Device Hive the home to tighten sagging facial

Device Hive the home firming sagging of the face, across the site of Arab Health Depends your hive the home of the sophisticated methods that have been used recently for the treatment of sagging skin which most of the ladies at the work in progress which caused them severe discomfort, so the longer your hive just perfect solution can travel through it to get rid of the problem of sagging skin without plastic surgery.


Experiences of the Hive just for the face

  • Think your hive just solution secure and easier to tighten facial skin without resorting to a facelift procedure, so it is considered a safe alternative for cosmetic procedures.
  • Possible to use this technique to tighten sagging facial and modify the appearance of the neck, and upper chest area.
  • According to the experiences of many ladies, who emphasized on the emergence of highly satisfactory results in several months, and added that he does not have any side effects as some think.

Technology Hive just to flatten the face

  • Adopt the technology of Hive in the face-lift at the energy emitted from the ultrasound , which can promote the production of collagen in the skin, thereby treating the problems of sagging or wrinkled skin.
  • Characterized in that the technical possibility of performed on all parts of the body without any side effects as we mentioned before.
  • Characterized also that it is completely safe on the skin, such as access to high smoothness to the body, in addition to the severity and improve the appearance of the face, which looks like the appearance of Mr. younger.

Way to use your hive invites

  • By the use of a hive on the skin the skin is cleaned well and remove all the dust and impurities out.
  • Are sterilization of the skin and Drug Areas on the parts that will apply to this technique.
  • Is directed to the device on the skin to be treated, taking into account the guidance properly to the skin and hold in its application on the skin of half an hour to 90 minutes, and then lift the device from the skin.

Technology hive before and after

You must adhere to the guidance and requirements of safe before doing the treatment of the skin with Hive just after the do, too, in order to get the best results in tightening of the skin, which consists in the following:

  • Should be by the use of your hive grows in the face-lift do not use any kind of cosmetics for different skin , or even skin moisturizers.
  • Attention to clean the skin well to the side dried with a towel soft cotton and use it gently.
  • Recommended after the procedure of skin tightening painkiller in case of pain sensation, is completely prohibited not to apply soothing creams to the skin.
  • In the case of the appearance of redness or mild swelling around no need to worry, it will pass in a few hours.

Damage to your hive just to flatten the face

Proven technology hive invites notable success in tightening the sagging of the face after several months of use, but prefer to consult a specialist in cosmetic procedures simple, so as not to cause complications on the skin, particularly sensitive skin which of the possible occurrence of the following:

  • The exposure of the skin during use of the device some pain and twitching as a result of electrical impulses.
  • The appearance of complications such as redness of the face and perhaps up to tension.
  • You may notice some of the ladies one in the office that has been using a hive you, but will increase after two weeks at the most.

You today with a hive called home for firming sagging face and we greeted all inquiries about the skin care methods by commenting below the article.

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