Diet banana … banana is not all you can eat what you want, however weight loss quickly

Get ready because you will learn to please the banana … please don’t similar to the types of jerking other it’s not all you will eat on the contrary, you can eat foods you like however lose a lot of weight, what is this dieting and how it works on that? How is it followed? And its fundamentals are? And of the downsides of not?

Diet banana in a nutshell is diet quick easy you can choose one of the programs of 4 that rely on what is guaranteed by the banana of the benefits of losing weight and with making sure the next golden rule: 80\20. refrain from sweets after dinner. – refrain from eating after eight o’clock in the evening – sleep before midnight.

What is diet banana?

ما هو رجيم الموز ؟

Diet banana a diet based on the benefits that can be the banana that it provides in particular that are considered effective in weight loss and raise the metabolic rate and burn fat depends on this diet on:

  • A basic rule is to eat what you like from the food to the side of the banana according to a certain program, but with the follow the principle of the 20\80, i.e., not starve the self and to 20% of the fill your stomach, at the same time are eating to the degree of Compliance up to 80 percent of your ability to eat i.e. will not reach the stage of satiety.
  • In addition to abstaining from all kinds of sweets and sugars after and dinner and not eating any type of food or drink except water, tea and so after two o’clock in the evening.
  • Eating either a banana in the morning with jerking the morning or depending on the program you choose either the 14 or 7 or 5 days.
  • Sleep before midnight to prevent the body adequate time to rest and burn fat and regulate hormones.

This will get the banana benefits for weight loss and will limit the amount of calories that are ingested and stored as fat and will not eat after eight o’clock, which means you won’t provide your body doesn’t need it.

How it works banana to loss of weight?

كيف يعمل

There are a lot of benefits that guaranteed by the you eat a banana, which works to increase metabolic rate and weight loss faster and more efficiently, these things are:

1 – the content of the moderate of calories

Fruit medium-sized banana contains 105 calories just this is considered mild you can eat a few fruits from the banana gives you the feeling of satiety in addition to provide your body what it needs without the skip the the limit of calories which is exactly what can ensure weight loss while following this diet.

2. the rich array of vitamin B

Working Group B vitamins together in one team to raise the metabolic rate and burn fat and increase the body’s ability to convert food into energy and utilize them for banana it is considered a fruit rich in vitamin Group B and other elements and minerals that the body needs.

3. the insoluble fiber

Also banana is considered a fruit rich in insoluble fiber it contains a high amount of natural fibers only to three quarters of these fibers depends of insoluble fibers which stay in the digestive system longer so you feel full quickly and for as long as possible any of us want to eat more food only after a long period and so will not suffer with hunger during dieting.

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4 – low impact on blood sugar

The effect of bananas on blood sugar is low because it doesn’t contain high amount of sugars of any eating bananas will not lead to higher sugar in blood and then re-cut quickly and will not suffer with the feeling of hunger resulting from that and so will be the control appetite during this diet.

5 – bananas contain tryptophan

Also, bananas contain tryptophan in addition to numerous amino acids which work on the treatment of depression and improve mental state is reflected positively on the appetite and because depression often takes the form of increased desire to eat and specifically unhealthy foods, you’ll be able to deal with depression and control the amount of food that will be ingested and it’s all based on diet banana.

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6 – beneficial bacteria in the gut like a banana

Saves the banana growth and reproduction of beneficial bacteria present in the intestine which help in digestion in a positive way, plus it cleans and removes digestive enzymes guaranteed the process of digestion and absorption of healthy any get the body what it needs from the nutrients.

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7 – Shiba long, good content of carbohydrates

Besides the natural fiber and non-soluble besides of dealing with depression there is a good content of carbohydrates which give the body all of the energy and activity which he needs in addition to satiety and not needing to eat more food to replenish energy.

Foods that are prohibited during the diet banana

الأطعمة الممنوعة خلال رجيم الموز

There are many foods that are prohibited during the diet banana which in the case have been addressed will lead to a negative impact on the health of the body on the one hand and the rate of weight loss on the other hand, it can be is precisely the reason to gain more kilos, these foods given are:

  • Ice cream because of what it needs from the sugars can be replaced with ice cream Health which is considered to prepare it on a banana and another place such as condensed milk or peanut butter.
  • Takeaway rich in saturated fat in particular fried foods and replace them healthy eating that are prepared at home.
  • Soft drinks contain an enormous amount of sugars, even the species the diet of which they are instead of contain calories and contain more sugar.
  • In general build on the basic rule it is necessary to refrain from all kinds of sweets and sugars after dinner and refrain from eating after eight o’clock in the evening.

