a plate green salad one slice of toast and a cup of yogurt with lemon .
  • Or is eating a cup of yogurt with two poached eggs and two slices of brown toast .


  • A poached egg and a cup of yogurt is free of fat creatures in their fruit of choice .
  • Or two cups of yogurt and the fruit of his fruit .
  • Or yogurt cup with fruit card fruit of choice .

Caveats diet yogurt

  • Prevent eating a lemon with yogurt if you suffer from stomach ulcers .
  • Prevents the intake of white sugar enough one parameter of honey a day .
  • Prevent eating starches in this system and any products made from flour and white .
  • Prevents the intake of ingredients and sweets, sugar and oil .
  • Prefer to drink large amounts of water .
  • Exercise continuously.
  • Would prefer attention to the condition of the fluids that increase movement .
  • You should not eat bananas, figs, grapes, among the fruit in this system .

What are the benefits of yogurt

  • Works yogurt to increase the heat rate and improve the efficiency of the metabolism as they get rid of the body fat accumulated under the skin .
  • Download yogurt the body from the accumulation of salts and stones .
  • Function is to protect the body from diabetes and heart .
  • Cause sleeping without numbers and wake up without sloth or drowsiness if you have been continuously addressed .
  • Remove harmful bacteria from the body .
  • Provide the body with calcium sufficient, which makes it very useful for the bones and their fragility or exposure of any fractures .
  • Increase the efficiency and capacity of the body to absorb nutrients from food.
  • To increase the efficiency of the immune system.
  • Protection from gastrointestinal disorders, and protect the intestines from inflammation, and diseases of the colon .
  • Protection of of protection and.
  • Improving the health of the skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging and the elderly.
  • Increase the strength of the hair .
  • Control in blood pressure level and make it in its normal level.
  • Provide the body enough protein arguing that the strength of the muscles and makes them work efficiently.

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