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Drug diazepam Diazepam, he began to use it in the last years of the last century, this medication is months and the most used amid medications called benzodiazepines, which alleviate the situations of tension, nervousness, and muscle relaxants in the body and to sleep, as it uses significantly common in cases of anxiety and insomnia in the short period, as given for the purpose of muscle relaxants in the body, as well as weaning from alcohol, with the aim of alleviating epileptic seizures, by intravenous injection to calm the patient before conducting any process is unfair, and is able to pledge it in the case of eating it constantly for a long time.

دواء ديازيبام Diazepam

دواء ديازيبام Diazepam

What is the medication diazepam Diazepam for?

  • Use: used drug in the treatment of cases of anxiety and stress, as well as the reduction of insomnia resulting from anxiety, and muscle relaxants in the body.
  • Scientific name: Diazepam
  • Company product: the drug product by the company Renault religion
  • Storage: you must save the medicine in a safe place at normal temperature, away from children, as well as the sun and the heat.
  • Classification of drug: the drug as a treatment hypnotic and sedative, in the category of mental illness.

What forms the pharmaceutical drug diazepam Diazepam huh?

The medication depends on body shapes the following:

  • Tablets focus 2 A and 5 A, and 10 a.
  • Generation use anal.
  • Also depends on the body solution for injection concentration: 5 mg/mL.
  • Solution tablets for oral administration: concentration 5 mg/5 ml.
  • Solution for use the mouth “the center”: the concentration of 5 mg/mL.

What are the reasons for the use of the medication diazepam Diazepam for?

Use of the drug in the following cases, including:

  • Equivalent drug effective cases of anxiety disorders.
  • The medicine treats sleep disorders associated with anxiety.
  • Equivalent to the case of weaning from alcoholic drinks or spirits, or consistent abstinence from alcohol.
  • The drug effectively treats muscle spasms structural.
  • Using the drug in cases of sedation in some cases.
  • Equivalent drug some disorders of displacement or the.
  • Also address the types of seizures that may affect some people.

What are the contraindications of the use of the medication diazepam Diazepam for?

Prevents the use of medication in some cases prevent the occurrence of health problems, from these cases:

  • Prevents the use of this drug in patients with anaphylaxis due to administration medical, or because of diazepam or its components.
  • The drug may result in health problems if eaten patients with myasthenia gravis.
  • Better not to use it with cases of liver failure, or they have a problem in liver function.
  • Prefer not to use them with to suffer from a problem in the respiratory functions.
  • May result in health problems if eaten by the interests of the syndrome of sleep apnea, or suffer from open-angle glaucoma.
  • Warns against the use of medication with children under the age of 6 months.

دواء ديازيبام Diazepam

دواء ديازيبام Diazepam

How to use the medication diazepam Diazepam

  • The drug is tablets, injection, suppositories.
  • Are taking medication by mouth, with eating it while eating.
  • In the case of mobile must please well before use and having the patient in the case was not capable of swallowing, with mobile mixing with water or juice or soda or even apple juice.

What are the side effects of the drug diazepam Diazepam huh?

May appear some side effects as a result of the use of the medication, like the rest of the medical drugs, including:

  • You might catch some people by name in motion.
  • Some people may develop diarrhea.
  • Side effects cases skin rash.
  • May some people sleepy.

What are the precautions the use of medication is diazepam Diazepam for?

There are some requirements and caveats that must be observed by eating a drug diazepam Diazepam, which is:

  • Can produce a state of psychological addiction or physical.
  • Pregnancy and safety Pregnancy Category D, should not be used during pregnancy because it may harm the fetus.
  • The drug may be released in breast milk and is transmitted to the baby, hurting the baby and cause damage to him, and prefers to avoid it in this period.
  • Not safe in the case of use with children at least 6 months, and did not prove its safety.
  • Warns against use of medicine with older people, because they suffer from excess sensitivity towards the drug.
  • People who suffer from depression or hepatic insufficiency or renal insufficiency.
  • Of suffering from development problems.
  • You should not stop taking the medicine without consulting to the doctor, and rhythm gradually to avoid of having any side effects.
  • You should avoid intake of medicines that demonstrate the nervous system, or the intake of alcoholic beverages during the treatment period.
  • May produce some side effects as a result of taking excess doses, in this case you must resort to the nearest hospital, medical treatment and get rid of these symptoms.

What are the drug interactions diazepam Diazepam huh?

May result from drug some chemical result of the intake of medications with this drug, including:

  • Increase the medicines for nervous system inhibitors of antihistamines or drugs, Mental Disorders, Drugs and alcohol, from the effect of drug inhibitory to the central nervous system.
  • You should not take medication with any medications or herbal or nutritional supplements, without reference to a doctor or pharmacist.
  • You must not take any medications of this medication without telling your doctor or pharmacist, you may need to adjust the dose or make some medical tests, including antifungals, cimetidine, phenytoin, erythromycin and rifampin., and clarithromycin, and rifabutin, and St. Johns Wort.

دواء ديازيبام Diazepam

دواء ديازيبام Diazepam

What are the dosage of diazepam Diazepam for children and adults?

The dose of medication is diazepam Diazepam for adults

  1. The drug on the body, Army, anal, you must follow the physician’s guidance in how to use, and not more than the period of use of about 5 times per month, or more than once within 5 days.
  2. Tablets focus 2 A and 5 a, 10 A, from 1 to 4 times.
  3. Army for use anal concentration of 20 mg.
  4. Solution for injection concentration: 5 mg/mL.
  5. Solution tablets for oral administration: concentration 5 mg/5 ml.

Dosage of diazepam Diazepam for children

Generation use anal 10 a children.

Brand names diazepam Diazepam

  • Abu:diazepam
  • Tablets cream syrup
  • Also tablets
  • Diazepam vial
  • Artists bottle
  • Stead of injection
  • Stead of tablets
  • Seed pills
  • Valium pills
  • Valium injection

Dear reader, now you may know all the details that pertain to medication diazepam Diazepam ..do not take this medication without consulting your doctor.

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