It can be through the detailing between the second sleep time to be drinking water and green tea and coffee but without the addition of sugars, and in the case of the feeling of hunger during this period, you can eat the fruit of cucumber or lettuce.

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Diet banana and the way to follow

وطريقة اتباعه

There are 4 programmes to Regina about Bananas: jerking my morning (which is easier which is diet key terms of options foods that can be eaten) – please 14-day – diet 7 days – please the 5 days, here are the details of each of them.

1 – diet banana the morning

Think of the easiest types of dieting and most effective you can Loss Weight at the same time eat what you like to eat.

  • Breakfast is a couple of fruits of banana (must be bananas, fresh uncooked or dried or frozen) in addition to eating water at room temperature (can replace the bananas with another type of fruit sometimes such as oranges).
  • In case you still feel hungry after the banana, water, what you only have to wait 15 – 30 minutes and then eat something light and healthy.
  • Lunch open, you can eat whatever you want, including the condition not to be among the foods given in addition to the base 80%
  • You can eat one snack a fruit or a juice or salad.
  • Dinner before 8 a fruit juice or salad.
  • A meal can solve one but before 8 pm.

2 – diet banana – the 14 day

You have to follow this program for 14 days, in accordance with the following:

  • Breakfast is about 1 – 3 fruits of banana in addition to room temperature water, to be eating breakfast between the hours of 6 until 9 in the morning.
  • Snack between breakfast and lunch, which is about the fruit one of the fruit.
  • Lunch is a meal where you can eat what you like but with the proviso not to include any of the foods given to other health making sure to follow the rule of 80%, i.e., avoiding to reach a state of satiety, but only 80% of the amount you can eat, to be done between the hours of 1 – 3pm.
  • Snack between lunch and dinner you can eat either fruit or a glass of fruit juice drink with no added sugar.
  • Dinner which should be addressed by the second evening it is either a dish of fruit salad without adding sugar or a dish of peace without fat can be eating a slice of toast or whole grain bread, and not eating any type of sweets after, and any meals after the second.

3 – diet banana – a program of 7 days

Is fast food and followed as follows:

  • You should eat 6 meals throughout the day by 8 pm both of these meals is about 2 the fruit of the banana (fresh, not dried or dis or cooked) in addition to eating half a cup of milk drawn fat (can rely on yogurt or labneh instead).
  • With two servings of meals six is to eat eggs to improve the availability of proteins.

4 – diet banana – a program of 5 days (the diet banana only)

Considered the fastest programs, but it is tough for some people, it is preferably to consult a dietitian before follow, which is:

  • Eating bananas and milk as you want throughout the day making sure the base of 80% of your ability to eat, and avoid eating after eight o’clock in the evening.

The rules and the basics of diet banana

قواعد وأساسيات رجيم الموز

With diet banana there are basic rules that must be followed so that this dieting effectively to ensure the best results.

1. Don’t follow the program for more than a year continuously

Please the 14 or the 7 or the 5 days all of which must be adhered to in specific don’t avoid to follow it for more than that continuously, so don’t think that to follow the diet 5 days to 10 days will multiply the amount of kilograms that I lost her but that would mean war and enters the body in case of tiredness and fatigue and nutritional deficiencies.

2 – it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of money

Not only for dieting and it in general and specifically for the drought response and stop the process of war must be eating enough money this ranges from one and a half liters to two liters.

3. Exercise exercise regularly

Because the effectiveness of any diet depends on a key factor is the extent to which the activity and freedom of the person the exercise play a large role, nor the need for it involvement in the club or buy special equipment just do the following:

  • Mr. quarter to half an hour for 4 – 5 days per week.
  • The adoption of the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Choose walking instead of the car places nearby.

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Cons of diet banana


As most of the food programs there are downsides to be identified.

1 – low blood sugar – when you follow a diet of bananas only

The program which depends on banana only can lead to low blood sugar because the banana does not contain a high percentage of sugars.

2 – get the body what it needs from the elements – when you follow a diet of bananas only

Also dieting harsh (bananas for 5 days) can result in deficiency in essential elements that the body needs which can not be obtained from milk and bananas only.

3 – loss of control on calories

In fact is the problem can be faced with all sorts of diet banana, because the calories in bananas ranging from 99 – 180 calories depending on the size, degree of maturity, and thus can be by eating 10 fruits a banana in one day to get approximately 1800 calories of the banana just without the rest of the elements, this is equivalent to what might the body needs calories throughout the day.

So know all about diet banana of the way it works is on weight loss access to programs and details of what address and what not to eat in addition to the basics and cons… what about you? Have you decided on?

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