Diet coffee everything you want to know about

Diet coffee has become a better and better diet, the latest Vogue tremendous in the world of diet all, which is exciting for coffee lovers, because it can coffee a lot.

What is diet coffee

In the diet coffee should drink more than two cups of coffee roasted daily, because the coffee roasted by the anti-oxidation high.

But until we can get to an ideal weight through diet coffee , you must reduce calories, which deals with food.

Where we use to eat the share of light food, low calories, such as:

  • Cereals rich in fiber.
  • Vegetables, and fruits.
  • Proteins and non-fat.
  • Prevent eating meals that contain fats and sugars, especially white sugar.

So that we can succeed in this system, we can take a green juice with lots of natural fibers, instead of one meal daily.

رجيم القهوة

Special diet coffee

There are a lot of benefits of this dieting is possible:

Reduce infections

Because coffee there’s a lot of caffeine, antioxidants (polyphenols), where they work to reduce inflammation cells ( pus cells ).

Sensation of fullness

When you drink one cup of coffee, before a meal shortly will make you feel full, thus reducing your appetite for food.

Raise the rate war

There is Coffee high caffeine, where they work to raise the metabolic rate within the cells of the body, and thus increase the speed of movement .

A special choice for coffee lovers

When you follow this system, you will feel the coffee lovers happy, because they wouldn’t feel deprived of them, such as what happens in the rest of the food regulations, so it is an ideal choice.

Cons diet coffee

The occurrence of few of the health problems

Despite the existence of many nurses, but it is possible the occurrence of some health problems when you drink a lot of coffee, which consists in osteoporosis, rapid heartbeat, sometimes high blood pressure .

Disturbances in the sleep

Where it is known that caffeine in coffee works to increase attention to the nervous system, and therefore excessive intake of coffee area of the possible that happens some insomnia at night.

رجيم القهوة


Cause caffeine fluid output in the body faster, and therefore leads to an increase of the number of times urination.

It is possible to cause lost elements of the body, with the exit of fluid, such as: magnesium and potassium important for the body.

To cause heart problems, and drive improvement in the muscles of the body.

The terms of the required experience when you follow the diet coffee

So that in this system, you must follow the following conditions so we get the best benefit of the best result, and those terms are:

  • You shouldn’t put sugar on the coffee, because it causes an increase in weight.
  • Thus, a challenge difficult to raise the rate of fat burning.
  • It also can’t follow the diet coffee when you are having health problems: like diabetes, and thinner in the sleep, heart problems of all kinds, high blood pressure .
  • You should not eat more than 3 cups of coffee per day, so stay away from cons diet coffee, and we get the best result, so as to avoid any health problem.
  • You can’t continue in this system more than 5 days, and when the desire to do it again, you must leave at least two weeks between the time and the other.
  • When feeling tired during the follow diet coffee, you should stop especially when the appearance of some symptoms such as: persistent headaches, increased heartbeat, high blood pressure, sense of values permanent.
  • You must eat 8 glasses of water a day, because coffee is diuretic so don’t get your body dehydrated.

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