Diabetes and fasting: how can the management of fasting in patients with diabetes of the first type

Expect a lot of diabetic patients to fast the month of Ramadan but is afraid a lot of them of the possibility of complications with him during the fasting period, in this article, we will explore how to prepare line of pharmaceutical suitable to avoid the occurrence of these complications in patients with diabetes of the first type.


To accomplish the maintenance of safe for diabetics you must abide by some procedures and tips necessary like modifications in diet, as there is important step it is considered the core part to ensure the maintenance of safe, namely, adjustments in the doses of drugs during the month of Ramadan.

The doctor thinks the therapist is the only person authorized to change the medicine and dosage, and this must be done without consulting him.

Important to change the doses of drugs and its during the month of Ramadan of the occurrence of a change in diet as well as the occurrence of a difference in the amount of physical activity exerted.

In the first fasting days you may feel diabetics tired climb, which soon will end as soon as you have access to all appropriate medications and access to a balanced diet.

Think the most important step before starting to make a change in the system drug is determined can that the patient is fasting or not, since some of the patients are advise to avoid fasting, to patients advise to avoid fasting, keep reading here.

General tips to ensure access for the safe

There are some tips and considerations that must be taken to ensure to achieve the best possible benefit, it is these considerations:

  • Every case is handled separately, this means that for each patient a treatment plan and follow up different from the others.
  • Checking sugar levels frequently and to conduct the examination several times a day especially when patients who take insulin as a treatment.
  • Make changes in your diet during the month of Ramadan, the goal of this system is to maintain your weight without an excessive increase or decrease is significant, as you should avoid eating large amounts of foods rich in fats and carbohydrates because it may lead to a delay in the process of digestion and absorption, to learn how to make a change in your diet, read on from here.
  • Exercise regularly, avoid excessive physical activity which may endanger the patient sugar of infection the transfer of sugar especially during the few hours before breakfast time, should also be considered Taraweeh prayer a part of your exercise program daily.

When should I break the fast

Should all patients with diabetes should be aware that they may need to break their fast or else end their fast immediately in the event of one of the following things:

  • If decreased blood sugar level below 60 mg/dL whether symptomatic or without symptoms.
  • If blood glucose level less than 70 mg/dL during the first hours of the start of the fast especially if the drug needs to take one of the following medications at dawn:
  1. Insulin.
  2. One of the drugs sulfonylureas “sulphonylurea” such as oil, is limited, and Dawani wider and other.
  3. One of the drugs delete”Meglitinide” like repealed.
  • If the blood glucose more than 300 mg/dL.
  • If the patient experienced fatigue or injured by any other disease during the fasting period.
The level of sugar required when diabetic patients during the month of Ramadan is between 100-200 mg/dL.

How can the management of diabetes of the first type during the month of Ramadan

People with diabetes of the first type especially those who have weak control over their illness are more susceptible to complications associated with a period of fasting, so I recommended some non-fasting during the month of Ramadan, as recommended also persons who are unable to follow up glucose levels have several times a day.

System is a therapeutic that aims to reach the intensive management of blood glucose levels is a system that is recommended by the Association of sugar in the world where it showed very effective in the protection of vascular complications because of its long range.

Designed intensive management to maintain the sugar level is within its natural or semi-natural through the use of insulin 3 times a day or through an insulin pump under the skin, so precise monitoring of the level of glucose in addition to adjusting the doses of insulin frequently is essential to achieve the best control of sugar levels in order to avoid bouts of hypoglycemia when these patients.

How to give insulin in patients with diabetes of the first type during the month of Ramadan

I don’t think giving one dose of insulin a medium-range or long-acting is enough usually, so I prefer to follow one of the following systems:

  • The use of two injections of insulin NPH intermediate-acting during the day and one before meal and one before breakfast along with the use of short-acting insulin to cover meals associated.
There is an increased risk through the use of this system of entry in the shortage of sugar in the blood, especially in the middle of the day because of the arrival of the insulin dose the morning of peak effect.
  • The use of an injection of insulin such as Lantus long acting once daily along with the use of fast-acting insulin, and when you use this system you must lower the dose of your home to 70% of your dose essential after consulting your doctor of course.
  • In case you are on a insulin area before the month of Ramadan, you can continue on the same system with a change in dosing times by taking 50% of the dose of the evening during the time of suhoor and 75% of dose the morning during breakfast time.

Some studies have shown diabetics of the first type to use the insulin the average-acting twice a day along with insulin short-acting such as nurse led to improvement in blood sugar levels after eating although associated with an increase in the incidence of hypoglycemia.

Clear to us that there is more than one option available to a diabetic patient and that can choose what suits him after consultation with the physician.

In terms of religious jurisprudence, the insulin needles don’t break and you can review the text from here.


This stage is very essential and start from the first meal on the first day of the feast days where a lot of diabetics don’t pay attention to themselves the ones with plenty of sugar leading to a sharp rise in the level of sugar they have but may require infection get the blood ketoacidosis.

So it is important to interview your doctor in the last month of Ramadan and to develop a plan for after Ramadan.


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