Didn’t the top link, its causes and methods of treatment

الم اعلى الراس

الم اعلى الراس

Did you get hit by pain the top of the head? This pain may result from several causes, and may make it difficult for you to perform your everyday tasks smoothly, you know with us through the following week didn’t the top of the head and its treatment methods.

Week pain top of head

Identifying the type of headache they are experiencing exactly is crucial to find the proper treatment, can cause several different headaches the top of your head, including:

Headaches stress

The most common reason for headaches which occurs in the upper part of the head, it causes the pressure of a fixed or painful around the head, which might seem to have been to put a narrow strip around your head.

You may also feel pain in your neck and close to the back of your head or your forehead, and the pain simple and should often be less severe than the pain of migraine headaches, although the headache is uncomfortable, however, many persons headache tension they can resume their daily activities normally.

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This causes headaches also in pain the top of the head although it may appear on one side of the head or the back of the neck, and can cause migraine headaches severe pain and palpitations, along with symptoms such as:

  • Nausea.
  • Cold hands.
  • That will be a headache accompanied by an aura.
  • Sensitivity to light and sound.

You may feel a migraine on the right side or the left side of the head, but it is more common in the left side.

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Headache of sleep deprivation

صداع الحرمان من النوم

صداع الحرمان من النوم

Can affect stress resulting from sleep deprivation on a person, usually be pain the top of the head accompanying heaviness or pressure.

Headache eating cold things

Headache cold stimulation, commonly known as “brain freeze” that affects the person quickly and be near the top of the head; you will be bout the headache is severe, usually last only a few seconds after the drink is extremely cold.

Chronic headaches

In some cases, can resemble chronic headaches tension headache and cause pain near the top of the head, like tension headache may be caused by stress, it can also be caused by exposure to noise high level or as a result of lack of sleep or other causes.

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Neuralgia of the occipital

Happen neuralgia occipital when you receive the nerves that travel from the spine to the scalp or accusing or pushing, can cause pain in the back of the head, or a feeling of tightness or pressure, such as the presence of Ring head tight around your head.

Other symptoms pain neuralgia occipital may include:

  • A shock of pain that sounds like electric shocks.
  • The pain constant or can be occupied.
  • Worsening of symptoms when moving.

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Related topics

Methods of treatment of pain top of head

علاج الم اعلى الراس

علاج الم اعلى الراس

It will be the first line of defense against headaches is the pain relievers that do not need a prescription such as acetaminophen, which can effectively reduce headache symptoms.

If you get more sleep, reduce stress and keep the seating position and good can help prevent the formation of many types of headaches; invest in a comfortable chair if you have a desk job.

If you think that the muscles tense excessively is the cause of the headache, it is recommended your doctor to see a therapist, or orthopedic regularly, and if your headache frequent or severe has your doctor prescribes medicines or develop a treatment plan customized for you, the treatments vary according to the underlying cause.

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Treat pain the top of the head resulting from a tension headache

Can cure tension headaches by using pain relievers by prescription if the headache is severe enough.

Treat pain the top of the head caused by migraine

Treatment of migraines may include preventative medicine and immediate, may be prescribed triptans narrow blood vessels and relieve pain, also can use beta-blockers andantidepressants and anti-attack to prevent migraine headaches.

Treat pain the top of the head caused by neuralgia of the occipital

Can the treatment of neuralgia of the occipital by physiotherapy, massage and compresses of warm and anti-inflammatory medications and muscle relaxants, and you can also use the anti-attack for protective purposes.

The Fade cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome reverse without treatment, but calcium channel blockers may help in reducing the headaches caused by this situation (although it does not reduce the risk of injury Bstroke).

Finally, it must be the treatment of headaches resulting from high blood pressure emergency treatment immediately to reduce the risk of brain hemorrhage or stroke or other serious cases, will give you medicines to lower blood pressure as quickly as possible; usually this is done through aqueous solutions.

And to prevent headaches resulting from high blood pressure eating a diet low sodium, and exercise regularly, eat blood pressure medications prescribed by your doctor.

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If you notice that the medicine that was prescribed to your doctor cause you side effects, then tell him that until he changed the medication with another more suitable to you, for further information about methods of treatment of pain above link you can consult one of our doctors here.

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